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    • Weighs es uno de los 11 campeones que pueden acumular una estadística infinitamente: Bardo/LoL Bardo/LoL, Cho'Gath/LoL Cho'Gath/LoL, Kindred/LoL Kindred/LoL, Nasus/LoL Nasus/LoL, Senna/LoL Senna/LoL, Shyvana/LoL Shyvana/LoL, Sion/LoL Sion/LoL, Swain/LoL Swain/LoL, Sylas/LoL Sylas/LoL, Thresh/LoL Thresh/LoL, Veigar/LoL Veigar/LoL.
      • In the case of Veigar, Phenomenal Evil Power infinitely accumulates his ability power.
    • When Veigar uses Primal Blast to kill an enemy champion, it will laugh evilly.
    • Veigar possesses the most laugh emotes of any champion, at 6.
    • Veigar ['vɛi̯ɣɐr] is an Icelandic name, from Old Norse veig "force" and "herr" "army"; [1] Veigar's name has two pronunciations:
      • / 'veɪɡɚ / (VEY-guhʳ): Riot's official pronunciation of his name;
      • / vaɪ'ɡɑ: ɹ / (Fri-GAHR): based on German Phonology, considered incorrect.


    • Veigar is voiced by Oliver Magaña in LATAM, who also voices, Brolas, Kog'Maw, Nautilus, Nocturne, Rammus, Talon, Varus y Ziggs, and by Yolanda Pérez Segoviano in EUW, who also doubles to Nunu and Soraka.
    • During development, it was called Permission.
    • Veigar is named after Veigar Bouius, who previously worked as a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst for Riot Games. He is very tall".
    • All of Veigar's abilities (except Evil Attack) refer to space. Event Horizon a reference to the edge of a black hole, the point where light cannot escape. Dark Matter a reference to undetectable matter in space. Primordial Burst a reference to the Big Bang, the predominant cosmological model that explains the early development of the Universe. Your old passive, Equilibrium, which means "Balance", is an important concept in stellar and orbital physics.
    • Veigar's appearance is similar to the Black Mage, a character from the Final Fantasy series.
    • Event Horizon used to inflict 1 point of  true damage to all units inside the cage and on very rare occasions could even kill a unit when it is at 1 health.


    • Veigar is at least over 1100 years old, having been present during the second crusade of Mordekaiser.
      • It was possibly captured by the Iron Reborn around 400 BC, or 1400 years ago. [2]
    • Possibly he was affected by Stockholm Syndrome after being held captive for years for Mordekaiser.


    • The quotations from Veigar quote "I'll swallow your soul!" e "Even now, your loved ones suffer!" They are similar to quotes from the franchise The Evil Dead.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    Final Boss Veigar
    • Some of his quotes refer to video games or TV series:
      • Chrono Trigger
        • "Unimaginable is the power of Veigar!" - Magus (speaking of Lavos, the last boss)
        • "The black wind howls." - Janus
      • Diablo
        • "I will make weapons out of your bones!" - Blacksmith
        • "Even death can't save you from me!" - Devil
      • Dragon Ball Z (anime)
        • "My power is above 9000!" - Vegeta
        • "This is not even my final form!" - Frieza
      • final Fantasy
        • "Run! Run! Or you'll be well done!" - Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
        • "I, Veigar, will take them all down!" - Garland (Final Fantasy)
        • "I will create a monument to nonexistence!" - Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
        • "The end is near ..." - Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
        • "I will remember ... this ..." - Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
        • "I am almighty!" - Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
      • Mortal Kombat
        • "Toasted!"
        • "Terminate us!"
        • "Weak and pathetic fools." - Shao Kahn
      • Starcraft
        • "Revenge will be mine!" - Sarah Kerrigan
        • "Arcane release detected!" - Starcraft nuclear launch.
      • Star Fox
        • "Cocky little monsters!" - Head of sector Y
        • "I can't let you do that!" - Star Wolf
      • Street Fighter
        • "Weakness is a disease and I am the cure." - Akuma
        • "My victory symbolizes the collapse of justice." - M. Bison
        • "Feelings of terror only prove your inferiority!" - M. Bison
        • "Get lost, you can't compare to my powers!" - M. Bison
      • The Legend of Zelda
        • "¡Hey! Escucha!" - Navi (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
        • "Do you realize who you are dealing with?" - Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
        • "You are a mistake!" - Zelda 2 reference.
        • "¡¿Te ​​atreves a desafiarme?!" - Iron Knuckle (The Legend of Zelda CDi Games)
      • Portal
        • "All the cake is gone!" - Portal reference
        • Your whole life has been a math mistake! "- GLaDOS
      • X Men
        • Playtime is up! "- Magneto (X-Men vs Street Fighter)
        • Champions! Welcome to die! "- Magneto (X-Men Arcade)
      • Others
        • "I will show you true power!" - Mass Effect (possibly). Share this quote with Xerath.
        • "The pesky champion is about to die!" - Gauntlet
        • "You and your friends are dead!" - Friday the 13th (NES Game screen, Game Over)
        • "A battle that you have no chance of winning." - G-Man (Half-Life)
        • I am invincible! "- GoldenEye
        • "Welcome to your destination!" - Altered Beast
        • "What is a champion? A miserable bunch of pixels!" - Castlevania Reference: Symphony of the Night
        • I'm hungry! "- Sinistar
        • "Don't be mad! Get sadistic!" - Destroy All Humans!
        • "Join or die!" - Warcraft III
        • "Someone put the bomb on us!" - Zero Wings
        • "I have rage!" - Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (said by Fawful)
        • "Could you kindly (stop moving!)" - BioShock
        • "My strength is unparalleled!" - Ninetails (Mega Man X: Command Mission)
        • "I have a present for you!" - Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars
        • "Quadruple damage!" - Quake / Unreal Tournament
        • "¡No sirve de nada!" - Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))
        • "Super effective!" - Pokemon
        • "You have fallen into my trap!" - Yu-Gi-Oh!
        • "Your journey ends here, hero!" - Fantasy Rivals
        • "¡Eliminar!" - Mega Man Battle Network, Death Note o Cybermen (Doctor Who)
        • "¡Sufre como nosotros!" - Zeal (The House of the Dead/The Tipping of the Dead)
        • "My power grows!" - Majesty (indicated when one of the player's mages levels up)
        • Let's run again! "- A" runner "is a general term from a fighting game for a rematch.
        • "Right where I want you!" - Millhouse Manastorm from World of Warcraft.


    • He looks a lot like the Black Wizard from the Final Fantasy series.
    Veigar White Sorcerer
    • This skin shares the Medieval theme with:
      • Poppy the Herrera
      • Executioner World
      • Rey Tryndamere
      • Amumu Little Knight Walking
      • Twitch Medieval
      • Reina Ashe
      • Sir Kled
      • Brujita Lux
    • It is among the only three skins priced at 390, making them the cheapest available (excluding sales and gifts / promotions).
      • The others are:
        • Alistar Dorado
        • Master Yi Assassin
    • He does not have the White Wizard robe but uses a similar color palette.
    Veigar Curling Player
    • This skin shares the Winter Sports theme with:
      • Kassadin Festivos
      • Corki Ice Sled
      • Anivia Team Spirit
      • The Mighty Jax
      • Fiddlesticks Unión Jack
      • Amumu from Vancouver
      • Twitch de Whistler Village
    • He was released in celebration of the 2010 Winter Olympics along with:
      • Amumu from Vancouver
      • Anivia Team Spirit
      • Corki Ice Sled
      • Fiddlesticks Unión Jack
      • Kassadin Festivos
      • The Mighty Jax
      • Twitch de Whistler Village
    • He is competing in the curling event at the 2010 Winter Olympics.
    Weigh Barbagrís
    • This skin shares the Rift Mission theme with:
      • Zion the Barbarian
      • Bard the Bard
      • Braum Lionheart
      • Nunu and Demolisher Willump
      • Gragas Rompebarriles
      • Brighthammer Jayce
      • Karthus Curse of Light
      • Lord Mordekaiser
      • Garen Hard Type
      • Ryze Barbablanca
      • Sejuani Dawn Huntress
      • Mirkwood Talon
      • Radiant Paladin Taric
      • Twitch Strider
      • Varus Swift Lightning
    • The look was somehow inspired by tabletop RPGs.
    • It is a direct reference to Gandalf the Gray from The Lord of the Rings, written by JRR Tolkien.
    • In his left hand, he is holding a Doran's exit.
    Veigar Duende Ireland
    • This skin shares the Fables theme with:
      • Diana Valquiria Oscura
      • Morgana the Weeping Woman
      • Cho'Gath of Loch Ness
      • Sona Moses
      • Nami Iara
      • Nunu and Willump Bigfoot
      • Mermaid Cassiopeia
      • Leona Valquiria
    • He was released in celebration of St. Patrick's Day 2011.
    • Replaces particles of Evil attack with four-leaf clovers, the particles of Event horizon with floating four-leaf clovers, and the trail of Dark matter with a solid rainbow.
    Baron Von Veigar
    • This skin shares the Warriors of the Path theme with:
      • Apocalyptic Brand
      • Wasteland Baron Rumble
      • Heimerdinger Burst
      • Warwick Hyena
      • Miss Fortune Warrior of the Road
      • Pantheon Indomable
      • Brand Vandal
      • Gragas Vandal
      • Jax Vandal
      • Twitch Vandal
      • Vladimir Vandal
    • It also shares the 'Baron' theme with:
      • Red Baron Corki
    Superb Villain Veigar
    • This skin shares the Silver Age theme with:
      • Singed Enhanced
      • Darius Bioforjado
      • Tryndamere Tecnoquímica
      • Brand Críonuclear
      • Wild Warwick
      • Irelia Infiltradora
      • Quinn Fénix
      • SuperTeemo
    • Change the particles of Horizon of Events in pyramid-like mechanical structures that resemble the claw of your hand.
    • Superb Villain Veigar has a scepter that closely resembles the item " Arcanite Rune Rod]" in World of Warcraft.
    • Contrary to what some members of the community believe, this aspect has nothing to do with the popular YouTube personality TotalBiscuit. [3]
    Veigar Santa Malo
    • This skin shares the Snow War theme with:
      • Ambitious Elf Jinx
      • Candy Miss Fortune
      • Good Elf Tristana
      • Festive Maokai
      • Irelia Ice Blades
      • Frostfire Annie
      • Ice Prince World
      • Happy Elf Teemo
      • Ice King Twitch
      • LeBlanc Mistletoe
      • The Shascanueces
      • Viejito Zilean Pascuero
      • Sejuani Rider of Poros
      • Amumu Recycled Gift
      • Kog'Maw Reno
      • Braum Santa
      • Draven Santa
      • Gragas Santa Claus
      • Sona Silent Night
      • Katarina Deadly Beauty
      • Nidalee Winter Bunny
      • Snow Day Bard
      • Gnar Snowy Day
      • Graves Snowy Day
      • Malzahar Snow Day
      • Singed Snow Day
      • Syndra Snow Day
      • Snowy Day Ziggs
      • Poppy Reindeer Baby
      • Yi Snowman
      • Nieverdinger
      • Sivir Snowstorm
      • Winter Wonder Karma
      • Lulu Winter Wonder
      • Neeko Winter Wonder
      • Orianna Winter Wonder
      • Soraka Winter Wonder
      • Nunu and Willump from Santa's Workshop
    • He was released in celebration of the 2012 Snow War Duel along with:
      • Fiddlesticks Dulciniestro
      • Katarina Deadly Beauty
      • Snowy Day Ziggs
    • It is a possible reference to the Grinch, a green and furry creature who stole all the presents during Christmas.
    • Change the particles of all Veigar's abilities; Evil Attack turns into a Christmas tree-shaped cookie, Dark Matter becomes an ornament of broken colors, Event Horizon is marked by Christmas trees and lights up and Primal Burst becomes a wrapped gift. The Skin also features an animation of Recovery where Veigar enters a fireplace.
    Final Boss Veigar
    • This skin shares the Arcadia theme with:
      • Ahri de Arcadia
      • Caitlyn de Arcadia
      • Arcadia Corki
      • Arcadia Ezreal
      • Hecarim de Arcadia
      • Kai'Sa de Arcadia
      • Miss Fortune de Arcadia
      • Riven de Arcadia
      • Sona of Arcadia
      • Deputy Chief Blitzcrank
      • Brand Deputy Chief
      • Deputy Chief Malzahar
      • Deputy Chief Qiyana
      • Yasuo Deputy Chief
      • Ziggs Subjefe
      • Caitlyn of Arcadia Prestigious Edition
    • This skin was revealed through a Final Boss image showing all three of Arcadia's previous skins. The Polish League of Legends site has included Veigar's name in the ads link. [4]
    • His voice is similar to the voices of Shadow Selves in the English dubbed version of the Persona 4 series.
    • His hands and feet floating close to his body without arms or legs is a reference to the Rayman series.
    • The glove on his right hand resembles the Power Glove, an accessory for the NES.
      • His right hand appears in the trailer with his hand in giant proportions, being a reference to the Master Hand from the Super Smash Bros. series.
      • In the art presentation for this look it is revealed that the 3 red knuckle buttons have the letters Q, W, and E on them. This is a reference to many real-time strategy games (such as League of Legends), where Q, W, E, and R are used to cast spells or abilities.
    • During his recovery animation, he enters a code that looks a lot like the Konami Code on his glove (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A).
    • Su Evil Attack is a reference to "The Sorcerer Agahnim" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
    • Su Dark Matter causes different pieces of Tetris to fall.
    • Su Primal Burst is a box of binary code, a number system that computers use to run.
    • His dance refers to the Can-Can.
      • He shares this dance with:
        • Elise
        • Urgot
    • His staff has an eye that resembles The Eye of Sauron.
    • Most of the Final Boss Veigar quotes are video game references. A large part of them, and more, can be seen in this video.
    Veigar Omega Squad
    Chromas: Catseye, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Omega Squad theme with:
      • Omega Squad Fizz
      • Omega Squad Teemo
      • Tristana Omega Squad
      • Omega Squad Twitch
    • Omega Squad Teemo (before his metal crisis) can be seen to his right looking through binoculars.
    • This is the only aspect where his ears (and part of his face) can be seen, since he does not wear any type of hat.
    Veigar Old Sketch
    Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the Eclipse theme with:
      • Ahri Aquelarre
      • Ashe Aquelarre
      • Camille Coven
      • Cassiopeia Aquelarre
      • Evelynn Aquelarre
      • LeBlanc Aquelarre
      • Lissandra Aquelarre
      • Morgana Aquelarre
      • Office Aquelarre
      • Elise Deathpetal
      • Kha'Zix Deadly Petal
      • Soraka Dríade
      • Ahri Bosqueviejo
      • Azir Old Sketch
      • Old Sketch Bard
      • Hecarim Old Sketch
      • LeBlanc Old Sketch
      • Ornn Bosqueviejo
      • Friend Bosqueviejo
      • Xayah Old Sketch
      • Taric Esmeralda
      • Leona Eclipse Lunar
      • Ivern Ancient God
      • Malphite Ancient God
      • Nocturne Ancient God
      • Warwick Ancient God
      • LeBlanc Coven Prestigious Edition
      • Zyra Aquelarre Prestigious Edition
      • Leona Solar Eclipse
    • This skin was inspired by Majora and Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda series.
    Veigar Cosplay Furicuerno
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the 'Costumes' theme with:
      • Alistar Vaquita Mu
      • Annie Upside Down
      • Corki MontaUrfs
      • Ezreal Star Pajamas
      • Kikiri Gallio
      • DinoGnar
      • Lulu Star Pajamas
      • Lux Stellar Pajamas
      • Miaukai
      • Miss Fortune Star Pajamas
      • Urf el Namiti
      • Nunu and Grumpy Willump
      • Rengar Kitten Meow
      • Soraka Star Pajamas
      • Urf Kench
      • Tristana Cosplay Pengu
      • This is not Udyr
      • Urgot Cosplay Star Pajamas
      • Urf the Manatee
      • Urfwick
      • Miaurick
    • Celebrate Fools Day 2020 along with:
      • Tristana Cosplay Pengu
      • Urgot Cosplay Star Pajamas
    • Ahri y Draven can be seen in the background, as he and Tristana perch on Urgot Cosplay Star Pajamas.
      • However, Horace 'Horuze' Hsu has posted a follow-up image showing a Improved Teemo instead of Urgot. This is most likely done as a joke in keeping with the seasonal event.
    • This skin was inspired by Furichorn from Teamfight Tactics.
    Chromas: Catseye, Citrine, Emerald, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Astronauts theme with:
      • AstroBardo
      • AstroCorki
      • AstroGnar
      • AstroMaokai
      • AstroPoppy
      • AstroRammus
      • AstroTeemo
      • AstroNautilus
    • He is responsible for creating the Corrupt meeps, as he is shown turning normal meeps into corrupt upon retreating.
    • His energy gauntlet disintegrates during his death animation.


    Veigar, the Little Master of Evil
    • Mordekaiser tortured Veigar to gain knowledge of other kingdoms.
      • He knew LeBlanc, who was also forced to work for Mordekaiser. [5]
    • Veigar might think that all evil champions are allies to his advantage.
    Veigar Original
    • The reason why Veigar was in Noxus Prison and, according to reports from Noxian authorities, Veigar was among "a handful" of yordles arrested for trading illegal goods on Noxus.
    • After his failed attempt to steal The Mothership, Veigar was shot down by Teemo during his escape.
    • Lulu is friends with Veigar.
      • This could have been Riot's response to a thread fanfiction about his misadventures. According to Rivini (its author), Riot officially made them friends, AFTER the thread was created.


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    2. ↑ Scathlocke at the time of Veigar's capture
    3. ↑ Twitter the Totalbiscuit
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    5. ↑ Scathlocke and LeBlanc and Veigar

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