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Champions (by Suke Su, Riot artist)

Un champion is a being or a person who has been summoned to the League of Legends to fight in the Fields of Justice. It is the way to call the selectable characters to play.

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Visual Updates and Skill Redesign

Main article in English: Dev Blog: Champion Updates

This is a list of champions who have received any type of redesign, from visual improvements, to texture updates, changes to their skill set, and complete re-releases.

Champion Link Date
Kayle Skill Redesign 2010-07-06
Mordekaiser Skill Redesign 2010-11-01
Ryze Skill Redesign 2011-02-15
Sona Skill Redesign 2011-03-14
Alistar Skill Redesign 2011-04-25
fiddlesticks Skill Redesign 2011-04-25
Gangplank Skill Redesign 2011-04-25
Janna Visual Improvement 2011-07-25
Kayle Visual Improvement and Skill Redesign 2011-07-25
Tryndamere Visual Improvement and Skill Redesign 2011-07-25
Gangplank Visual Improvement 2011-11-25
Ashe Visual Improvement 2012-05-23
Katarina Visual Improvement and Skill Redesign 2012-08-09
Soraka Visual Improvement 2012-09-27
Twisted fate Visual Improvement 2012-10-17
Nidalee Visual Improvement 2012-12-14
Annie Visual Improvement 2013-02-01
Karma Full Relaunch 2013-03-28
Sejuani Visual Improvement and Skill Redesign 2013-04-30
Trundle Full Relaunch 2013-04-30
Master Yi Visual Improvement and Skill Redesign 2013-07-30
Thread Visual Improvement 2013-10-01
Olaf Skill Redesign 2013-10-01
Rammus Textures Update 2013-10-29
sivir Visual Improvement and Skill Redesign 2013-10-29
Heimerdinger Skill Redesign 2013-10-29
Nasus Visual Improvement 2013-11-21
Anivia Textures Update 2013-12-13
Xerath Skill Redesign 2014-02-11
Skarner Skill Redesign 2014-02-11
Heimerdinger Visual Improvement 2014-03-18
Kassadin Skill Redesign and New Visual Effects (same model) 2014-03-18
Gragas Skill Redesign 2014-04-03
Rengar Skill Redesign 2014-04-03
Twitch Visual Improvement 2014-04-22
Karthus Visual Improvement 2014-06-04
Nidalee Skill Redesign 2014-06-18
Skarner Skill Redesign and Texture Updates 2014-06-18
Sona Geometry and Textures Update and Skill Redesign 2014-07-30
Cassiopeia Textures Update and Skill Redesign 2014-09-10
Renekton Textures Update 2014-09-10
Soraka Skill Redesign 2014-09-25
Viktor Textures Update and Skill Redesign 2014-09-25
Sion Full Relaunch 2014-10-09
singed Geometry and Textures Update 2014-11-11
Maokai Geometry and Textures Update 2014-11-19
Alistar Visual Improvement 2015-01-15
Tristana Visual Improvement and Gameplay Changes 2015-01-28
Zilean Visual Improvement (VFX) and Gameplay Changes 2015-02-25
Weighs Visual Improvement (VFX) and Gameplay Changes 2015-02-25
Kassadin Visual Improvement 2015-03-12
Morgana Visual Enhancement (VFX) 2015-04-08
poppy Visual Improvement and Gameplay Changes (Full Relaunch) Coming soon
Ryze Visual Improvement and Gameplay Changes Coming soon

Upcoming Champion Redesigns

Skill Redesign This scale of redesigns covers changes to champion abilities beyond numerical adjustments. Animations and other visual effects can be updated, but the champion model and main theme remain intact. In some cases, the redesign of the skill set will "fix" the skill set to match the intended theme. For instance: Evelynn, Taric and Xin Zhao.
  • Fiora [1]
  • Galio [2]
  • Darius [3]
  • Gangplank [3]
Visual Update This scale of redesign covers changes to the model and artwork of a champion. This often includes a more up-to-date version of voice and story, and may include bug fixes and minor balance changes - but it doesn't change the champion's main theme. For instance: Soraka, Annie y Twisted Fate.
  • Cho'Gath [4]
  • Evelynn [5]
  • Mordekaiser [6]
  • Nunu [7]
Texture Update This scale of redesign focuses on champions whose models, rigs, animations, and other frameworks are decently shaped, and need only a few adjustments to their model geometry and polish their textures for quality and readability. For instance: Anivia, Rammus and Skarner.
  • IronStylus stated that Miss Fortune, Lux, y Vayne may be listed for "TU" (Texture Update) [8]
  • Almost all ancient champions (before Lulu) have had a texture update to some extent to accommodate the new Summoner's Rift.
Skill Redesign and Visual Update Combine both categories. This scale of the skill set redesign is generally larger than a separate skill redesign as developers can plan for more in-depth model and visual effects changes. The main theme of the champion remains intact. For instance: Katarina, Master Yi and Sejuani.
  • LeBlanc [9]
  • Ryze [10]
  • Warwick [11][12][13]
Full Relaunch Unlike previous classifications, a full relaunch involves a review of the identity of the champion - focusing on some aspects while dropping others. This affects the history of the champion, his personality, art and model. The degree to which skills are redesigned varies. For instance: Karma and Trundle
  • Poppy [14]
  • Taric [15]
  • Urgot [16][17]
  • yorick [18]
Unknown Scale


Suggested / Filtered


This is a list of champion concepts that started as an idea, but never became a final product that could be released in-game. Some of these ideas have evolved into art and / or designs of certain champions that are now in the game.

Concept name Notes
Avasha Concept art later incorporated into Riven
Averdrian -
Eagle Rider Probably redesigned as Quinn
Originally suggested by Ezreal [19], the concept was passed on at an early stage as no personality could be found for the idea. [20]
Machinist / mechanic woman The concept was strongly proposed again as Vi [21]
Gavid, the Plant King Gavid, the Plant King Probably redesigned as Maokai[22] with several abilities later implemented onto Zyra
Iron Machinist Concept art probably incorporated in Blitzcrank
Komachi[23] A pure tank. It was in development by Xypherous before its concepts were recycled into Thresh
Omen Omen Archived concept for which Riot could not find a suitable personality. [24]
Priscilla, the Spider Queen Concept redesigned in Elise
Rob Blackblade, the Dashing Rogue -
Seth Code name for an unnamed Sand Mage. A correct concept could not be achieved in the allotted time. It was filed in a manner similar to Omen. [25]
Tabu, the Voodoo Shaman -
tense[26] [27] -
Tiki Concept art probably incorporated into the look Maokai Totemico
Twin Yordle Concept [28] One has bombs and the other has a rocket launcher while on a motorcycle with a sidecar. The idea was being developed by FeralPony before half of the concept became Ziggs
Well, the Water Wizard Probably redesigned in Nami


The following champions were never released, but they do have a story, appear in various champion skins, and are an Easter egg in various illustrations:

  • Urf the Manatee Urf the Manatee - April Fool's Day "pet", Urf appears when playing with the following skins:
    • Urf the Manatee (2010)
    • Corki MontaUrfs (2011)
    • Fisherman Fizz (2012)
    • Janna Reportera (2013)
      • Urf can be seen trapped inside his Howling Gale
    • Udyr Guardian Spirit (2013)
      • Urf's ghost appears in Udyr's prank.
    • Urf el Namiti (2015)


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