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    Use of skills

    • The force of Thresh as a support comes from the incredible amount of utility, CC and AoE derived from his abilities to displace and disable enemies with his Death warrant, Skin and Box. its Dark Passage can be used as a form of escape or for your allies to follow with ease. Your passive, Doom allows it to continually gain power as the game progresses, making it deceptively strong and durable. However, champions with strong decoupling abilities can prevent it from utilizing its full potential.
    • While Doom allows Thresh continually gaining power, starts out weak. Be cautious in early game.
      • Pulling Dark Passage near souls allows you to gather them together without getting close.
      • This tactic can be useful if you are in a line against champions more aggressive than you during the early game, who have a good amount of hitting skills or with ways to counter your CC (eg Lulu, Ezreal, Morgana and Braum)
      • Avoid using this method as Dark Passage has a long cooldown and can drain you of mana to use other abilities.
    • The passive of Skinning is strong enough to deal progressive damage to the enemy.
      • While the damage from the passive scales with attack damage, it is still Magic Damage and benefits from Magic Penetration.
      • At level 5, with no attack speed bonus, it adds ~ 24% of your attack damage per attack, which is ~ 20.5 at level 18, with no damage bonuses. (Pending tests).
      • It's worth saying that the passive's effect doesn't get stronger with consecutive attacks, so there won't be a damage bonus if you don't let the ability "charge up."
    • Death Sentence is a great introductory tool. Consider the merits of pulling vs pulling yourself. Keep in mind that you can also use it on neutral monsters. This can be used to escape, start a gank, or just for increased mobility.
      • While hitting Death Sentence is a decent way to start a fight, it is not always the best option; just walk towards the enemy and use Flaying towards you can make it easier than hooking and probably cause the enemy to spend his Flash
    • Dark Passage is a great way to save an ally. Not only for giving them a shield but because it allows them to escape if they click on the flashlight.
      • Consider teaming up with melee champions who have leaps or throws such as Xin Zhao o Jax. They can jump at the enemy, be shielded from attack and return safely.
      • If an ally comes to gank your line, you can throw the lantern in their path and thus be able to initiate, the jungle / ally can use the lantern to jump towards you and help secure the kill quickly.
    • Dark Passage serves as an exploration tool, particularly when checking. Dragon Dragon and Baron Nashor Baron Nashor. However, be wary of long cooldown of the skill.
    • Skinning is a good tool for chasing and escaping. Depending on the direction in which it was launched.
      • If you catch an enemy running away with Death Sentence immediately use Skin to push them towards your allies or turret, ensuring their doom.
      • Skinning can also counter enemy throwing, as well as Sword of the Zenith of Leona.
    • As well as the active of Skinning is useful, so is its passive. Wait for it to charge, then Auto Attack an enemy champion to deal good damage. This method is really useful in early game.
    • If an enemy is within The Box and refuses to touch one of the walls consider using Skinning to push them to one. The damage and slowness will help a lot especially if you used Skin towards an allied or friendly turret.
    • Si Thresh uses his Death Sentence in Morgana or another enemy while this one has the Black Shield on, can wait for it to position itself in an unfavorable way for the opposing team and reactivate the ability so that it can use Skin to slow down the enemy team. Also, if you leave your Dark Passage, an ally can accompany you on the journey. 
    • You can choose to use and combine Punishment with Death Sentence to catch enemies taking cover behind minions by surprise. What's more, Punishment will give you all the jungle bonuses, increase your team's control over Dragon Dragon and Baron Nashor Baron Nashor and by upgrading {{sbc | Unique - Devastating Punishment:} you can get a movement speed steal.


    • With abilities that scale with ability power and attack damage, as well as having great crowd control, Thresh can make use of many attributes, allowing him to adapt to changing situations and confrontations, but he is widely used as a Support-Tank.
    • Thresh has many startup options for support depending on how it is used.

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