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    Alejandra Rangel

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    Pyke View in 3D 975 / 31-may-2018 Sandwraith Pyke View in 3D 1350 / 31-may-2018 Blood Moon Pyke View in 3D 1350/10-ene-2019 PROJECT: Pyke View in 3D 1820 / 01-ago-2019 Pyke PsyOps View in 3D 1350 / 17-sep-2020 Pyke Centinela View in 3D 1350 / 22-jul-2021 Pyke Luna de Sangre - Chrome Aquamarine citrine Obsidian Pearl Rose Quartz Ruby PROYECTO: Pyke - Chromas Amethyst Aquamarine Obsidian Pearl Reckoning Rose Quartz Ruby Turquoise Pyke PsyOps - Chromas Emerald Hunter Obsidian Rose Quartz Ruby Sandstone Sapphire Tanzanite Sandwraith Pyke - Chromas Catseye Obsidian Pearl Rose Quartz Sapphire Tanzanite Turquoise Pyke Centinela - Chrome Aquamarine citrine Emerald Pearl Resolute Ruby Sapphire Tanzanite Turquoise


    Classic Pyke


    • series 1
    Phantasmal daze
    Hits from multiple champions (2 or more) with a single Phantom Stream (E) From the Depths
    Champions killed with re-releases of From the Deep (R) Drowning Distance
    Total distance traveled during Spectral Waters (W)


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