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    • 1 Early Game
      • 1.1 Initial Objects
      • 1.2 Skills in the early game
        • 1.2.1 Improve Q (Decisive Strike)
        • 1.2.2 Improve E (Judgment)

    Early game

    With this character being a Fighter and Tank (As a secondary attribute) it is recommended to go to Top (The Top line). Also thanks to its Perseverance ability it will last longer in the line, obtaining more time when farming.

    Initial Objects

    When we just start the game we will buy:

    1. Doran's Shield: This will raise us 80 of life and passive it will slightly increase the regeneration of life per second. It will also give us a UNIQUE passive in which it blocks 8 damage from attacks and spells of champions against a single target. This item costs 450 gold

    2. Potion of Life: This is a consumable that, if used, will regenerate the user 150 health for 15 seconds. This item costs 50 gold

    3. Sentinel Totem: This object is free and will help us to give us vision to avoid enemy ambushes or enemy champions hidden in the brush

    Early game skills

    Upgrade Q (Decisive Strike)

    If you do not control the damage they do you well, you usually play with your wounded champion, it improves the Q to be able to escape from attacks since it increases your speed and frees you from slowdowns. Also, it serves to give the last blow to a minion or champion to time to farm

    Improve E (Judgment)

    This ability is very good for farming due to Garen turning his sword on its own axis doing many turns and causing damage, this would be very effective when the minions are gathered in a group, it is also very effective against other champions due to its damage .

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