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    This page is a list of current and upcoming offers in the League of Legends store. Documentation on how to edit these offers is contained here. Expired offers are automatically hidden, however, please remember to manually remove them from the code below, but only after the following offers have been announced.

    Champions and skins

    Current bid: September 13, 2021 - September 20, 2021 Ivern  975 633 Kha'Zix  880 352 Luxury  790 395 Neeko  975 487 Zed  880 352 Jayce Academia from Combate  1350 675 Tryndamere Blood Moon  1350 944 Irelia la Forajida  1350 877 Infernal Diana  1350 607 Olaf Merodeador  750 300 Tahm Kench Master Chef  975 390 Obsidian Dragon Sett  1350 877 Soraka Order of the Banana  750 300 Pharaoh Nasus  520 208 Programa Lissandra  1350 540 Thresh Pulse of Fire  1350 944 Gwen Space Wave  1350 975 Rumble Space Wave  1350 975 Jarvan IV Kingdoms at War  1350 540 Quinn Woad Explorer  975 585

    Preseason Seasons
    Preseason One Season one
    Preseason Two season of
    Preseason Three Season Three
    Preseason Four Season four
    Preseason Five Season five
    Preseason Six Season Six
    Preseason Seven Season Seven
    Preseason Eight Season Eight
    Preseason Nine Season nine
    Preseason Ten Season ten
    Early offers

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