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  • Fiora is voiced by Sophie Gómez in LATAM and by Ana María Marí in EUW.
  • Fiora's fighting style refers to Fencing, while she herself could have been inspired by Julie d'Aubigny. [1]
    • His mockery refers to the 'greeting' of the mourning tradition.
  • In her joke, Fiora draws the face of Teemo in the air.
  • His dance references Fred Astaire in the tune of Puttin 'On the Ritz in Blue Skies.
    • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
  • Fiora derives from the theonym Sabine Flora, from the Proto-Italic * flōs [2] plus the feminine suffix -a.
    • The accusative singular of Flōs flōrem produces many modern descendants such as the Italian fiore, the French fleur English flower ~ flour.
      • All root of PIE * bʰleh₃-> English bloom & blossom.
    • His name could be referring to Fiore dei Liberi and / or Fioretto (Italian: 'foil')
  • The name of his house comes from the Latin place name Laurentum Pre-Greek Daphne) [3]
    • The crest of House Laurent and the Victoria Zone of Great Duel are also flowers.


  • "Prepare to die" and "I like you. I hate killing you." they refer to Iñigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. ("Hello. My name is Iñigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." And "You seem like a decent guy. I hate killing you").
  • "Let them eat swords" could be referring to Let them eat cake.


    • The background of the illustration is the Laurent house.
      • The family crest can be found on the banners and the window pattern.
    Fiora of the Royal Guard
    • This skin shares the 'Musketeers' theme with:
      • Twisted Fate Mosquetero
    • It refers to the Musketeers of the Guard.
    • She was nicknamed 'Musketeer Fiora' before receiving her final name.
    Fiora Raven of the Night
    • She was nicknamed 'Zorro Fiora' before receiving her final name.
    Director Fiora
    Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Jasper, Pearl, Quartz, Ruby, Sandstone, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Academy theme with:
      • Ahri Academia
      • Darius Academy
      • Ekko Academia
      • Vladimir Academy
      • Professor Ryze
    • She was released in celebration of Harrowing 2012 along with:
      • Zombi Brand
      • The Headless Hecarim
      • Haunted Maokai
      • Pirate Ryze
      • Twisted Fate of the Underworld
    • Refers to the "Sexy Teacher" trope.
    • Her sword is replaced by a measuring stick and her mockery causes her to split it in half.
    • Her Sapphire chroma looks like Margery Daw from Shakugan no Shana.
    PROJECT: Fiora
    Chrome: Reckoning
    • This aspect shares the PROJECT theme with:
      • iBlitzcrank
      • PROJECT: Irelia Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Sylas Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Zed Prestigious Edition
      • Camille Program
      • Programa LeBlanc
      • Programa Lissandra
      • Programa Nami
      • Programa Soraka
      • PROJECT: Akali
      • PROJECT: Ashe
      • PROJECT: Ekko
      • PROJECT: Irelia
      • PROYECTO: Jhin
      • PROJECT: Jinx
      • PROJECT: Katarina
      • PROJECT: Leona
      • PROJECT: Lucian
      • PROJECT: Mordekaiser
      • PROJECT: Pyke
      • PROJECT: Renekton
      • PROJECT: Sejuani
      • PROJECT: Senna
      • PROJECT: Sylas
      • PROJECT: Varus
      • PROJECT: Vayne
      • PROJECT: Vi
      • PROJECT: Warwick
      • PROJECT: Yasuo
      • PROJECT: Zed
      • PROJECT: Yi
    • She is from an alternate future where she was cybernetically augmented as part of the PROJECT Initiative.
      • When He retreats, his visor slides off revealing a barcode stamped on his forehead (could be referencing Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance).
    • PROJECT: Yi describes it as:
      • "Woven, unwoven; defense untangled, forward glide, gleaming blade. Capture orbiting vision, glide, strike, blade dance ... everything is optimized for dueling."
    • If someone tells PROJECT: Ashe fighting for 'challenge', she will say the following:
      • "We must act with precision."
    • His costume includes:
      • Zero Pulse Blade (made a cameo appearance for the 2014 Snow War Duel)
      • MC-3 firing piston
      • Zero pulse stabilizer
      • XR combustion chamber
      • Unknown
    Summer Fiora
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Citrine, Pearl, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the Summertime theme with:
      • Braum Veraniego
      • Caitlyn Summertime
      • Summer Draven
      • Gangplank Veraniego
      • Summer Graves
      • Heimerdinger Veraniego
      • Jarvan IV Veraniego
      • Lee Sin Summertime
      • Summer Lioness
      • Summer Lulu
      • Miss Fortune Veraniega
      • Summer Orianna
      • Summer Rek'Sai
      • Renekton Veraniego
      • Summer Sett
      • Syndra Veraniega
      • Taliyah Veraniega
      • Summer Taric
      • Zac Summertime
      • Ziggs Veraniego
      • Summer Zoe
      • Summer World
      • Singed Surfista
    • In his illustration, you can see a Tryndamere defeated in the background along with Ashe, Darius, Garen and Katarina in a summer outfit.
    • His sword is replaced with a Pool Noodle sword.
      • Depending on the chroma, the color may reflect popsicle flavors.
        • Citrine is possibly lime.
        • Rainbow is the same type.
        • Sapphire has a melon texture.
        • Pearl could be referencing the Rocket Ice Lolly.
    • She features a tattoo of the Laurent family crest rose, on her right outer thigh.
    • Her swimsuit colors are aquamarine and tanzanite.
    Fiora Crescent Sword
    • This skin shares the Immortal Journey theme with:
      • Irelia Divine Blades
      • Talon Perpetual Thread
      • Yi Eternal Sword
      • Lee Sin Fist of God
      • Jax Divine Staff
      • Majestic Empress Morgana
      • Riven Brave Sword Prestigious Edition
      • Wukong Radiante
      • Janna Holy Sword
      • Magnificent Staff Nami
      • Brave Sword Riven
    • She was released along with:
      • Janna Holy Sword
      • Yi Eternal Sword
    Heartbreaker Fiora
    Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Heartbreaker theme with:
      • I saw Heartbreaker
      • Ashe Heartseeker
      • Jinx Buscacorazones
      • Lucian Heartseeker
      • Orianna Buscacorazones
      • Quinn Heartseeker
      • Heartseeker Varus
      • Vayne Buscacorazones
      • Yuumi Heartseeker
      • Sweetheart Annie
      • Rakan Cariñosito
      • Sweetheart Sona
      • Sweetheart Xayah
    • Thomas 'Hylia' Randby originally envisioned this look as a fanart, but was allowed to create it after joining Riot. [4]
    • Fiora Heartbreaker is facilitating the appointment of I saw Heartbreaker.
      • The illustration of Vi Heartbreaker shares the same moment, although it is seconds before when the sword was on the left shoulder.
      • Two topiaries of Heartbreaker Fiora and Ashe Heartseeker can be seen in the background. Perhaps they are the queens of the Heartseeker World.
    Fiora iG
    • This skin shares the World Champions: IG theme with:
      • Camille iG
      • Irelia iG
      • Kai'Sa iG
      • LeBlanc iG
      • Friend iG
    • She was released in celebration of Invictus Gaming's victory at the 2018 Season World Championship along with:
      • Camille iG
      • Irelia iG
      • Kai'Sa iG
      • LeBlanc iG
      • Friend iG
    • She represents TheShy.
      • The idea of ​​animating your Recovery was thought up by TheShy himself and shows his Company.
    Fiora Pulse of Fire
    Chromas: Amethyst, Chrono, Citrine, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the Pulse of Fire theme with:
      • Fiddlesticks Pretoriano
      • Praetorian Graves
      • Lucian Pulse of Fire Prestigious Edition
      • Thresh Pulse of Fire Prestigious Edition
      • Caitlyn Pulse of Fire
      • Ekko Pulse of Fire
      • Ezreal Pulse of Fire
      • Lucian Pulse of Fire
      • Pantheon Pulse of Fire
      • Riven Pulse of Fire
      • Shen Pulse of Fire
      • Thresh Pulse of Fire
      • Twisted Fate Pulse of Fire
    • Fiora can be seen fighting Thresh Pulse of Fire in the foreground of his illustration.
    Lunar Beast Flower
    Chromas: Catseye, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Vitality
    • This skin shares the Lunar Beast theme with:
      • Alistar Lunar Beast
      • Annie The Beast
      • Aphelios Lunar Beast
      • Darius the Beast of the Moon
      • Jarvan IV Bestia Lunar
      • Old Moon Beast
      • Fiora Lunar Beast Prestigious Edition
    • This is the first skin to receive a variant of prestigious and a full set of chromas.

    Fiora Lunar Beast Prestigious Edition

    • This skin shares the Lunar Beast theme with:
      • Alistar Lunar Beast
      • Annie The Beast
      • Aphelios Lunar Beast
      • Darius the Beast of the Moon
      • Lunar Beast Flower
      • Jarvan IV Bestia Lunar
      • Old Moon Beast


    • Jax could be the 'worthy opponent' that Fiora craves. He may also be interested in her joining his rebuilt Kohari.
    • Fiora was prepared to marry a member of the family Crown Guard, but rejected him, prompting his father Sebastien to have to engage in a duel to the death.
      • Tianna, Garen and Lux's aunt, selected a veteran warrior from the  Courageous Vanguard to fight for his kinsman so that his defeat was certain.
        • As a result, you may have some resentment towards your family.
    • Garen and Fiora know each other, as she helps train the Courageous Vanguard, though they never train together because "the result would be obvious."
      • They fought together against the dragon that attacked Ehrenmount.


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