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    Singed / Strategy

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    Official Strategy

    Playing as Singed

    • Poison Trail is very useful for collecting and harassing, so  Singed can control traffic in the lane he's in.
    • Use Potion of Insanity Potion of Insanity to trick your enemies into following you through your  Trace of Poison.
    • If you throw the enemies against your tower you can cause them a great amount of damage.

    Playing against Singed

    • Keep your distance so that allies of  Singed no te lancen.
    • To be effective,  Singed must stay very close to your team. Take advantage of it by using crowd control effects on him while attacking his allies.
    • Be careful when chasing  Singed. It is very difficult to tear down, and can leave your  Trace of Poison to deal damage while you chase it.

    Use of Skills

    • In phase of lines,  Singed suffers against most champions, up to level six. Once you have Potion of Insanity Potion of Insanity, you can resist longer and it is more difficult for you to die.
    • When you go against melee champions try to use  Trace Poison between your minions to prevent your enemy from giving them the last blow.
    • Just try to use  Trace of Poison when needed. Deactivate it if it isn't, as you will quickly run out of mana.
    • Mega Adhesive is one of the strongest slows in the game and must be at least one point before level five. It can be used to trap enemies or to escape from them.
      • If you are chasing an enemy, remember to use  Throw when you have enough range to use it and try to make it land on  Megaadhesive to maximize its effects.
    • Mega Sticker is one of your best skills and can be used to launch enemies into your turret, isolate them from their allies in team fights, help secure kills, and even save your teammates when they are being pursued by a very strong enemy. 
    • Mega Stick can also be used to disrupt channeling abilities, such as  Absolute Zero or  Infernal grip, or to get out of skills with strong non-channeled point-blank AoE like  Storm of Ravens,  Severing Tempest or  Shackles of the Soul.
    • Consider maxear  Megadhesivo antes que  Chuck as I go up first  Mega Sticker provides an increase to the slow instead of just increasing damage and mana cost, as it does  Throw.


    • Build up mana with  Singed is very good because mana has great synergy with Potion of Insanity Potion of Insanity.
    • Buy one  Tear of the Goddess at the beginning of the game helps you not to run out of mana and to accumulate life thanks to Potion of Insanity Potion of Insanity. With  Trace of Poison  Tear of the Goddess gains charges little by little.
    • Because the gameplay of  Singed depends on your mobility and position, quickly consider buying some  Boots of Speed.
    • Rylai's Crystal Scepter is good too. slow enemies with  Trace of Poison and has great synergy with the powerful slow of  Megadhesivo.
    • One of the best advanced items for early / mid-game is  Protective Catalyst. Later it can be improved to  Rod of Ages.
    • Un  Zhonya's Hourglass is a good option if you are looking to have a little more armor and ability power.

    Recommended Items

    Summoner's Rift
    Initials 3
    Consumables [[File: {{{Elixir of Ruin}}} item.png | 32px | link = Elixir of Ruin]]


    Howling Abyss
    Offensive [[File: {{{Testament of the Ancients}}} item.png | 32px | link = Testament of the Ancients]]
    Crystal Scar
    Initials 3


    Twisted forest

    Contrarrestando a Singed

    • Singed can be zoned early in the game to prevent him from wiping out your minions and earning gold. 
    • Try not to chase  Singed. Has great mobility and survivability thanks to Insanity Potion Insanity Potion and a great escape thanks to  Megadhesivo.
    • Singed relies heavily on movement and position, try to override that with strong crowd control abilities or heavy slows, like  Marchitar.

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