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    Talon / Strategy

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    Strategy: Talon

    General concept

    Their movements depend on the situation, the idea is always to attack a fixed target and not several. The most important thing is to be aware of what you can do, and watch out for skill cooldowns. It is advisable to start any combo with the R available, in case anything unforeseen arises, unless it is known that you can defeat the enemy with clarity. In the same way, you have to know when you can jump on an enemy using EE, and on which enemy, taking into account their abilities (escape, stun, slow, etc.), since jumping in an unfavorable situation or in a bad moment will mean death.

    Basic combos

    A basic combo, before level 6, would be to prepare the Q, jump on top of the enemy with E, apply the basic loaded with Q, then use W to slow down and give all the basic possible during the duration of the slow applied by the W. It is recommended, before doing this, to use the W at a distance to lower the enemy's life little by little, since before level 6, it is very difficult for Talon to kill an enemy from a combo. Thus, it is not advisable to jump on the enemy if at the end of the combo you are not going to lower him to 25% of his life or so. But you shouldn't play excessively passive either. You have to measure forces.

    Against melee champions, it is best to use ranged W to lower their health, and farm, and when they get close to you, use W and then Q, or basic. That is a basic way of measuring more or less how much life we ​​would be able to take with half the combo, and incidentally keep the champion away. If they are ranged champions, we can try to force this W> Q situation by getting a little closer, or we can try directly with the pre-level 6 combo I said before, with the risk that if we approach with E, we lose our only way of escape in case of any danger.

    If you don't have any spells to reach your opponent, use Shadow Assault (R) to increase your speed and go unnoticed until you reach the opponent. There may also be an urgent need to escape or simply to sneak away, for this first use the W to slow down and decrease the speed of the pursuer, then if necessary the R serves as an escape.

    Complex / complete combos

    These abilities can be used in other ways as well to escape. Slaughter can be used to jump on enemies (perhaps weaker or better placed), or on enemy minions. Depending on the situation, an often useful tactic is to slaughter one of the pursuers and immediately use R, and escape in the opposite direction the pursuers are moving. When doing this you must be aware of enemies that have abilities that stun ( Annie, Leona), give vision ( Read without, Ignite), and similar crowd control spells, as they can totally thwart your escape.

    When doing a complete combo, with the idea of ​​ending the rival or causing great damage, the ideal is to start activating Noxian Diplomacy (Q) and after this use Slaughter Slaughter (E), and let the first basic hit (Since from the nerf, Slaughter applies a slow of 99%, whose duration (0.25 sec) is just enough to allow the impact of a basic attack and take advantage of the passive Mercy Mercy). After this, we use Rake (W), followed by a basic attack, and to finish, Shadow Assault (R), once to open and once to close. In case we see that we have not done the expected damage, or that when closing Shadow Assault we will be in danger, we can only open it and take advantage of its 2,5 seconds of invisibility to escape.

    (It is advisable to have the Hunger Hydra, at least, Tiamat. The active of these objects can be used as a 5th spell during the combo, which we will have every 10 seconds)

    To summarize, complete combo: We activate Q, jump with E and hit a basic empowered by Q. Then, W and another basic, and finally, we use R to open the ring of leaves, (here we would use Tiamat's active if we had it ) and R again to close the leaves, and in case of danger, do not press R for the 2nd time and run taking advantage of the invisibility.

    A combo that can be used online but is a bit more difficult and requires a bit of practice is to use the E, attack with a basic eh immediately cancel the animation with the Q, the slow of the E gives time to do this if does correctly, which allows us to release two auto attacks powered by our passive, then the W, basic and finish with R and Tiamat.

    There is also a combo called "Long Range Assassination", it is designed to do murders from the river to a line, you need to have Younmuu's Ghost Sword, the Voracious Hydra and the available flash, we activated the Younmuu and the Shadow Assault (R) to gain a lot of speed and invisibility, we use the Hidra Voracious at the same time Slaughter Slaughter (E) so that all blades of Shadow Assault (R) apply the maximum damage multiplied by the passive Mercy Mercy and the active one of Younmuu's Phantom Sword in addition to applying the full damage of the active of the Voracious Hydra, an auto attack and we immediately used Noxian Diplomacy (Q) to reset the auto-attack and we finish with Rake (W), sometimes we can save the Rake (W) and Noxian Diplomacy (Q) if we try to assassinate a marksman or adc like Ashe or Ezreal. The advantages that this combo gives us is a possible Oneshot, stealth kill and enable a Baron, Dragon or Team Fight, the disadvantages are the forced return to recover mana and abilities (it depends on the CDR of your runes, masters and objects), a trap (bait) or even get to assassinate your target if it has CC, escapes, this feed or / and has good reflexes (Vayne, Tristana, Graves, Kalista), in addition to that we use the flash leaving us an escape.

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