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    La Store is an area on all League of Legends maps where summoners can acquire items for their champions. Each store is located near each team's summoner platform. A summoner can access the store either by clicking on it with the cursor or by using their shortcut, "P". A champion must be close to the tent for the summoner to obtain items. In Summoner's Rift this area includes most of the summoner's platform and extends slightly outside of it.



    Items are first organized into five categories: Defense, Attack, Magic, Movement, and Consumables. The first three are divided into more categories based on the stats that each item has. These can be sorted under multiple categories if it contains statistics for that category. For instance: Store Bloodthirsty appears under Damage and Lifesteal in the Attack category for its damage and lifesteal effects. The objects in each category are ordered from the cheapest price to the most expensive.

    The objects are organized as follows:

    • Consumables
    • Defense
      • Life
      • Armor
      • Magic resistance
      • Life regeneration
      • Tenacity
    • Attack
      • Hurt
      • Critical hit
      • Attack speed
      • Life stealing
    • Magic
      • Ability power
      • Cooldown reduction
      • Spell vamp
      • Manna
      • Mana Regeneration
    • Movement
      • Boots
      • Other moving objects

    Statistics that the store does not cover:

    • Armor penetration
    • Magic penetration

    Object availability

    Items that are exclusive to certain maps do not appear on other maps. For instance, Store Horn of the Guardian only appears in the Howling Abyss shop and not in Summoner's Rift, Crystal Scar, or Twisted Treeline.

    Custom object sets

    Players can create custom item sets in their summoner profiles, creating their own item combination that appears under the Recommended tab.

    Recommended Items

    Recommended Items has its own page in the store, separated into four categories.

    Starter Items describe items that Riot believes work best for the champion to start the game.

    Essential Items are items that Riot believes are central to the champion, and should be purchased.

    Offensive Items are items that Riot believes must be acquired if the champion is to do a lot of damage.

    Defensive Items are items that Riot believes must be acquired if the champion is to be able to take a lot of damage.

    Store Appearance

    • Store Summoner's Rift Store
    • Store Twisted Treeline Tent
    • Store Crystal Scar Shop
    • Blue Team Shopkeeper.jpg Summoner's Rift Blue Team Shop
    • Red Team Shopkeeper.jpg Summoner's Rift Red Team Shop
    • Store Blue Team Store in Howling Abyss
    • Store Purple Team Store in Howling Abyss
    • Store Proving Grounds Store
    • Store Summoner's Rift Old Shop
    • Store Ancient Twisted Treeline Tent


    Twisted forest



      Capture point


      Nexus · Obelisk of the Nexus · Store

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