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Un summoner icon It is an avatar image that represents a League of Legends player. The icon is displayed on a summoner's profile page. Icons appear next to Summoners' names in friends list, chat rooms, custom games, or on pre-built teams. With the collection always expanding.


  • 1 Available Icons
    • 1.1 Unlocked at account creation
    • 1.2 Unlocked in the store
    • 1.3 Unlocked with the purchase of a skin
  • 2 Legacy Vault

Available Icons

Unlocked at account creation

Unlocked in the store

Star Guardian Ahri (until September 25th)Pentakill IIPentakill KarthusPentakill KaylePentakill MordekaiserPentakill OlafPentakillPentakill YorickBattle Boss ZiggsBattle Boss MalzaharBattle Boss BrandPulsefire CaitlynPulsefireDark Star OriannaDark Star Kha'ZixCosmic BladeCosmic ReaverCosmic GenesisGod FistImmortal SightDragonslayer Xin ZhaoDragon SorceressFlame DragonFestival QueenBlood Moon DianaBlood Moon JhinBlood Moon RisingBlood Moon Twisted FateBlood Moon TalonSummoning CauldronSeeing HatMechs vs. MinionsFuelLight's HammerPixRadiant StaffShiroStar GuardianZephyrArcade AhriArcade CorkiArcade EzrealPower UpRecon PROJECT: AshePROJECT: AshePROJECT: EkkoPROJECT: KatarinaCrabby CrabCome at me CrabCool CrabLifesaverRubber DuckyShock and ShowerOblivionDark Star VarusDark Star ThreshEl TigreThe lionEl machoThe LightningSuper Galaxy FizzMega SharkSuper Galaxy LambSuper Galaxy WolfSuper Galaxy ShyvanaMega dragonOmen of the DamnedOmen of the Iron InquisitorOmen of the Cursed RevenantOmen of the Black Scourge00 ReactivatedSuperior PrototypeMecha ZeroPrototype 00Draven Draven Icon IconMeowconDefinitely Not a Vel'Koz IconUrf KenchKnow Blood MoonBlood Moon YasuoBlood SealShadow WolfNightshade SerpentMonkey KingLunar GuardianBurning HungerDrop deadLamb's MaskWolf's MaskAncient krugCrimson RaptorMurk WolfProfileIcon0932 Scuttle Krab.pngRift ScuttlerPROJECTProject: YiPROJECT: ZedPROJECT: LeonaPROJECT: FioraPROJECT: LucianDragonPoro LoveFinal BossBilgewater CrestGrompBaron NashorOmega Squad TeemoBlood MoonBattlecastShadow Isles CrestShurima 2014 - Shurima CrestArcade BaronDebonairWickHat trickPentakill

Unlocked with the purchase of a skin

Star Guardians 2017

Kiko (Ahri)Yuuto (Ezreal)Boki & Baki (Miss Fortune)Shisa (Soraka)Multi (Syndra)

Elementalist Lux


Elementalist Master Edition (including those above)


DJ Sona


Udyr Guardian of Spirits

Tiger StanceBear StanceTurtle StancePhoenix Stance

Ezreal Pulse of Fire

Time PortalPulsefire Ezreal

Legacy Vault

The following icons are only available in the store temporarily during specific events or promotions, but can also be obtained at any time as loot through Hextech Crafting or from Honor Capsules:

ProfileIcon0905 Poro Cosplayer.png

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