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    Swain / Strategy

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    "Submit to my designs."
    • Please use the information in this article with consideration. It could be out of date.

    Use of Skills

    • Since Carrion Renewal Carrion Renewal grants mana and Hungry Flock gives life, Swain has the potential to stay online for a long time. It should be noted that Scavenger Renovation Scavenger Renovation cannot support the cost of Hungry Flock and its ult should be used with caution. Combined with aggressive line control, it is recommended that Swain finds himself in a lane just to quickly collect gold and experience.
    • Upon reaching level 4, the skill combo of Swain before getting his ultimate. Torment Torment and Decrepitate Decrepitate followed by Nevermore and various basic attacks can destroy distracted enemies. If the enemy is too far away, use Never Again can help close the gap.
    • The basic skills of Swain have different benefits when they are maximized over the others.
      • Decrepit Decrepit grants considerable damage and a good slowing effect with a short cooldown and good range. By leveling up this skill, it will become easier to connect with Never Again and at the same time, when connecting with Never Again makes it possible for the link not to break and continue to hurt. The contradictory effect of improving this ability is that you are forced to use it safely at its maximum range, making it easier to break the link or get closer to the enemy to reach the full effect of the ability. At the time of an ambush by an allied jungle man, it is not advisable to use it when starting the ambush since the enemy has more opportunities to break the link.
      • As your skill with more area damage and crowd control, level up Never Again makes it more usable by reducing its cooldown considerably. In addition to the damage increase, the ability to Swain to finish minions is quick and easy and the immobilization effect is incredibly effective at stopping enemy ambushes or assisting allies. However, it is not effective against enemy champions if it is not hit consistently and by maxing it out, enemy champions can purchase early speed boots to counter the ability. It is advisable to maximize this ability when you are losing your line, since it facilitates the cleaning of minions and slows the push of the opponent's lane.
      • By itself, Torment Torment offers good harassment and damage with a low mana cost. Even at low levels you can erase 2 or 3 bars of life at a time by using Torment Torment and then basic attacks against an enemy. Combined with Ignition, Swain can deal fatal damage early in the game. However, Torment Torment's base damage is low and your other abilities wouldn't benefit much from the damage increase. The best scenario to maximize this ability is when you are sure of your strength on the line.
    • In the lines phase, measure your opponent's strength to determine the correct balance of aggression with Hungry Flock. If your enemy is stronger, it may be more beneficial to play passively, finish off minions, and return damage when your enemy attacks.
    • While Swain has the potential to kill a fairly high enemy, he can be countered with large amounts of defenses or by champions like Nunu or Cho'Gath, who have natural ways of replenishing life. By having exorbitant mana costs, yes Swain can't kill the enemy quickly, he's going to be wasting his time. 
    • Decrepit Decrease followed by Never Again makes it almost guaranteed immobilization. The time it takes to cast Torment Torment may influence your ability to hit your crowd control, so be judicious when using it.
    • Hungry Flock is not a channeled spell and cannot be stopped by stuns, slows, silences, and other forms of crowd control. In addition, it persists during the active effect of the Zhonya's Hourglass (continues to absorb mana, so it can be automatically deactivated within the active effect). You can use this ability to drain life from your enemies in a team fight or also to keep your health in line, by absorbing minions. With a little bit of spell vampirism and Spiritual appearance, Swain becomes an almost unstoppable force.
      • The crowd control effects that prevent the deactivation of this spell should also be taken into account, since a few extra seconds can erase your mana very quickly.
    • Be careful when using Hungry Flock to finish minions, because not having it available means being vulnerable against ambushes to which you will only have your Q-> W combo to stop the enemy. 
    • By escaping, you can activate Hungry Flock as the projectiles prioritize champions and will heal you for 75% -88% of the damage they take. Healing with your ultimate to escape can be more effective than casting your slow and immobilize.
    • The best possible combo of Swain is Torment Torment, followed by Hungry Flock and Decrepit Decrease quickly to be able to hit Never Again. This very effective combination against champions close to minions, since you will gain life when starting the fight against the enemy champion.
    • Give to Swain the Ancient Golem Crest can greatly increase its effectiveness. Even if Swain is losing, this upgrade can help him get back in the game.
    • With all the crowd control and healing when playing with Swain, Magic Resistance is of vital importance. Most of the Physical Damage is dealt in a certain time, which your healing will counteract and in addition, the Physical Damage is a source of the carriers with few defenses, which are easily erased with the combo of Swain.
    • If you activate Hungry Flock when initiating on an enemy, remember to disable it if the enemy escapes out of range, as overuse can leave you out of mana to use your other abilities or vulnerable against a counter attack.
    • A good form of online bullying is to launch Torment immediately after Never Again so that the damage is increased and then close the distance with the enemy and cast Decrepit Decrepitate.


    • Swain is very dependent on mana because of Hungry Flock, so buy mana items early in the game like Catalyst Protector or Chalice of Harmony can be very useful to strengthen the presence of Swain in the middle game.
      • Rod of Ages is a vital item for Swain, granting him a host of two characteristics important to him: Ability Power and Mana. The passive of this item allows you to stay online for as long as you need and in a close team fight, the extra mana can save lives by keeping activated for a few more seconds. Hungry Flock. Plus, life helps him survive bursts of damage.
    • Ignition or Fiery Death Claw can deal Swain with massive damage in tandem with the 20% it gives Torment Torment.
      • For this reason, do not overlook the possibility of buying a Fiery Death Claw in mid / late game. Swain has near-tank characteristics, damage over time, Crowd Control, and self-healing. Despite being very strong, most of its damage occurs in 3-4 seconds, giving the enemy time to act. The Fiery Death Claw gives you the ability to destroy a single target in combination Torment Torment.
      • Casting Torment Torment and Ignition on a dying opponent while escaping will possibly ensure death, even if healed by another source.
      • It is also very effective to launch this combo on a weak carry like Caitlyn at the beginning of a team fight. The damage from this plus the rest of the skills Swain is enough to put the enemy in retreat, slowing the damage of the entire opposing team.
      • If you are not satisfied with the extreme damage of the Fiery Death Claw, a great alternative is the Morellonomicon, since it gives better passive effects, but without active.
    • A build of Swain who focuses more on team fights and staying alive is buying: Old Testament Old Testament, Rod of Ages and Spiritual appearance. With a build started by these items, buying AP directly translates to more healing, leading to more damage. After these items it is also useful to buy Rabadon's Death Hat and the Zhonya's Hourglass to provide massive amounts of AP and Zhonya's invulnerability. This build is perfect for protecting your carry and being an anti carry yourself.
    • Like almost all the skills of Swain's are based on positioning, Rylai's Crystal Scepter can be an invaluable purchase to keep enemies within range of Decrepit Decrepit and Hungry Flock, which would ensure hitting Never Again. Since all of his abilities damage AOE and over time, Rylai's Scepter only applies 15% slow, making it less efficient. On the other hand, if it gives the ability to slow Tormento Tormento.
    • La Tear of the Goddess is a viable item for mana sustenance since the use of Hungry Flock will increase maximum mana. Upon returning to base, activating the ability would result in a 20 or 50 bonus mana. By improving it to Archangel Staff greatly increases mana sustain and thanks Hungry Flock, also the sustenance of life.
    • Zhonya's Hourglass is one of the fundamental items of Swain: The 120 AP is highly appreciated, the Armor allows him to better fulfill his role as a tank mage and that his Hungry Flock persists during the Hourglass's active effect, allowing it to steal life from nearby enemies for two seconds without taking damage.
    • Liandry's Torment can also be effective on Swain as it grants Magic Penetration, considerable AP, a little health, and improves its damage when combined with the Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
    • If the enemy team has multiple AD champions or multiple carrys, one Sunfire Cloak or a Cota de Espinas has a lot of synergy with Swain, as it increases his potential damage when entering the middle of a team fight.

    Recommended Items

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    Contra Swain

    • Swain deals mostly Magic Damage, so investing in Magic Resistance will mitigate his damage.
    • Do not overestimate the damage of Swain's; even though his only ability with burst is Never Again, it can deal a massive amount of damage per time if you give it space. If you think you can survive his first 4 seconds of damage, you might be able to counter attack when his abilities are on cooldown.
    • Great movement speed and mobility counteracts most spells of Swain's.
      • When Decrepitate Decrepitate is thrown, break the link quickly by moving away from the raven.
      • Avoid being hit by Never more than Swain to remove much of the damage from his combo.
    • Get away of Swain si usa su Hungry Flock. This will cause him to start losing mana and force him to put his ultimate on cooldown.
      • Attack Swain right after I cancel Hungry Flock is the best time to do it.
    • Escape the range of his abilities if you are under the effect of Torment Torment as you will take much more damage from the percentage increase in damage. Also, when his crows hit you, he will heal more.
    • Use spells that reduce healing effects such as Ignition or Morellonomicon to prevent a large amount of damage from being healed with Hungry Flock. This leaves Swain without his primary survival mechanism and makes him easier to kill.

    Champion Presentation

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