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    Blue Guardian

    El Blue Guardian it is a neutral monster in Summoner's Rift. Has negative magic resistance.

    Kill the Blue Guardian to receive the Emblem of Insight, a buff that grants increased mana regeneration (or energy regeneration), as well as a cooldown reduction.


     Guardianthe Stone GolemsThey are a magical fusion of flora, fauna and rocks native to Valoran but can also be found in Ionia and the Shurima Desert. Despite its rocky appearance, its behavior is very similar to that of a bear or wolf. The creature is powered by the magic of nature. The Smaller forms of this creature are called Pebbles Pebbles. Ivern has befriended a wounded man  Stone Golems. Knowing that the poor creature was on the brink of death, he made a new heart out of a river stone. Following the tradition of all mineral beings, the golem became the devoted friend of Ivern's life. He named her Daisy, after the flowers that mysteriously sprouted from her stone body. Today, if Ivern is threatened, she run to his side.

    Experience awarded

    • Matar al Blue Guardian Grants 115 to 143.75 experience (based on monster level).
    • Have a jungle object () grants an additional 50 experience, and for each level below Blue Guardian, you are granted an additional 50 experience. The first large monster killed grants 120 bonus experience
    • Totaling between 165 and 193.75 - 543.75 (based on the difference in level)


    • Without slowdowns, the Blue Guardian has a movement speed of 200 [180 (+20)]. When his patience is exhausted, his movement speed is increased by 20%, to 218 [180 (+36) (+2)].

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