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    The evolution

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    The evolution is a series of skins in League of Legends linked to the history of Viktor, with champions transformed into terrifying cyborgs as part of his  

    "glorious evolution". [1]

    Beginning Access: War Shield.


    • 1 The Evolution
      • 1.1 Splash Art
    • 2 Other Contents
    • 3 Trivia
    • 4 References

    The evolution

    • Creator - Viktor
    • Battle Tank - Cho'Gath Greater Armor [2]
    • Impact Soldier - Urgot War Shield
    • Espionage - Vel'Koz Armor of War
    • Destructor - Xerath Armor of War
    • Artillery - Kog'Maw War Armor
    • Assault - Skarner Blind Alpha

    Splash Art

    • Viktor the Creator
    • Cho'Gath Greater Armor
    • Kog'Maw War Armor
    • Skarner Blind Alpha
    • Urgot War Shield
    • Vel'Koz Armor of War
    • Xerath Armor of War

    Other Contents

    • Summoner Icons
    • Advances
    • Sentinel skins

    Main article: Summoner Icon ProfileIcon741 Battlecast 1.jpg Armored IconProfileIcon742 Battlecast 2.jpgGlorious Evolution IconProfileIcon743 Battlecast Poro.jpg Armored Poro Icon

    • Viktor's Recovery
    • Battlecast Cho'Gath Specs.jpg Cho'Gath Blindaje Superior
    • Battlecast Velkoz.jpg Vel'Koz Blindaje Bélico

    Main article: Sentinel Battlecast Ward.jpg Armored SentinelArmored Poro Sentinel


    • Evolution was first introduced in Viktor's Preview [3].
    • The Armor Armor skins were officially linked to Evolution with the release of Cho'Gath Armor Superior. [2] [4]
      • V-BC-Corp, the gaming corporation responsible for Cho'Gath Greater Armor, probablemente significa Viktor's Battle-Cast Corporation.
    • Within the story, Viktor is rivaled by the Resistance of Jayce and this relationship is evident within the series of aspects of Evolution. [5]
      • With the rework of the story of Jayce, it was confirmed that Viktor's "acolytes" were actually "augmented" inhabitants of Zaun who voluntarily joined Viktor's cause (rather than random subjects, or forced individuals). [1]


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