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    Sona / Strategy

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    Sona / Strategy "Submit to my designs."
    • Please use the information in this article with consideration. It could be out of date.

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    Power Chord Sona / Strategy

    After casting 3 spells, Sona's next attack will deal bonus magic damage, plus an additional effect depending on the last song Sona activated.

    Hymn of Courage Sona / Strategy

    Sona plays a tune that deals magic damage to the two closest enemies. Additionally, Sona temporarily creates an aura around her that empowers both herself and her allies, charging her next basic attack with bonus magic damage. Helping an ally with the aura briefly increases its duration.

    • Sona / Strategy Power Chord - The Hymn of Valor Power Chord, Staccatto, deals even more magic damage.

    Aria of Perseverance Sona / Strategy

    Sona plays a tone that heals both herself and the closest wounded allied champion. Additionally, Sona creates an aura around her that briefly shields her and her allies. Helping an ally with the aura briefly increases its duration.

    • Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Aria's Power Chord of Perseverance, Diminuendo, briefly reduces the damage dealt by the target.

    Song of Celerity Sona / Strategy

    Sona performs a song that speeds up her movement speed. Additionally, Sona creates an aura around her that briefly accelerates allied units. Helping an ally with the aura briefly increases its duration.

    • Sona / Strategy Power Chord - The Song of Celerity Power Chord Tempo briefly slows the target's movement speed.

    Growing up Sona / Strategy
    • Passive: Crescendo passively empowers Sona's auras, giving Sona / Strategy Hymn of Valor damage increased, to Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance an increased shield already Sona / Strategy Song of Celerity increased movement speed.
    • Active: Sona strikes her ultimate chord on a straight-line skill shot. Enemies caught by the chord take damage and are forced to dance briefly.

    Lines Phase

    From the beginning of the game, Sona works best by operating close to her allies. In this way, their auras help to exchange more effectively, with Sona / Strategy Hymn of Valor by increasing your marksman's attack while enhancing your own stalking. Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance heals more on low-health allies, so while filling an ally's health bar is relatively inefficient (particularly with her high mana cost and low base values), save her Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance for later in fights grants more health and makes fooling opponents more effective. Sona / Strategy Power Chord offers some tactical options as well: The Sona / Strategy Power Chord of Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance reduces damage from opposing marksman attacks if used correctly, while Sona can pursue escaping enemies or escape ambushes with her Sona / Strategy Power Chord of Sona / Strategy Song of Celerity

    Team fights

    In team fights, Sona's small auras allow her to remain mobile to Sona / Strategy heal and shield and Sona / Strategy Grant power to your allies while they need it. Sona / Strategy Song of Celerity grants significant movement speed, and approaching allies with the edge of her aura allows her to extend her own duration. And while she previously depended on Sona / Strategy Flash to position with your Sona / Strategy ultimate, sudden speed improvement in your Sona / Strategy Song of Celerity is enough for Sona to position herself to use Sona / Strategy Crescendo, which is still just as powerful and with the same potential to turn the tide of a game as before. Once cast, Sona works best at healing and shielding her most fragile allies with Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance while wearing Sona / Strategy Hymn of Valor to improve the damage of your allies.

    Use of Skills

    • Sona / Strategy Power Chord has three different effects, depending on the last spell that Sona / Strategy Sona has used. All of these effects scale with Ability Power.
      • Using Power Chord resets the attack animation, so using it after an initial attack maximizes damage done in less time.
      • Gathering stacks before a battle allows you to count on its benefits from the beginning of the battle.
      • Whatever ability Sona starts the game with (and therefore her Power Chord type), it is possible to use a spell three times on the source during the first seconds of the game to get a free Power Chord at the end of the game. start of the game. All mana will be recovered when found in the source.
      • Another strategy is to charge Power Chord twice, and then take advantage of the fact that it restarts the attack animation and be able to connect attack + skill + Power Chord in a very short period of time.

    • Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Staccato will deal 40% more damage than the base damage of Sona / Strategy Power chord.
      • Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Staccato makes Sona a very annoying and dangerous bully in the early game.
      • The cooldown of the skill Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Staccato allows Sona to get two stacks of her passive just in time for the fountain wall to vanish, allowing her to move around the map without any delay.

    • Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Diminuendo causes the enemy unit hit to deal 20% (+ 2% Ability Power) less damage.
      • Use Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance with Sona / Strategy Power Chord to hit the enemy shooter can help reverse the outcome of an unfavorable fight.
      • Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Diminuendo affects the Dragon Dragon.
      • Use Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Diminuendo in conjunction with Sona / Strategy Exhaustion makes it possible to greatly reduce a source of damage for a considerable time.

    • Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Tempo applies a 40% slow (+ 4% Ability Power) to the enemy unit hit for 2 seconds.
      • Never overestimate the increased movement speed of Sona / Strategy Song of Celerity. Sona's own movement speed buff allows her to quickly relocate to aid her allies and escape from or chase enemy units. Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Tempo does nothing but amplify this aspect.

    • Sona / Strategy Hymn of Valor takes a lot of damage if you level up quickly. However, due to your lack of escape mechanisms or survival skills, it is recommended that you play as a support champion.
      • Leveling this ability first is ideal for aggressive double lane comps due to the aura of Sona / Strategy Hymn of Valor, which provides a bonus magic damage on his next attack, while also providing a good harassment with his active part during the laning phase.

    • In a passive line, you can encourage your shooter to trade blows against his opponent, while also making use of Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Staccato. You can use Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance to shield you and your allies before taking damage or to heal in case the damage is already done. This will cause wear and tear on your opponent, forcing him to leave the line or play very defensively, risking possible death.
      • It is still advisable to measure Sona's mana consumption. Excessive use of your skills, especially early in the game, can quickly run out of this resource and make it impossible for you to use your skills for a considerable time.

    • Use Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance early lets you reject damage rather than heal it.
      • The passive of Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance is very effective for defensive compositions and also for teamfights when used in conjunction with Sona / Strategy Aegis of the Legion.
      • It is possible to "get the most out" of Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance by healing an ally and rejecting damage from an attack in progress by timing. However, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary risks and, if possible, to help the team beyond if the healing or the shield is not used 100%.

    • Stay with your team. Sona / Strategy Sona is an excellent healer and is best used when her entire team can take advantage of it. For its part, Sona / Strategy Song of Celerity allows your entire team to react better or avoid dangers thanks to the increased speed. With no teammates around Sona / Strategy Sona becomes very vulnerable.

    • Avoid overusing your abilities during the first few minutes of the game, as doing so will quickly run you out of mana. This can be a problem even later in the game, if one does not buy the corresponding items.

    • Sona / Strategy Crescendo in conjunction with champions with channeling abilities can be devastating to the opposing team, as they cannot cancel channeling while they are stunned.

    • Sona / Strategy Flash can be used for quick relocation to get the most out of Sona / Strategy Crescendo.

    Use of Objects

    • Being a support champion, Sona / Strategy Sona should focus on helping her shooter in the early phase by using sentries and keeping her line partner safe. If your shooter can perform the killing blow on minions, you should leave it to him / her. You can make up for not earning gold from minions and gain a bit of sustainability by buying Sona / Strategy Old Coin or Sona / Strategy Spell Stealer's Edge. These items provide gold over time and provide other benefits.
      • Si Sona / Strategy Sona can attack her rivals without too much risk, Sona / Strategy Spell Stealer's Edge, in conjunction with Sona / Strategy Hymn of Valor, allows you to get gold relatively quickly and consistently.
      • In the event of an unfavorable confrontation or a passive style of play, Sona / Strategy Antigua Coin allows you to Sona / Strategy Sona passively collecting gold while she is dedicated to keeping her and her shooter alive. While slower, this method carries less risk than using Sona / Strategy Spell Stealer's Edge.

    • If you decide to go with Sona / Strategy Sona to the middle lane, you will usually have to keep your sentries on to escape possible ambushes since Sona does not have many escape elements, except for her ultimate and flash. It is recommended to buy Sona / Strategy Shine quickly, and Sona / Strategy Chalice of Harmony immediately afterwards. It is good practice to rotate skills, in order to obtain 2 stacks of the passive and always be prepared to punish any opponent over extended with Sona / Strategy Hymn of Valor + Sona / Strategy Brightness + Sona / Strategy Power chord.

    • A good idea for Sona / Strategy Sona support is gathering objects that provide auras. All it takes is Sona's presence to make it useful, and such items are relatively inexpensive.
      • A defensive aura is Sona / Strategy Ice heart. Its effect on enemies reduces its damage per second, especially useful against the opposing marksman. Can be used in combination with Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Diminuendo and Sona / Strategy Exhaustion to reduce its damage considerably for a few seconds.
      • An offensive aura is Nether Scepter Nether Scepter. Its effect increases the magic damage of your entire team by reducing the magic resistance of nearby enemies.
      • An Attack Damage equivalent is carrying Herald of Zeke Herald of Zeke, which deals Damage and Lifesteal to nearby allies. It can even be combined with Sona / Strategy Burning Cauldron to get a higher attack speed on allies.
      • Sona / Strategy Heart of Ice not only provides armor and cooldown reduction, but also reduces opposing team's damage over time by passively reducing their attack speed.
      • Sona / Strategy Gauntlet of the Iceborn allows Sona to gain crowd control on virtually all of her abilities every very short time. While this effect overlaps with Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Tempo, this allows you to focus on as much as Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Staccato in Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Diminuendo.

    • Another combination is to carry items with assets that allow Sona to "have more than 4 abilities" at the time of battles.
      • Sona / Strategy Reliquary of the Iron Solari goes very well with Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance to provide a surprising and considerable amount of shield to all her allies.
      • Doing use of Sona / Strategy Song of Celerity and Talisman of Ascension Talisman of Ascension at the same time, Sona / Strategy Sona can make it nearly impossible for the opponent to catch up with a dying teammate or escape her and her team during a chase. These two speed increases also allow your team to travel long distances in a short time, such as taking down an opposing tower or inhibitor after achieving an extermination or positioning to prevent damage to an allied tower or inhibitor.
      • You can also make use of the active Sona / Strategy Spell Stealer's Edge in conjunction with Sona / Strategy Power Chord - Tempo to very effectively slow an opposing champion.
      • The object Sona / Strategy Mikael's Crucible is extremely useful when removing crowd control effects from an ally and providing a heal at the same time. Together with Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance can save an ally who would have otherwise died.
        • The mana regeneration provided by this item is also of immense help to Sona.

    • All the skills of Sona / Strategy Sona (including her passive) scales with Ability Power, although Sona in a support role should prioritize cooldown reduction over anything else. In this way, the utility of your skills, passive and stun of Sona / Strategy Growing up
      • While it may not seem like it at first glance, going for cooldown reduction ends up causing Sona to do more damage compared to opting for Ability Power.
        • Sona of Ability Power has explosive damage in a short period of time when using her abilities, while Sona with cooldown reduction has more damage over time since she can use her abilities more quickly. The fact that her Ability Power scales are not very high and that her abilities have a relatively short cooldown is what ultimately causes a Sona with cooldown reduction to do more sustained damage over time than a Sona with Power of Ability.
      • Sona / Strategy Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Sona / Strategy Mikael's Crucible, Banner of Command Banner of Command, Sona / Strategy Morellonomicon, Herald of Zeke Herald of Zeke, Sona / Strategy Reliquary of the Iron Solari, Sona / Strategy Ice heart, Sona / Strategy Gauntlet of the Iceborn, Sona / Strategy Proclamation of the Ice Queen, Talisman of Ascension Talisman of Ascension and Sona / Strategy Twin Shadows grant Sona cooldown reduction and have very useful passive and active abilities for her.
      • With a 40% cooldown reduction, the cooldown time Sona / Strategy Hymn of Courage is 4.8 seconds, that of Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance 6 seconds, Sona / Strategy Song of Celerity is 7.2 seconds and that of Sona / Strategy Growing, at level 3, 60 seconds.

    • Sona / Strategy Sona is invaluable in group advancements, but continued use of her abilities can quickly put her out of mana if she doesn't purchase the right items. You can consider Glyphs of Mana Regeneration per Level if you have mana issues.

    • Because Sona has relatively low cooldowns, moderate mana costs, and needs to be using her abilities continuously, she is able to charge Sona / Strategy Embrace of the Seraph faster than almost any other champion. In turn, this provides him with one of the highest mana regen in the game, allowing him to stay in prolonged group advances for much longer, while also providing him with a small shield to mitigate any damage.
      • Together with Sona / Strategy Chalice of Harmony, Sona can use her abilities practically indiscriminately.

    • While Sona / Strategy Mejai's Soul Stealer is not always viable, this one charges quickly as long as you stay safe. Just by helping an ally with her auras, Sona receives assists. Still, it's a risky item considering Sona's frailty and lack of escapes in the face of ambushes.

    • Sona / Strategy Curse of the Liche can add a significant amount of damage to his auto attack. Combined with Sona / Strategy Power Chord, can provide explosive damage.
      • An alternative focused on the support role is to buy Sona / Strategy Gauntlet of the Iceborn. The crowd control it grants is something that Sona does not possess (beyond her ultimate) and her stats are very well used by her.
    • Sona / Strategy Sona can shield multiple allies with Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance. This makes Sona / Strategy Burning Cauldron is a very good item for her, granting valuable stats as well as increasing the attack speed of her allies. Regardless of the composition, this object helps a lot in taking targets such as towers, inhibitors, Dragon or Baron.

    Recommended Items

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    • Sona / Strategy Sona is fragile during the course of the game, especially at level 1. Work with your teammates to eliminate her quickly.
      • Be careful not to give an unnecessary edge by being overly aggressive. Being a support, her main source of security is her allies so ignoring them can be even worse than ignoring her.
    • You constantly try to harass Sona / Strategy Sona and her lane partner. Do that force to use Sona / Strategy Aria of Perseverance, which consumes a lot of mana in the early game.
    • During the lanes phase, remember that Sona empowers both herself and her allies. When attacking an opponent, both will most likely react. A good strategy is to temporarily disable one of the two, either through crowd control or by creating unsafe areas for her and her allies, causing them to separate enough to take her by surprise.
    • Sona's harassment is self-directed. This means that in order not to receive its damage it is necessary to block it or simply not being in its attack range and / or abilities.
      • Sona / Strategy Hymn of Valor is a self-directed ability but requires vision of its target to cause damage. Making use of the bushes on the map where she has no vision allows to create safe areas, which become a risk for her due to their fragility.
        • It should be noted that if Sona uses Sona / Strategy Hymn of Valor and his target then leaves his field of vision (either through invisibility or entering a bush), the damage will still be applied.
    • A Sona focused on magic damage can be effectively countered by buying magic resistance. Sona / Strategy Reliquary of the Iron Solari and Sona / Strategy Wraith's Habit are recommended items for this purpose.
    • Do not overextend yourself when chasing an enemy accompanied by Sona / Strategy Sona. its Sona / Strategy Song of Celerity allows them to quickly draw distance.
    • Sona is a fragile character who has many benefits from being removed from battle early. If the opportunity presents itself, eliminating it grants a considerable advantage over the opposing team.
      • Avoid grouping against a Sona. Otherwise she can hit multiple team members with her ultimate. Sona / Strategy Growing up
    • Sona / Strategy Sona can suffer a lot against other tank supports and with amounts of crowd control like Sona / Strategy Blitzcrank, Sona / Strategy Leon, Fr. Sona / Strategy Thresh. It is important to play very aggressively and not allow him to recover after using his spells. Otherwise, Sona will simply harass and keep both her shooter and herself alive with her livelihood.
      • As an alternative, use a support with similar characteristics such as Sona / Strategy We, Fr. Sona / Strategy Let Soraka freeze the line and not let her and her allies snowball.

    Champion Presentation

    Note: Due to being one of the first champions released in the game, Sona's video presentation is in English. Sona / Strategy

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