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    • Yasuo is voiced by Alfredo Gabriel Basurto in LATAM and by David García Vázquez in EUW.
    • Yasuo- Yone is one of six pairs of sibling champions (the others are Cassiopeia - Katarina, Kayle - Morgana, We are - Lux, Nasus - Renekton y Darius - trot).
    • The flute that Yasuo plays in his dance gesture is most likely a Shakuhachi (harmonica for Yasuo the Outlaw; wind controller for PROJECT: Yasuo).
      • His classic 'dance' refers to an interpretation of this instrument. [1]
        • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
        • Yasuo is the first champion to have a gesture that will be oriented in the same way (dance gesture, facing the lower right corner of the screen), no matter which direction Yasuo was facing. Akali is the second.
    • Yasuo's design is largely based on the Japanese rōnin, a samurai whose masters had been killed or stripped of titles and lands. Many rōnin became mercenaries, bodyguards, or even criminals.
    • The length of Yasuo's sword is roughly that of a tachi or even an ōdachi. However, he uses it pointed like the shortest katana.
    • Yasuo [jasɯ̟ᵝo] is a Japanese masculine name, translated as 康夫 (roughly "peaceful man") in the Japanese localization.
      • From Old Japanese * yasu- "cheap, easy> peaceful" [2] and the masculine morpheme * wo. [3]
      • The name of his older half brother 米 Yone comes from Japonico * jənai "[husked] rice".
    • Way of the Wanderer's doubling critical strike chance refers to gameplay depictions of Samurai in video games.
    • A real-life functional replica of the Yasuo's 'Last Breath' sword was created in an episode of the YouTube series Man At Arms: Reforged.
      • This video can be viewed here.
        • There are also videos where the following are made:
          • Crescent Moon Sword of Diana (functional)
          • Daggers Katarina (functional)
          • Sword of the Zenith of Leona (functional)
          • Ring Sword 'Unstoppable' by Master Yi (functional)
          • Orlon's Hammer Poppy (functional, but unwieldy)
          • explosive bomb of Ziggs (atrezo)
    • As of August 25, 2018, in the "One of my favorites" statement, players ranked Yasuo second in CN and 56 in NA. In "Just to play against" they ranked him 23rd in CN and 137th in NA. In general in "Gameplay, visuals, voice, etc." they ranked it first in CN and 38 in NA. [4]


    • The first explorations made him have two swords. [5]


    • Yasuo and Karma each speak a different, unrelated ancient Ionian language, given the lack of cognates and sound correspondences (Yasuo's dialect sounds like broken Japanese, some parts refer to Kiai).
    • "There is no cure for fools" could be referring to Yojimbo by Akira Kurosawa.
      • "Beautiful... sword... Boots? "Could be referencing 'Pro as the heck guide for Master Yi'.
    • "Ninjas ... I hate those guys" looks like "Noxians ... I hate those guys" from Ezreal, which in turn refers to Indiana Jones.
    • "A homeless man is not always lost" is similar to "No one who wanders is really lost" from Ivern and "Not all who wander are lost" by Taliyah (all refer to All That Is Gold Doesn't Shine by JRR Tolkien)
    Yasuo Duskbringer
    • Some of his interactions with his counterpart, Riven Bringer of the Dawn, have references to two poems written by the British aristocrat and poet George Gordon Byron.
      • His murder dates to Dawnbringer Riven, "Long, long, I'll be sorry, too deep to say." And "Pale your cheek grew, and cold.", As well as his mockery towards her, "How should I greet you?" - "With silence and tears." They are from the poem When the two of us parted ways with Lord Byron.
      • Mocking Dawnbringer Riven and her answer, "The sword exceeds the scabbard." - "And the soul wears out the chest." It is from another poem by Lord Byron entitled "So we will no longer wander."


    • He references and looks like Miyamoto Musashi and / or Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown through his iconic ponytail design shared with these people, where in Musashi's case, it is in reference to the common visual design with which he is depicted. in fictional media.
      • Haoumaru himself is also based on Miyamoto Musashi.
        • Another note regarding Yasuo is how his Tempest of Steel on Chinese servers is named / doubles as 斬 鋼 閃 (Zhǎngāngshǎn, lit. Cutting Steel Flash), which when read in Japanese with the same characters (Zankousen) have exactly the same name as Haoumaru's strong court and one of his special attacks.
      • Yasuo's mockery in most of its aspects (save for demonic form of Yasuo Duskbringer) involves him drinking liquids from his bamboo flask, then spits the liquids on his sword to "bless" it. This is another nod to Haoumaru through a habit made by him in the battle introductions of his series.
    Yasuo the Outlaw
    Chromas: Amethyst, Emerald, Jasper, Obsidian, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Outlaws theme with:
      • Fidel Pistolero
      • Miss Fortune Cowgirl
      • Cassiopeia Bandit
      • Ashe la Forajida
      • Darius the Outlaw
      • Hecarim the Outlaw
      • Irelia la Forajida
      • Jhin el Forajido
      • Lucian the Outlaw
      • Senna the Outlaw
      • Thresh el Forajido
      • Twisted Fate the Outlaw
      • Urgot the Outlaw
      • Enlist Longhorn
      • Skarner Scourge of the Sands
      • Sheriff Caitlyn
      • Kog'Maw of Sonora
    • It refers to a Spaghetti Western with its harmonica.
    • He wields a Japanese style pistol saber.
    • La recovery of Jhin the Outlaw reveals a reward of $$ 10,000,000.
    PROJECT: Yasuo
    • This aspect shares the PROJECT theme with:
      • iBlitzcrank
      • PROJECT: Irelia Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Sylas Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Zed Prestigious Edition
      • Camille Program
      • Programa LeBlanc
      • Programa Lissandra
      • Programa Nami
      • Programa Soraka
      • PROJECT: Akali
      • PROJECT: Ashe
      • PROJECT: Ekko
      • PROJECT: Fiora
      • PROJECT: Irelia
      • PROYECTO: Jhin
      • PROJECT: Jinx
      • PROJECT: Katarina
      • PROJECT: Leona
      • PROJECT: Lucian
      • PROJECT: Mordekaiser
      • PROJECT: Pyke
      • PROJECT: Renekton
      • PROJECT: Sejuani
      • PROJECT: Senna
      • PROJECT: Sylas
      • PROJECT: Varus
      • PROJECT: Vayne
      • PROJECT: Vi
      • PROJECT: Warwick
      • PROJECT: Zed
      • PROJECT: Yi
    • He is from an alternate future where he was cybernetically augmented as part of the PROJECT Initiative.
    • PROJECT: Yi describes it as:
      • "Tempest, a flower caught in the drift, fluid form. He speaks. 'Death is like the wind' ... he is a storm, a howling sword ... 'always by my side' ... the eternal wanderer . "
    • If one says to PROJECT: Ashe fighting for 'truth', she will say the following:
      • "We are on the right track."
    • Your equipment includes:
      • Plasma Forge Sword
      • Leather gauntlet
      • XX-250 Environmental Barrier Unit
      • MC-2 firing piston
      • Unknown
    • It was originally conceived as 'Yasuo Cyber ​​Operations' [6] before being renamed. [7]
    • It refers to Gray Fox, Samuel Rodrigues or Raiden, all from the Metal Gear series. The latter was mentioned in Yasuo's recovery animation pose that is similar to Raiden's when he fought Vamp's robots in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, where he sheaths his sword next to the pommel under his foot.
    • Compared to the attack animations of its other skins (except Yasuo Duskbringer), this skin has different attack animations, as well as having only three animations compared to the other four.
    • When performing his joke, taunt, or dance gestures, his helmet reveals his real face, so he doesn't feature any of the sound altercations. This is exclusive to him among the PROJECT aspects.
    • His sword turns olive yellow while additional armor penetration from Last Breath is active, as opposed to a subtle aura covering his sword.
    • In this regard, he drinks from a fuel container that may contain a substance suitable for cyborgs.
    Yasuo Blood Moon
    • This skin shares the Blood Moon theme with:
      • Blood Moon Aatrox
      • Akali Blood Moon
      • Blood Moon Diana
      • Elise Blood Moon
      • Evelynn Blood Moon
      • Jhin Blood Moon
      • Kalista Blood Moon
      • Katarina Luna de Sangre
      • Blood Moon Kennen
      • Master Yi Blood Moon
      • Blood Moon Pyke
      • Blood Moon Shen
      • Blood Moon Sivir
      • Blood Moon Talon
      • Thresh Blood Moon
      • Tryndamere Blood Moon
      • Twisted Fate Blood Moon
      • Zilean Blood Moon
      • Aatrox Blood Moon Prestigious Edition
    • It was conceived by 'daemonstar'.
    • The mask he wears refers to those used in Japanese Noh theater.
    • The flask you normally drink from becomes a mate in this regard.
      • Despite wearing a mask in this aspect as with PROJECT: Yasuo, Yasuo doesn't take it off during his drinking taunt.
    Yasuo Duskbringer
    Chrome: Pariah
    • This skin shares the Chaos and Order theme with:
      • Dawnbringer Karma
      • Dawnbringer Morgana
      • Dawnbringer Nidalee
      • Dawnbringer Riven
      • Dawnbringer Soraka
      • Dawnbringer Vex
      • Yone Bringer of the Dawn
      • Divine King Darius
      • Garen Divine King
      • Aphelios Duskbringer
      • Duskbringer Kayn
      • Lee Sin Bringer of Dusk
      • Duskbringer Lillia
      • Duskbringer Soraka
      • Duskbringer Tryndamere
      • Vladimir Duskbringer
      • Duskbringer Kayn Prestigious Edition
      • Lee Sin Bringer of Dusk Prestigious Edition
    • During the development period, the skin was called "Yasuo Swordsman".
      • This development name is shared with Tryndamere Espademonium, which implies that Yasuo Duskbringer may have originally been intended for the theme "Espademonio".
    • It looks like Soul Calibur's Nightmare.
    • The flask you normally drink from turns into a potion vial in this regard.
    • His illustration is part of a larger image where he fights against Dawnbringer Riven.
    • Duskbringer Yasuo is the original Chaos Being.
      • Dawnbringer Soraka / Duskbringer Soraka was born from the aftermath of the battle between him and Riven Dawnbringer and regards him as her father.
        • Duskbringer Soraka summons a sword similar to her own when she uses Star Invocation.
      • He is an ancestor of Darius Rey Divino.
    Yasuo Odyssey
    Chrome: Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Odyssey theme with:
      • Zed Galactic Terminator
      • Aatrox Odyssey
      • Jinx Odyssey
      • Karma Odyssey
      • Kayn Odisia
      • Kha'Zix Odyssey
      • Malphite Odyssey
      • Sivir Odyssey
      • Sona Odyssey
      • Twisted Fate Odisea
      • Ziggs Odisea
    • Jinx Odyssey and Malphite Odyssey is seen fighting a monster in the background.
    • He is accompanied by a pet space lizard that replaces his shoulder pad.
    Yasuo Deputy Chief
    Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, K.O., Meteorite, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Arcadia theme with:
      • Ahri de Arcadia
      • Caitlyn de Arcadia
      • Arcadia Corki
      • Arcadia Ezreal
      • Hecarim de Arcadia
      • Kai'Sa de Arcadia
      • Miss Fortune de Arcadia
      • Riven de Arcadia
      • Sona of Arcadia
      • Deputy Chief Blitzcrank
      • Brand Deputy Chief
      • Deputy Chief Malzahar
      • Deputy Chief Qiyana
      • Ziggs Subjefe
      • Final Boss Veigar
      • Caitlyn of Arcadia Prestigious Edition
    • Veigar Final Boss can be seen in the background of his illustration.
    Yasuo True Damage
    Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Freestyle, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby
    • This skin shares the True Damage theme with:
      • Qiyana True Damage Prestigious Edition
      • Senna True Damage Prestigious Edition
      • Yasuo True Damage Prestigious Edition
      • Akali True Damage
      • Echo True Damage
      • Qiyana True Damage
      • Senna True Damage
    • Share visuals with DJ Sona.
    • Your in-game model has the name 7 Yone in the sheath of his sword.
    Yasuo Spiritual Flower
    Chromas: Rose Quartz, Emerald, Night Flower, Obsidian, Cat's Eye, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Spiritual Flower theme with:
      • Teemo Spiritual Flower Prestigious Edition
      • Ahri Spiritual Flower
      • Cassiopeia Spiritual Flower
      • Kindred Spiritual Flower
      • Lillia Spiritual Flower
      • Spiritual Flower Riven
      • Teemo Spiritual Flower
      • Thresh Spiritual Flower
      • Vayne Spiritual Flower
      • Yone Spiritual Flower
    • In his illustration, Yone Spiritual Flower can be seen as a reflection in the water.
    • This aspect represents the Younger Brother from the myths of  Ionia. The path he took in his legends is similar / identical to the path chosen by Yasuo.
    Yasuo True Damage Prestigious Edition
    • This skin shares the True Damage theme with:
      • Qiyana True Damage Prestigious Edition
      • Senna True Damage Prestigious Edition
      • Akali True Damage
      • Echo True Damage
      • Qiyana True Damage
      • Senna True Damage
      • Yasuo True Damage
    • This look was made in collaboration with A Bathing Ape. [8]


    • Yasuo is an Ionian swordsman charged with treason for allegedly murdering an old man. He is being hunted across the island's mainland under evidence that the assassin employed a wind technique, one that only Yasuo has mastered today.
      • Crossed with Taliyah as she fled, teaching the Shuriman stone mage how to control her powers. When they parted ways, she gave him a long thread from her hand-spun wool tunic (the same one she uses to tie her hair).
      • Yasuo suspects that Riven is the old man's killer, as evidenced by the interaction dates with her.
        • "Wait, that technique... eh"
        • "Huh, three quick strokes ... "
        • "Another stab of wind?"
        • "Who taught you that?"
      • Eventually, Riven confessed to inadvertently killing Elder Souma, whose wind smashed his sword and killed him with a lost shard. However, Yasuo admitted breach of duty, as he might have protected Elder Souma had he not stopped facing the Noxians. Despite being acquitted of his accusations, Yasuo is still infamously known in Ionia as the murderer of his master.
    • In the second invasion  Noxiana de  Ionia, the request for help from Irelia to defend a coastal village from the Noxian army including Zion was greeted by Akali, Karma, Kennen and Yasuo whose arrival changed the tide of battle.


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