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    • Xerath is voiced by Gerardo Reyero in LATAM, who is also voiced by Blitzcrank, Jarvan IV, Jax y Skarner and by Javier Gámir in EUW, who also doubles to Darius.
    • When Xerath dies, his body quickly becomes unstable and too bright, only to explode a moment later, like a nuclear powered machine.
    • The icon of Xerath's ability, Arcane Pulse is slightly similar to Season 3 Mastery Explosion.
    • Xerath's dance is a reference to an "industrial dance", which is evident in Eisenfunk's song Pong.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    • Xerath himself can be seen when he performs his taunt. While taking apart the parts of his sarcophagus, a person made of pure energy or electricity can be seen briefly.
      • When this "person" dies he disappears, what remains on the ground are the shattered remains of his sarcophagus.
      • That shape was likely his actual appearance before he was locked up.
    • Some speculate that Xerath is ambidextrous as he uses his left and right hands for different attacks and abilities, unlike most champions who almost always use his dominant hand (usually his right).
    • Xerath is, along with Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, Lissandra, Rumble, Sion, Varus, I saw and Ziggs, one of the few champions who can apply crowd control on themselves.
      • Xerath's ethereal form imprisoned in a human-shaped sarcophagus also resembles Master Warlock from Battle Realms, which consists of an ethereal warlock within the skeletal remains of another warlock.


    • Based on the timeline in Realms of Runeterra and its history, Xerath is between 3000 and 3050 years old.
      • Based on his human appearance, Xerath was between 20 and 30 years old when Shurima fell, an age similar to Azir humano.
    • Xerath is basically a Baccai, a unique aberration. [1]
    • Xerath means "someone who shares" in Ancient Shuriman.
      • Since the destruction of the Empire of the Sun, Xerath's original name and meaning has changed over time. Associated now with what he did, it represents something much more pejorative and negative in its modernized connotations. [2] It is possible that this change in meaning leads to the origin of the name of the species of Rek'Sai, the Xer'Sai (which means "little devil" in Shurimano).
    • He was the son of captured scholars, but it is unknown whether he was born in captivity or taken as a child, except by Xerath and Azir.
    • Xerath is one of several entities portrayed as (almost) omnipotent in the "League of Legends" universe.
      • Syndra has been speculated that she may be or have the potential to be divine, just like Xerath. However, like Syndra, she is very limited right now.
      • El Bardo is potentially more powerful than Xerath, a being seemingly outside of regular time and space. However, he doesn't display his power as much as Xerath does.
    • The magic Xerath uses is a blend of the dark magic he found in his research, combined with the power he stole from the Ascension ritual, combining the different threads of arcane energy into pure power.
    • With his subsequent return, Xerath proclaimed himself the new Emperor of Shurima and made the ruins of Nerimazeth, his native home, the capital of his new empire.


    • Xerath was designed by David 'Volty' Abecassis with RiotRunaan and Ironstylus providing their original creative concept and art, respectively.
    • Xerath was indirectly mentioned in the Diaries of Justice (Number 29: Powerful Magical Disturbance in Shurima) prior to his release.
    • It was called Xarin during development:
      • with the name planned to sound a bit like Ra's al Ghul "(رأس الغول, literally" Head of the Ghoul "(sg.) (intended meaning is" The chief demon ")
      • or even a bit of Xanatos from Gargoyles. [3]


    • Xerath's joke is a reference to the LARPing Lightning Bolt! Video.
      • An earlier joke (removed during his last review) was a reference to the Power Thirst video.
        • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
      • His most recent joke added from his latest redesign may be a reference to the Genie referring to the lamp ("phenomenal cosmic powers: in this little space").
    • It has an exclusive joke for the Japanese server, referencing Dio Brando / DIO's cry from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series "MudaMudaMuda (Useless! Useless! Useless!)" As seen in the official Japanese dub here.
    • It has an exclusive joke for the Brazilian server, inspired by a conversation from "Windy of Tenebra" (a player from Tibia) on TeamSpeak. You can see a comparison here.
    • He shares a date with Final Boss Veigar: "I will show you true power!"
    • Share an appointment with Riven: "Sacrifices must be made."


    • It looks like an Archon from Starcraft.
    • Due to popular demand from the community, both Xerath Armor of War as Xerath Son of Runes were redesigned. Both received new particle and color effects due to being too similar to the classic look before the redesign. Xerath War armor has red particles and Xerath Son of the Runes has green particles.
    Xerath Armor of War
    • This skin shares the Armor Armor theme with:
      • Kog'Maw War Armor
      • Nasus Armor of War
      • Urgot War Shield
      • Vel'Koz Armor of War
      • Zac Armor of War
      • Skarner Blind Alpha
      • Cho'Gath Greater Armor
      • Viktor the Creator
      • Caitlyn Rebelde
      • Illaoi Rebel
      • Jayce Rebelde
      • Singed Rebelde
      • Yorick Rebelde
    • At the Xerath Champion Prerelease, he was called "Xerath Blocked" and Xerath Son of the Runes was called "Xerath Forge of Runes".
    • The particles in this skin are red, they were blue before the redesign.
      • Additionally, his artwork was also updated to match the new particles.
    • It was the first War Armor skin ever created, although Skarner Armor Alpha was the first War Armor machine made in the universe.
    Xerath Son of the Runes
    • This skin shares the 'Runes' theme with:
      • Earth Rune Skarner
    • The particles in this skin are green, they were blue before redesign.
      • Additionally, his artwork was also updated to match the new particles.
    Xerath of Scorched Earth
    • This skin shares the Inferno theme with:
      • Aurelion Sol Lord of Ashes
      • Charred Maokai
      • Warwick Firefang
      • Ahri Fire Fox
      • Akali Infernal
      • Alistar Infernal
      • Amumu Infernal
      • Infernal Diana
      • Infernal Gallium
      • Karthus Infernal
      • Know Infernal
      • Mordekaiser Infernal
      • Infernal Nasus
      • Shen Infernal
      • Varus Infernal
      • Vel'Koz Infernal
      • Rammus Fundido
      • Malphite de Obsidiana
      • Renekton of Scorched Earth
      • Kindred Shadowfire
      • Volcanic Wukong
      • Zyra Wildfire
    • It could be a reference to the military doctrine of Scorched Earth, in which everything that is considered useful to the enemy is destroyed.
    • Their appearance and armor bear a similarity to the Pyroviles, a volcanic alien species that appears in the Doctor Who episode of the series - "The Fires of Pompeii". The appearance illustration features a volcano in the background that shares a resemblance to Vesuvius.
    Xerath Guardian of the Sands
    • This skin shares the Guardians of the Sands theme with:
      • Janna Guardian of the Sands
      • Kha'Zix Guardian of the Sands
      • Guardian of the Sands Rammus
      • Rengar Guardian of the Sands
      • Sands Guardian Ryze
      • Skarner Guardian of the Sands
      • Risen Fiddlesticks
      • Sandwraith Pyke
    • This skin may represent Xerath in his full Ascended form.
    • The skin may be a reference to something from Ahn'Qiraj from World of Warcraft.
    Xerath Dark Star
    Chromas: Antimatter, Emerald, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Event Horizon theme with:
      • Lux Cosmic
      • Master Yi Cosmic Sword
      • Hecarim Cosmic Cavalry
      • Rakan Cosmic Dawn
      • Xin Zhao Cosmic Defender
      • Nami Cosmic Destiny
      • Cosmic Devourer Vladimir
      • Xayah Cosmic Twilight
      • Cosmic Charming Lulu
      • Anivia Cosmic Flight
      • Cosmic Hunter Varus
      • Nidalee Cosmic Huntress
      • Cosmic Summoner Illaoi
      • Ashe Cosmic Queen
      • Kassadin Cosmic Reaper
      • Cosmic Stinger Skarner
      • Jhin Cosmic Darkness
      • Lissandra Cosmic Darkness
      • Lux Cosmic Darkness
      • Cho'Gath Dark Estrella
      • Jarvan IV Dark Star
      • Dark Star Karma
      • Kha'Zix Dark Star
      • Dark Star Malphite
      • Dark Star Mordekaiser
      • Orianna Dark Star
      • Shaco Dark Star
      • Dark Star Thresh
      • Dark Star Varus
      • Malphite Dark Star Prestigious Edition
      • Dark Star Rhaast
    Xerath Arcana
    Chromas: Amethyst, Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Arcane theme with:
      • Camille Arcana
      • Lucian Arcana
      • Soot Kench Arcana
    • This is his first appearance in which he has a human appearance.


    Xerath, the Ascending Magician
    • Nasus and Renekton imprisoned Xerath after the fall of Shurima, but the older brother had to catch his own brother with him.
      • Xerath is allied with Renekton as they spent millennia together trapped in a grave. It drove Renekton mad over the years and turned him into a relentless creature of sheer rage.
      • Xerath does not see Renekton as a noble hero, he represents the power that a corrupt society grants to a few. In Xerath's eyes, Renekton helped protect a city from subjugation. [4]
      • Xerath later fought against Nasus when The Curator of the Sands was trying to protect Sivir, Taliyah and the citizens of Vekaura from Xerath.
    • Everything Xerath had done before Ascension, as heinous as his acts of murder were, was all done out of a twisted sense of loyalty to Azir. When that was unsatisfied, Xerath sought the power to break free from being a slave and destroy the decadent society built on the backs of slaves. From his perspective, Xerath was punishing an injustice against the man who had promised him freedom, but never gave it to him.
      • Azir has returned as Ascended, and is a threat to Xerath.
        • Xerath is hunting Sivir since his royal lineage inherited from Azir can be a threat to him.
    • Xerath has fought against Pantheon and dozens of Rakkor soldiers.
    • The home of Samira was destroyed by his followers.
    Xerath original
    • In the former Xerath League Trial, it was revealed that he had a friend named Tabia. The two seemed to have romantic feelings for each other. Tabia tried to interrupt the transformation of Xerath, who imagined himself living a normal human life and dying as a mortal with it, and actually decided to cancel the ritual. However, Tabia was killed by a falling statue, violently leaving Xerath with nothing to turn to if not his ascension (he considered letting magic kill him, but ambition conquered him). Whether or not Xerath still mourns her is open to interpretation.


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