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Use of skills

  • The long range of abilities Lux allows you to keep out and generally take on lower ranked champions.
  • If you hit an enemy with Luminous Spell, cast Brilliant Singularity but don't detonate it until you land a basic attack. This will allow you to apply two loads of Lighting to do extra damage.
  • Lux can be deceptively tough using Prismatic Barrier. This allows her to stay alive during team fights much longer than expected.
  • Use Prismatic Barrier in team fights, giving all your teammates a strong absorption shield.
  • When launching it, Prismatic Barrier instantly applies shield on Lux, and when the wand returns he restarts himself in it. When you're running, throw the Prismatic Barrier in the direction you do it. This way you will be protected by the shield twice as fast.
  • Brilliant Singularity provides vision. Use it to check weeds or gank spots before approaching to prevent unnecessary death.
    • Brilliant Singularity can also be used to check Dragon Dragon or Baron Nashor Baron Nashor.
  • Use Brilliant Singularity, then launch a basic attack, and while it is on its way it detonates the ability. So you can detonate the charge of Lighting right after.
  • The combination of the long-distance slowdown of Brilliant Singularity and Final Spark can decimate fleeing enemies.
  • Use Final Spark to hit enemies trying to kill the Dragon Dragon or Baron Nashor Baron Nashor can scare them or even steal some of the upgrades. Similarly, it can be used to kill the monster when your team tries to do so (especially if they are not with their jungler, or do not have Punish Punish).
  • If used to Lux in Twisted Treeline, her ultimate ability Final Spark can hit enemies in the tower from the middle brush. This gives Lux and his team have an advantage in lane control.
  • It's recommended that Lux does not get into melee fights, as her slow movement speed, long cooldowns, and relative fragility will work against her. Stay behind your teammates and cast all possible spells within the fights from as far away as possible from all damage.
  • Lux benefits from the cooldown reduction significantly more than other champions, as her spells have a higher cooldown than most caster-type champions. Try to get the Ancient Golem upgrade Ancient Golem to use Final Spark as an effective pokeo skill.
  • Have strong control of the map or Clairvoyance is an effective way to see enemies in the fog of war, allowing a Final Spark falls at the right time and place on enemy champions or epic monsters with low health.
  • Final Spark is great for clearing a large number of minions in a lane, and for late game harassment due to its ridiculously short cooldown.
    • Feel free to use Final Spark only to take some of your opponent's life, due to its short cooldown and high damage.
    • At 40% cooldown reduction Lux can use it every 30 seconds, which is enough for him to use it to shorten the life of his enemies in a team fight and then take down any fleeing opponents.
  • The damage of your Final Spark extends slightly beyond the skill's scope, but enemies will generally avoid it if they're right on the edge.
  • The most common damage combo that Lux can use is ( Shining spell> basic attack> Brilliant Singularity> Final Spark> Basic Attack).
  • Lux can easily harass enemies who are overreaching and chasing her by kiting them as it is easy to get them to walk on her Brilliant uniqueness especially in the jungle, making it easier to hit your Luminous Spell and Final Spark right after so the damage scares them off, kills them, or explodes enough for your team to finish assassinating them.
    • Prismatic Barrier Lux also becomes easier to hit, protecting all her allies and preventing a large amount of damage per second (DPS) to her team.
  • It is highly suggested to use smart spells (smart cast) as Lux requires quick spell initiation to complete her entire combo.
  • Do not neglect his passive Lighting on no level. Lux has a rather low ability power radius for a mage, but has an extremely powerful scaling level on her passive which updates at each level. In comparison, if you were to shoot a Final Spark at level 11 with a Rabadon's Death Hat, the bonus damage on your ultimate and the bonus damage from your passive would be roughly the same. Spacing your abilities and between launching basic attacks would dramatically increase your damage at all levels.

Use of objects

  • Lux is an explosive damage mage (burst) with a good amount of utility for the team. For optimal utility, he gains ability power and cooldown reduction, along with sufficient mana / mana regen.
  • Skill power simply improves the strength of all of the skills of Lux. The first object to choose for this purpose is the Rabadon's Death Hat.
  • The most powerful objects of damage to Lux include Rabadon's Death Hat, Zhonya's Hourglass and Liandry's Torment. Pure Ability Power increases both its damage and utility due to the scale of the shield.
  • An early source of mana regeneration is crucial as his abilities must be cast constantly.
    • Transform the Chalice of Harmony in an Athena's Unholy Grail Athena's Unholy Grail gives a lot of late game mana regen, in addition to a large amount of cooldown reduction.
    •  Transform the Tear of the Goddess in a Staff of the Archangel, or Protective Catalyst in One Rod of Ages increases your mana source and survivability.
    • The Grail is the most efficient choice due to its stats, the Staff lacks powerful mana regeneration, and the Rod should be incorporated into a defensive build.
    • As the Staff of the Archangel and the  Rod of Ages lack cooldown reduction, can be paired with Morellonomicon.
  • Void Staff is an important item as it comes late game. Enemies naturally gain magic resistance when leveling up, after a certain point they are able to resist attacks from  Lux. Magic Penetration helps bring your spells close to dealing true damage.
  • An Elixir of Brilliance Elixir of Brilliance is a great way to increase your cooldown reduction, while also giving you a good amount of ability power for 3 minutes.
    • It is worth mentioning that an Elixir of Brilliance Elixir of Brilliance is not always a good idea. Buying it right away lowers your gold income and delays larger purchases.
    • Use a Curse of the Liche on Lux synergizes well with her passive.


  • All the powers of Lux are skill shots, so move erratically to avoid them. Although his spells progress rather quickly, it is possible to evade them.
    • Dodge Shining Spell of Lux is critical for your survival since if it hits you it is easier for it to apply its full combo ( Shining Spell 禄禄 Brilliant Singularity> Final Spark).
    • Remember that contrary to Dark Spell, Shining Spell will trap an additional enemy behind the first target.
    • Final Spark fires almost instantly; it may be necessary to use Flash to dodge it.
    • Begin with Boots of Speed 鈥嬧媍an help you dodge skill shots.
  • When you run away with little life, do not move in a straight line, in order to avoid the Final Spark of Lux.
    • La Final Spark of Lux has a red indicator that shows where it is cast, even in the fog of war. Use this to your advantage.
    • Despite that Final Spark has a long but limited range, the animation of the ability is almost instantaneous, contrary to Download of Accurate Shots from Ezreal.
    • Be careful when it has the mark of Lighting while Lux shoots his Final Spark as you will receive both the additional damage from the Lighting as from the laser itself.
  • Get away of Lux until the mark of Lighting fades to reduce the damage you take.
  • Prismatic Barrier doesn't hurt, so you don't need to dodge it. However, be ready to evade the rest of the Lux.
  • Due to the small and narrow paths in the jungle, the spells of Lux becomes easier to hit, allowing her to use her full combo, which can devastate carries or weak champions.
    • This becomes a problem / advantage in team fights that occur in those areas. Lux can deal massive damage to enemies that are positioned in a linear fashion.
  • Lux is generally beaten by champions who can outlive her explosiveness and chase / close distance, such as Wukong.

Pros / Contras


  • Great farming capacity thanks to  Brilliant Singularity.
  • Very difficult to gank because of the possibility of easily grabbing with  Luminous Spell.
  • Su  Final Spark is powerful when it comes to killing a champion with low health and also has a long range.


  • Very weak, he must always stay with his equipment and has no means of escape.
  • Difficult to play against champions who can silence and have high damage.
  • His attacks are quite mana dependent.
  • It can become difficult to kill without  Shining Spell ni Brilliant Singularity.


Lux is one of the champions who has an order of abilities to be able to cause a maximum amount of damage and even eliminate the enemy, however you have to do these combinations quite quickly so that the opponent does not escape.

First of all, the enemy must be weakened with  Lighting and  Brilliant Singularity and then finish with the following combination:

  • Shining Spell +  Brilliant Singularity +  Final Spark, to work you have to use this quick combination when the opponent is weakened, but  Brilliant Singularity is not exploded immediately, but must be exploded at the same time that the  Final Spark.

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