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    • Shen is voiced by Mario Castañeda in LATAM, who is also voiced by Xin Zhao and by Juan José López Lespe in EUW, who also doubles to Rengar.
    • Shen is written 慎 shèn [ʂə̃n˥˩] "caution" in the Chinese localization.
      • From Old Chinese * dins <* tin "true" (> 真 zhēn [ʈ͡ʂə̃n˥]) [1] (cf. ST * Ti (a) K "straight, true" [2])
    • Shen was the first champion to use energy as a resource for abilities.
    • Before the launch of Shen Pulse of Fire, neither he nor Zed reveal their faces in none of their aspects, unlike Akali ( Supercampeona, Blood Moon) and Know ( Karate, Doctor).
    • Shen's dance references form 24 of Tai chi.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    • Shen is the first dark-themed Ionian champion, before Varus, Syndra, Zed, Jhin, Xayah and Kayn (born in Noxus).
    • Shen, Pantheon and Twisted Fate were the first to have a global reach teleportation ability.
      • After the other two changed a lot, Shen remained the only one with such skill until he launched himself Rek'Sai.
        • Rek'Sai would later lose her global reach teleportation abilities as well.
    • La Shen's Ki Barrier, formerly known as Ki Strike Ki Strike, is one of the fighting forms of a combat technique known as Ki. Riven also seems to have mastered the technique of Ki burst.
      • While Shen is from Ionia and Riven is from Noxus, the technique is used by two separate members of two different factions that have been at war throughout the centuries.
    • Shen used to get the cosmetic debuff 'Reverse Ninja Force Law' as Easter Egg ("This unit is a ninja!" '' - '' "Ninjas are most effective when working alone. For every ninja on your team beyond you, you lose 1 of life. ") when he, Akali, Know, y / o Zed were on the same team. It was removed in V3.14 for unknown reasons.


    • "Shen" means spirit, saint or deity; [3] from Mandarin shén [ʂə̃n˧˥] 神
    • He never wanted to become the Eye of Twilight and was originally not considered for the role. However, he was forced to take up the mantle after his father, the former Eye of Twilight, Lord Kusho was killed by Zed, the original heir to the Eye of Twilight.
    • Use 2 swords: the Spirit Sword to cut the spirits and the steel saber to cut the living.
    • He is between 33 and 35 years old.
      • I was the same age as Akali now or around 19 years old when he captured Jhin for the first time.
    • Shen was arranged to marry Yevnai, but the engagement was canceled after Zed matara al Maestro Kusho.
      • Zed and Yevnai were at one point in a secret relationship, even when Master Kusho forbade it.


    • "If light travels so fast, how come it never caught a ninja?" reference to Ask a Ninja.
    • "You're already dead, but you haven't realized it yet" Kenshiro references Hokuto no Ken.
    • "Forced balance" and "Walk carefully" could be referring to Equilibrium ("Walk carefully Preston, you are treading on my dreams.")
    • Shen shares quotes with:
      • Zed
        • "Without a sound"
      • Kennan
      • "From the shadows"
    • "Walk carefully" looks like "Walk lightly."


    • The scene depicted shows him using United.
    • He looks like Joe Musashi from Shinobi (they walk and slide in exactly the same way).
    Yellow Shen
    • The same two men in the illustration by Akali Stinger can be seen in hers.
    • He resembles Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    Cold Shen
    • This skin shares the Glacial theme with:
      • Ezreal Cold
      • Nocturne Cold Terror
      • Malphite Glacial
      • Olaf Glacial
      • Shyvana Ice Dragon
    • Is fighting against Zed Lightning Edge.
    • It looks like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.
    Surgeon Shen
    Chromas: Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sandstone, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Hospital de la Grieta theme with:
      • Doctor Know
      • Nurse Akali
    • It could be referencing The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.
    • It was proposed by the community.
    • Su Spirit Sword is a giant scalpel and is about to perform surgery.
    Blood Moon Shen
    • This skin shares the Blood Moon theme with:
      • Blood Moon Aatrox
      • Akali Blood Moon
      • Blood Moon Diana
      • Elise Blood Moon
      • Evelynn Blood Moon
      • Jhin Blood Moon
      • Kalista Blood Moon
      • Katarina Luna de Sangre
      • Blood Moon Kennen
      • Master Yi Blood Moon
      • Blood Moon Pyke
      • Blood Moon Sivir
      • Blood Moon Talon
      • Thresh Blood Moon
      • Tryndamere Blood Moon
      • Twisted Fate Blood Moon
      • Yasuo Blood Moon
      • Zilean Blood Moon
      • Aatrox Blood Moon Prestigious Edition
    • Zilean Blood Moon can be seen in the background behind him, with masks of the other members hanging on the wall around him.
    • The mask you are using refers to those used in Japanese Noh theater.
    Warlord Shen
    Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • It could be referencing Total War: Shogun 2.
    • It has its own dedicated animations.
    • Akali and the ears of Kennen can be seen in the background.
    Shen TPA
    • This skin shares the World Champions: TPA theme with:
      • Ezreal TPA
      • Nunu y Willump TPA
      • Orianna TPA
      • TPA World
    • He was released in celebration of the Taipei Assassins victory at the 2012 World Championship along with:
      • TPA World
      • Ezreal TPA
      • Nunu y Willump TPA
      • Orianna TPA
    • Representa a Stanley.
    Shen Pulse of Fire
    Chrome: Chrono
    • This skin shares the Pulse of Fire theme with:
      • Fiddlesticks Pretoriano
      • Praetorian Graves
      • Lucian Pulse of Fire Prestigious Edition
      • Thresh Pulse of Fire Prestigious Edition
      • Caitlyn Pulse of Fire
      • Ekko Pulse of Fire
      • Ezreal Pulse of Fire
      • Fiora Pulse of Fire
      • Lucian Pulse of Fire
      • Pantheon Pulse of Fire
      • Riven Pulse of Fire
      • Thresh Pulse of Fire
      • Twisted Fate Pulse of Fire
    • Riven Pulse of Fire and Twisted Fate Pulse of Fire can be seen in the background behind him, teleporting towards him.
    • This is the first look where Shen doesn't have a hat covering his hair.
    Shen Infernal
    Chromas: Catseye, Pearl, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Inferno theme with:
      • Aurelion Sol Lord of Ashes
      • Charred Maokai
      • Warwick Firefang
      • Ahri Fire Fox
      • Akali Infernal
      • Alistar Infernal
      • Amumu Infernal
      • Infernal Diana
      • Infernal Gallium
      • Karthus Infernal
      • Know Infernal
      • Mordekaiser Infernal
      • Infernal Nasus
      • Varus Infernal
      • Vel'Koz Infernal
      • Rammus Fundido
      • Malphite de Obsidiana
      • Renekton of Scorched Earth
      • Xerath of Scorched Earth
      • Kindred Shadowfire
      • Volcanic Wukong
      • Zyra Wildfire
    Shen PsyOps
    Chromas: Emerald, Hunter, Obsidian, Ruby, Sandstone, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the PsyOps theme with:
      • Gragas Operation Arctic
      • Kennen Arctic Operation
      • Varus Arctic Operation
      • Caitlyn Arctic Wars
      • Swain Nordic Front
      • Volibear Storm del Norte
      • Ezreal PsyOps Prestigious Edition
      • Ezreal PsyOps
      • Kayle PsyOps
      • Maestro Yi PsyOps
      • Pyke PsyOps
      • Samira PsyOps
      • Sona PsyOps
      • We PsyOps
      • Viktor PsyOps
      • Zed PsyOps
    • His color palette for his base look and Chroma Emerald share some similarities to that of Doom Slayer from the Doom franchise.
    • The girl you see in her Retired and its illustration resembles Bede from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.


    • Shen leads the surviving Kinkou, who have a major conflict of interest with the Order of Shadows of Zed and his challenge to the sacred balance of Ionia.
      • Kennen remains by his side as Akali became rebellious.
        • She and Shen parted ways in neutral terms. Neither hates the other, but they both disapprove of the other's methods. [5]
          • After Akali y Zed made their choice, Shen is beginning to doubt if the old way still works.
    • Shen and Zed are childhood friends and used to think of themselves as brothers before they Zed will assassinate Master Kusho.
      • Master Kusho, Shen, and Zed were responsible for capturing and imprisoning Khada Jhin, but they were traumatized by the Golden Demon's actions in the process.
      • Later when Jhin was released again, Zed sought out Shen to inform him of Jhin's reappearance and team up with him to stop him. Shen, even though he still wished to avenge his father's death, accepted the truce for the greater good.
        • The duo then saved one Akali captured by Jhin and they caught him.
        • Shen is torn between killing Zed to avenge his father Kusho (the former master and wielder of the Kinkou's Spirit Sword) and force balance with the spirit realm (his duty takes precedence, but he won't hesitate if given the chance).
      • Zed could have revealed the truth about Kusho to Shen, but then decided that it was better for Shen to be disillusioned with Zed than to be disillusioned with his own father. That's probably not fair, and perhaps Shen has a right to know. But Zed is flawed ... and he's blinded by his need to feel worthy and honorable. [6]
    • Shen was willing to marry Yevnai, but the engagement was canceled after Zed "killed" Master Kusho.
      • Zed and Yevnai were at one point secretly in a relationship even when Master Kusho forbade it, unknown to Shen though possibly suspected. [7]


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