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La Definitive (o Ultimate in English) is the fourth ability of most Champions. The ultimate is considered the defining ability of a champion and is often considered the strongest. It is controlled by the 'R' key on the keyboard. Ultimates vary greatly between champions, some have passive effects ( Grandmaster's Force Jax), some have global effects ( Requiem of Karthus), some are sparse due to their low cooling ( Rupture in the Path of Kassadin), some are auras ( Huntress Sivir) and some summon other units ( Summon: Tibbers from Annie). Whether an ultimate is considered the strongest ability or not, using your ultimate is indeed crucial to playing any champion. Definitive ones are defined by being able to be used at levels 6, 11, and 16.

It is also possible to tell if an allied Champion's ultimate is ready or not, by the gauge. The indicator is the green dot which is placed next to the respective portrait of the champion on the right side of the screen, above the minimap. When the green light is on, the champion's ultimate ability is ready. If the light is off, the champion has not yet learned the skill or is currently on cooldown.

Currently there is only one champion who does not have an Ultimate: Udyr. It has four Positions that are trainable up to level 5.

Arachnid Form / Human Form Human Form of Elise, Puma fur Nidalee and Mantra of Karma are available at level 1 for the respective champion, but can still be leveled up at levels 6, 11 and 16, making them special in having 4 levels.

Hammer of Mercury / Mercury cannon Jayce is available at level 1 and cannot be maxed out. Instead, each of Jayce's abilities have 5 points.

Definitive Global

Some champions have unlimited or global range, allowing them to assist from afar or safely assassinate an enemy (for example, an enemy with low health stays in range of the tower to be sure). In general, the point of Global Ultimate is to be a threat to enemies anywhere on the map.

  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow of Ashe
  • Rolling Death of Draven
  • Download of Accurate Shots from Ezreal
  • Cannon Barrage Gangplank
  • 隆Supermegacohete Requetemortal! 隆Supermegacohete Requetemortal! of Jinx.
  • Requiem of Karthus
  • Void Momentum of Rek'Sai
  • United of Shen
  • Prayer of Soraka

Paranoia of Nocturne and Destination of Twisted Fate are partially global, as the first part of the ultimate is a global effect and the second part has a limited range.


  • Akali is currently the only Energy-based champion to have a cost associated with her Ultimate ability (1x Essence of Shadow Essence of Shadow).

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