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About Quinn and Valor


Quinn and Valor are champions who work as a team. Quinn is a marksman and Valor, a melee fighter. For most of the game it is Quinn who is in combat; Only at 525th level, by developing the ultimate ability, can Quinn summon Valor to replace her in combat. Quinn, being a marksman, has attack range (XNUMX); Valor, as a melee fighter, has faster movement and attack speeds than a marksman.


Each champion has a game mode in which he is strong. Scrums are strong to the degree that they can get close; a wizard is strong as long as he is attacking from a safe place.

Quinn's main quality is that he has attack range, but, unlike other shooters, Quinn has the ability to force his opponent to maintain that range, maintaining his dominance of the battle. For this reason, he is a very strong Top Lane and Mid Lane champion against Ad Mid champions.

Against ranked champions Quinn still has an advantage due to his blinding attack, which prevents marksmen from hitting his basic attacks. But, if that wasn't enough, Quinn can use his ultimate ability to summon Valor. As Valor has increased attack and movement speeds, despite being a melee attacker, he easily destroys a marksman due to his increased damage, quick approach, and ability to blind basic attacks.


Quinn and Valor are fragile Ad Carry champions and don't have an effective method of escape, making them easy to catch and kill in an ambush or in teamfights.

In Quinn's case, she has a "disengagement" ability, that is, the ability to move away from a point of conflict. But in the case of this ability, she must kick an enemy, so it depends on the location of his trajectory. Therefore, highly mobile champions can affect their "escape" method.


Quinn is a very strong champion in 1v1 combat. Perhaps the strongest next to Diana. It has no strong counter. It is difficult for Ad champions, especially if they are scrum. The champions that could perhaps defeat her are those who have a lot of mobility _ like Yasuo_ or the wizards and assassins Ap. She is also weak against some tanks, but in the worst case she will not be able to drop towers, most likely she will at least hold the line . Therefore, the most suitable lane for Quinn is Top.

Top Lane:

In this lane are mostly fighters, also Ad assassins and tanks are seen. These three types of champions are easy to fight with Quinn. The strategy here, in general, is to deny the opponent the farm by harassing him and punishing him with basic attacks if he does, farm a lot without losing anything, poke the enemy with Quinn's passive ability, and kill him with Assault or a combo with the ultimate ability. and other skills.

Mid Lane:

Mid laners are characterized by poking or, in the case of Ad Mid, approaching fast and doing a lot of damage. Quinn is a marksman so he has continuous damage to range, however a wizard has the ability to poke and then wander too far. For this, Quinn must poke. To deal burst damage with Quinn, she must use her passive ability and recharge it with Assault. In the case of the Ad Mid, it works similarly as it is done in Top Lane, but taking care not to be the target of any enemy skill and being more cautious, because we are talking about assassins.

Bot Lane:

As ADC Quinn is a pretty poor champion in most cases. Being highly affected by CCs, it is an easy target for the Bot Lane ADC-Support pair. I only recommend using Quinn ADC when the enemy support is a Lioness, because early on she can avoid all of her stuns because of her disengage ability.


Quinn is also viable in the jungle. The attack range and blinding ability give him an advantage over jungle monsters. In addition, his assault allows him to slow and push an enemy when ganking, and with his ultimate ability he can go from Top Lane to Bot Lane in the blink of an eye.


It's not Quinn's best role, but it's certainly workable. It has a blinding attack that can protect the ADC, an ability to see the map and avoid possible ganks, and an ability to push and slow. Perhaps the most appropriate would be to accompany it with an ADC that complements its support capabilities, such as Ashe.

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