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    Fiora / Strategy

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    Never forget that Fiora is very dependent on items. What does this mean? Easy, you have to focus on farming as well as possible without receiving so much harassment from your rival.

    Some tips for the Lines Phase

    • Remember that {{ai | Lunge | Fiora}} passively increases AD, it's always a good way to win trades online against 1v1 Melee or Dominance champions.
    • {{ai | Onslaught | Fiora}} This is a good way to get the last hit on distant Minions. Its second activation allows you to reposition yourself. Also do not forget that it is their only way to shorten distances, either to resist ganks or dodge Skill Shots. Use it wisely.
    • The Duelist Duelist passive is great for small skirmishes against champions so don't be afraid to get in.
    • When the enemy has a lot of CC it is good to think about purification Purification

    Skill mechanics

    Dash is a simple mechanic ability, but it has a myriad of different uses.

    • Onslaught has great damage but great cooldown use it wisely.
    • Remember Onslaught can damage enemies whether you are blind or Jax is in Jax counterattack.
    • To maximize damage output, do as many Auto Attacks (AA) as you can before using the second Assault.
    • Activate Speed 鈥嬧婤urst Speed 鈥嬧婤urst before use Lunge for best results; the bonus movement speed will gain a stack for Lunge, which allows you to continue attacking the target, and finally use the second thrust to further damage the enemy.

    • Make good use of the second Onslaught to meet your goal; If the enemy has their own mobility or escaping abilities, try to force them to use them before your second Assault.
    • If you are chasing an enemy champion who is too far away use Slam into an enemy minion and use your second Lunge to get into body with him.
    • You can use Onslaught to escape through the jungle walls but you have to have a sentry and get close due to its range.
    Then I'll keep updating this champion ...

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