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    Sylas / LoL / Aesthetics


    • 1 Available
    • 2 Rare and limited
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    Sylas View in 3D 975/25-ene-2019 Sylas Moon Wraith View in 3D 1350/25-ene-2019 Sylas del Fréljord View in 3D 1350/10-ene-2020 PROJECT: Sylas View in 3D 1350 / 27-may-2021 Sylas del Fréljord - Chromas Amethyst Pearl Ruby Turquoise Sylas Espectro Lunar - Chrome Amethyst Aquamarine Catseye Obsidian Pearl Ruby PROJECT: Sylas - Chromas Amethyst Catseye citrine Pearl Peridot Reckoning Ruby Sapphire Turquoise

    Rare and limited

    PROJECT: Sylas Prestigious Edition View in 3D especial / 27-may-2021


    Classic Sylas


    • series 1
    Executor Heal
    Full Heal with Kingslayer (W) Turn of Rebellion
    Champions reached with Petricite Burst (S) Do not hit yourself
    Champions killed within 6 seconds of dealing damage to enemies with their own ultimate


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