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    A new champion is coming: the nine-tailed fox woman

    By Leoliolip [1]


    Sometimes we introduce you to future champions a little earlier than we should because we love them and we can't stand without showing them to you!

    Let us introduce you to the Asian legend of the nine-tailed fox woman:

    We believe she will be a champion to play with, thanks to her combination of strength, beauty, power and grace! Although it is still in the early stages of development, here is what it can do:

    Based on the story of a fox who wished to become human, this champion will be a ranged shooter using her Fox trinket to reduce your opponents on the battlefield. You are going to be extremely agile and versatile, using all nine of your things to enter and exit combat with style and elegance. You will also use your Fox Fire, with which he will summon fireballs that will seek out and destroy nearby enemies.

    It's still in its early stages of development, so your skills and visual style may change, but we hope you're as excited as we are!

    Strategy Presentation: Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox Woman

    By Ryan 'Morello' Scott [2]

    Greetings Summoners!

    Way back, back in September, we announced the nine-tailed fox woman. Since there was a lot of anticipation, we wanted to introduce you to the playstyle of Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox Woman.

    The style of play of Ahri revolves around mobility and controlling position to cast her spells. When played well, Ahri is able to make it through team fights swiftly, taking out the wounded and harassing the weaker ones.

    To a large extent, it achieves this thanks to its ultimate ability, allowing him to move quickly multiple times before going on cooldown. Ahri can use her three swift moves to chase, strike, or escape, or she can separate her uses to leave enemies wondering what hit them and elusively move across the battlefield. Combining this with her high Magic Damage and her ability to Seduction to confine enemies, can strike from unexpected angles or trick enemies into trusting themselves in disadvantageous situations.

    Ahri's most important gaming decisions revolve around her assessment of the risk / reward ratio. His punches are powerful, but he must be at close range to exploit them to the full. This creates a dynamic that requires you to put yourself in jeopardy to exploit your full potential. Play it safe and inflict less damage, or get fully involved and try to get death? Use speed to try to damage the enemy or save it to escape? The options are constant with these strengths and weaknesses faced.

    His range of abilities is designed for opportunistic players who prefer characters with many actions, especially those characters who enjoy tricking enemies into becoming overconfident and taking advantage of it to punish them. Ahri's dangerous and seductive nature is something we are delighted to be able to offer to players who enjoy playing with their enemies before destroying them.

    ORÍGENES: Ahri

    By Nikki 'Bananaband1t' Brown [3]


    Every League of Legends champion has their DNA, and this has nothing to do with biology. In champion design, DNA stands for art, design (game experience), and narrative (theme and story). These three elements are the building blocks that bring each champion to life, and the designers make sure they all fit together and empower each other. But this has not always been the case. Years ago, it was not surprising that one of these pillars was the central one and the other two were molded around it. Ahri was one of the champions created only on the theme.

    With it, the goal was simple: Bring the story of the nine-tailed fox to League of Legends.

    In Asia there are myths about this cunning creature, and although they vary between countries, the central axis of the myth remains the same. The stories tell of a magical fox who can change her appearance when she wants and how she wants; This often translates into a very attractive woman who uses her beauty and charm to lure unsuspecting men towards her end. After killing the ignorant poor, the attractive predator absorbs the essence of their lives or eats their livers, hearts, or meat, depending on the version.

    Figuring out how to create Ahri's character based on these myths was tricky. For one thing, the developers didn't want to just copy an existing story and paste it into League of Legends. Ahri had to be special, even if it was based on real world myths. Furthermore, there was a risk of upsetting those who felt that Ahri did not faithfully represent her own version of the legend. "At first, we considered mixing all the stories into one, but we thought it would be disrespectful to the individual stories of each culture," says senior game designer Colt "Ezreal" Hallam.

    Since Ahri's release was planned around the time the Korean servers opened, the developers focused on the “kumiho,” the Korean version of the nine-tailed fox woman. When a kumiho transforms, it retains some of the fox characteristics, such as furry ears or nine tails. After killing its human prey, the kumiho either eats its meat or absorbs its life essence, depending on the story. Kumiho are often seen as strictly evil (sort of like traditional non-glowing vampires), so the challenge with Ahri was to create a more benevolent character. "When you play you want to be the protagonist, even if what you're doing is typical of the villain," says narrative writer Alex "Skribbles" Yee. "We had to find the reason why Ahri murders so that it was better understood."

    Ahri's story tells of a cunning fox who wanted to be human. One afternoon, the vixen stumbled upon the aftermath of a human battle and a man about to die caught her attention. As her life essence left her body, Ahri the Fox instinctively absorbed her and partially transformed into a human. Her beauty was exorbitant, and she knew the power that it gave her. With her charm, she seduced men to death, consuming more and more life essences to try to be fully human. But with this growing humanity came ethical values, and he soon realized that he could not kill without remorse.

    This story was a motive to kill that was not simply cold-blooded (Ahri moved by her desire to be human) and, at the same time, reflected the myths of the kumiho.

    Bonus: Ahri's name was decided by Korean players through a poll on the League of Legends website. It could have been Nabi, Danbi, Ruri, Dasom or Chorong, but Ari won. "Ari" literally means graceful and elegant in Korean. The "h" was added to make her name more special.


    From the beginning, Ahri's abilities included an orb, enchantment, foxfire, and some kind of boost. Keeping this all going is not the norm in champion development, but since most of Ahri's abilities were directly based on her theme, there were no drastic changes. Most of the variations were subtle and intended to make your kit as satisfying as possible.

    This is a list of Ahri's abilities for which we couldn't come up with a nifty section title:

    Charm: From day one, Ahri had a single target enchantment spell. "It was the clearest and most direct connection to his theme," says Ezreal. "She had to make people fall in love with her."

    What changed: You had to slow down (a lot) the speed with which the enchanted champions walked towards Ahri, because the lovers walked straight towards her tower.

    Fox Fire: In some myths, the nine-tailed fox woman could generate fire. Often the fox fire was a representation of the spirits it collected, hence the fox fire that orbits Ahri.

    What changed: Foxfire could originally be used to light brush, more or less like a sentinel, but technical problems put an end to that concept. Afterward, Ahri went on to have nine spinning fox fires, but rapidly firing nine missiles made each one seem insignificant. "I liked the idea of ​​including all nine tails in their kit," says Ezreal. "So I created the passive of nine charges and changed the fox fires to three more manageable."

    Spiritual Boost: Ahri was designed to be an assassin who surrounds fights looking for opportunities to break in, so sliding helps her get into the fight and take down priority targets.

    What changed: The original version of Ahri's ultimate had unlimited range. He had to continually spend mana to move, but if Ahri passed over an enemy champion, she was dealing too much damage; basically, it became Ezreal's ultimate. “We had to change that ultimate because of its interactions with the Dominion map. It's what I regret the most with this character, ”says Ezreal.

    Afterwards, Ahri had a three-part dash (like her ultimate now) that used an ammo system similar to Akali's R, but almost always kept a dash as an escape button in ambushes, and that didn't work. funny.

    Orb of Deception: All League of Legends champions should have a clear source of power, which is basically the item or technique they use in combat. It is very clear in the champions with bow or sword, but it is not so evident when it comes to an unarmed human fox. "Ahri's orb was something that players could see, understand, and guess its function of - it's a ball, so I'll probably throw it," says Ezreal. Additionally, the orb gave Ahri a means of draining life essence (life) from champions in the game.

    What changed: At first, the orb would stop at the end of its travel and Ahri could reactivate it to return to her. During testing, players reactivated the orb immediately in over 90% of cases, and that's where the ability came from. The orb also traveled at a constant speed as it went through the air; but, during the last tests, Ahri's kit was insufficient. To solve that problem, we changed the ball so that it would go out and come back quickly; but briefly stay at full range, allowing her to reposition herself to deal maximum damage.


    Nine-tailed foxes rely on their beauty to seduce their victims, so Ahri had to be a very attractive character.

    "When I drew Ahri, my goal was for her to be more beautiful, mystical and graceful than any other champion in the game," says senior concept artist Paul "RiotZeronis" Kwon.

    At the time, RiotZeronis was working externally, so he received a summary of Ahri's character in his email and began to draw the fox woman. It was a quick sketch because its development was very advanced, but with just one drawing we already knew which direction to take. “Of all the champions I've worked on, this has been the closest to my style,” says RiotZeronis. "It would be my waifu."

    When he finished the sketch and submitted it, RiotZeronis was no longer involved with or heard from Ahri's development. In fact, he didn't know that that artistic direction was taken until Ahri was announced. (At the time, Riot was just a small independent company.)

    It gives the impression that from there everything would be shot, but Ahri's design changed a lot just before its launch, as can be seen in the original illustration that we showed the players.

    • Original illustration
    • Illustration released

    Do you notice any difference? Maybe the red lining of her dress, or the details on the sleeves, or that she ALMOST RUN OUT OF EARS? And those tails weren't even real - they were part of her outfit.


    In part they were technical concerns. It was not clear that it was possible that Ahri's tails could connect with her dress within the game naturally, so they were redrawn as part of her costume. But the developers ended up finding a fix for the glitches, so that wasn't the deciding factor.

    The main reason Ahri was drawn without actual ears or tails was to differentiate her from the myths on which she was based. During development, we were very concerned about the concept of Ahri as a champion, and some members of Riot were concerned that she would not fit into the League of Legends universe or that players would not understand her. This uncertainty caused Ahri to lose much of her fox features, looking more like a "normal" girl than a legendary nine-tailed fox.

    Although there were reactions of all kinds, the developers decided to go back to its original design. “It is normal to want to do something special, but we were doing it for the wrong reasons. In the end, we believed that players would want the true version of the Nine-Tailed Fox and not an artificial one, ”says Ezreal. Ahri's distinctive tails and ears returned, and she has been breaking hearts and taking lives in the Rift ever since.


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