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    Emblem of the Ascended

    The Ascended are a group of divine beings native to the Shurima Desert.


    The Ascended were once human, but transformed through an ancient ritual in which the participant is bathed in dawn light, collected by a Solar Disc. Ancient warnings indicate that the ritual should only take place as a last resort in the most dire of times for Shurima.

    The oldest known Ascended are Promoted Nasus and Promoted Renekton, who became Ascended beings long before Azir's realm, perhaps by several centuries. They went through the ritual in order to fight a mysterious new threat that was completely foreign to the Shurimans back then. Promoted Nasus describes the Sun Disc, the huge object used to enact Ascension, as "ancient even then", indicating that it has been part of the Shuriman civilization since the founding of the nation, or perhaps predates it entirely.

    The biography of Promoted Azir claims that while he was Emperor of Shurima, he was convinced by his wizard, Promoted Xerath, to carry out the ritual, ignoring the warnings against it. When Promoted Azir was about to ascend, Promoted Xerath pushed him aside and ascended, while Promoted Azir was obliterated, either by the failed ritual or by Promoted Xerath himself. The Shurimana civilization was later swallowed up by the desert, possibly due to the actions of Promoted Xerath or by the same ritual.

    Promoted Renekton y Promoted Nasus, other ascended beings, sensed what had happened and immediately rushed to confront Promoted Xerath, but they were unable to contain or defeat him in his ascended state. They tried to stop him by sealing him in a sarcophagus, and although this partially restrained him, the wizard managed to almost completely destroy him. In a desperate move Promoted Renekton led the traitorous ascendant into the Tomb of the Emperors and urged Promoted Nasus to lock him up, with his brother inside.

    Aeons later Promoted Azir has somehow returned, having ascended through unknown means despite his apparent disappearance. In the meantime, Promoted Xerath y Promoted Renekton were freed from his grave by Promoted Cassiopeia, who was searching for treasures inside the tomb. Currently four Ascended, Promoted Nasus, Promoted Renekton, Promoted Xerath y Promoted Azir, they are the only known Ascended still alive.

    Powers and abilities

    • The Ascended are immortal, and they seem not to age in any way.
    • The Ascended have been shown to obtain a new form, being that of an anthropomorphic animal (except Promoted Xerath who did a different version of the ritual).
    • It is known that the ascended do not need to sleep or eat.
    • The powers of the Ascended seem to be linked or adapted to their abilities when they were human. Their power is wide enough that they are often considered divine beings.
      • Promoted Nasus, being a wise librarian has access to Promoted several Promoted skills Promoted magic and Promoted techniques Promoted life extinguishers.
      • Promoted Renekton, being a guardian and gatekeeper, has achieved powerful physical abilities to a great extent, but can also use a certain level of Promoted Magic.
      •  Promoted Azir, being the Emperor of Shurima, has control over his Promoted ancient soldiers, and can use them at will.
      • Promoted Xerath, being a wizard, controls a wide range of destructive magic spells, but completely lacks a physical body.
    • It has been speculated that Promoted Xerath is the most powerful Ascended, since neither Promoted Renekton ni Promoted Together Nasus were able to subdue him.
    • The Ascended are among the most powerful entities described in the League of Legends universe, being comparable to other ancient races such as the Children of Ice, the Keepers of Ice, and the Dark Ones.

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