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Sneaky Crab
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An elusive and pacifist vagabond.
Killing this monster summons a Sanctuary of Speed 鈥嬧婼anctuary of Speed 鈥嬧媔n the river for 75 seconds. As well as giving the team that killed him bonus movement speed, it also grants them vision in the surrounding area.
Gold 50
Experience 75
Life 800
Attack damage 35
Attack speed 0.638
Armor 60
Magic resistance 60
Speed 鈥嬧媜f movement 155
Appearance time PM2:30
Respawn time PM3:00

El Slippery it is a large neutral Animal found in Summoner's Rift. There are two Dibblers on the map, each found in each half of the river running through the center of the terrain.

It is unique among all the monsters in the game for two reasons: it will not retaliate against an attacker, instead it will attempt to flee in the opposite direction from them, and it moves along a fixed path in the river in the part of the map in the one that is generated. This makes the Dibbler the only non-hostile, self-moving monster on the map.


When the Dibbler takes damage from any source, it gains 100 movement speed and attempts to run from the source. It will not attempt to flee from another source of damage that appears. If it is forced to the end of the river, it will perform a movement similar in appearance to Shadow Attack of Shen to return to the center and flee again.

The Dibbler also has several unique interactions with crowd control:

  • Crowd control effects against her last twice as long.
  • When affected by crowd control preventing movement, the Dibbler permanently loses 50 armor and magic resistance. This can only happen once after each occurrence.
  • While the Dibbler is under crowd control effects preventing his movement, he takes an additional 25% damage from all sources, including true damage.

When a Dibbler is killed, it will head to the entrance of the Baron Nashor Baron Nashor or Dragon Dragon's Pit (depending on the part of the map) and hide in the ground, generating an Unreachable Speed 鈥嬧婼anctuary with a radius of 500 per above its location granting an area of 鈥嬧媣ision with a radius of 525 to the team that killed it and a brief movement speed boost to champions who cross it for 75 seconds. After 75 seconds, the shrine will vanish and the Dibbler will respawn at its location after its respawn timer has elapsed.

Table of Experience awarded

There is an XP modifier depending on the level of the champion compared to the level of the monster.

-10% of XP for each level greater than two above the monster's level (minimum -40% of XP <=> 60% of base XP)

+ 50% XP for each level lower than the monster's level (max + 250% XP <=> 350% base XP)

Champion level / Monster level -5 and lower -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 and higher
XP awarded 30 35 40 50 50 50 75 100 125 150 175


  • Despite having zero attack damage and attack speed, the Dibbler is physically unable to attack a target, even when it is Incorrect value for cctip. Valid values: porlosaires, blindness, root, polymorphism, charm, terror, provocation, immobilize, paralyze, silence, slowdown, stasis, suspension, stun, suppression. caused... but when taunted, it will show a tease and doubt emote, although it won't attack.
  • Teleportation cannot be used in the shrine.
  • When he is killed in the presence of Thresh the Elusive now drops a Alma.
  • The Dibbler is the only large monster that does not grant a bonus when used Punishment on him.
    • The animation of harvesting a bonus is still displayed even though it does not grant any bonuses.
  • Dibbler does not count as an enemy jungle monster for Quick Punishment Quick Punishment for Ning煤n team.
  • In the 5.14 patch notes, Riot revealed that the Dibbler is female.


  • Tahm promo 03.jpg What the Dibbler looks like in Bilgewater.
  • Rift Speed 鈥嬧婼hrine.png Shrine of Speed 鈥嬧媤hen killing a Dibbler.
  • Sanctuary of Speed's view range when killing a Dibbler on the Dragon.
  • Sanctuary of Speed's view range when killing a Dibbler in the Baron.

Patch History

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