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    Lee Sin / LoL / Aesthetics

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    Pau Monfort
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    • 1 Available
    • 2 Legacy Chest
    • 3 Rare and limited
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    Read without View in 3D 880 / 31-mar-2011 Lee Sin Traditional View in 3D 520 / 31-mar-2011 Lee Without Acolyte View in 3D 750 / 31-mar-2011 Lee Sin Dragon Fist View in 3D 975/10-ene-2012 Lee Sin Muay Thai View in 3D 975 / 23-jul-2012 Lee Sin Summertime View in 3D 975 / 09-sep-2013 Lee Sin KO View in 3D 1350 / 31-may-2015 Lee Sin Fist of God View in 3D 1820/05-Apr-2017 Lee Sin Bringer of Dusk View in 3D 1350/12-Dec-2019 Lee Sin Storm Dragon View in 3D 1820 / 01-oct-2020 Lee Sin Dragon Fist - Chromas Black Blue Emerald Pearl Rose Quartz Ruby Sapphire Yellow Lee Sin Storm Dragon - Chromas Jadeclaw Obsidian Pearl Ruby Sapphire Tanzanite

    Legacy Chest

    Lee Sin SKT T1 View in 3D 750 / 04-may-2014 Lee Sin Forward View in 3D 975 / 14-jun-2018 Lee Sin FPX View in 3D 1350/30-Apr-2020 Lee Sin FPX - Chrome Elite Lee Sin Forward - Chromas Aquamarine citrine Emerald Obsidian Pearl Rose Quartz Sapphire Tanzanite

    Rare and limited

    Lee Sin Bringer of Dusk Prestigious Edition View in 3D Special / 12-Dec-2019


    Lee Sin Dragon FistLee Sin Muay ThaiLee Sin SummertimeLee Sin SKT T1Lee Sin KO


    • series 1
    Resonant Murders
    Champions killed within 3 seconds of hitting them with Resonant Strike (Q) Iron Defender
    Damage mitigated on allies or yourself with Safeguard (W1) Death Kick
    Champions thrown at your team with Dragon's Fury (R)


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