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Official Strategy

Playing as Tristana

  • Its huge barrel allows  Tristana shoot targets that are at a great distance. Use it to prevent enemies from getting their hands on you.
  • Use  Rocket Jump to jump on an enemy and then, using  Destroy Shot, send it flying to your allies. Be careful when using this strategy during large team fights.

Playing against Tristana

  • If you see  Tristan activated  Rapid Fire in a fight, stun her and try to retreat until the spell dissipates.
  • Stay away from your creatures on the lanes to take less collateral damage from Explosive Shot Explosive Shot.

Use of Skills

  • Sighting becomes a very powerful ability as you progress through the game, allowing  Tristana hit enemies from a great distance.
    • Because of this,   Tristana is best placed behind a wall or far away from team fights.
  • All the skills of  Tristana have a lot of cooldown, especially early in the game. Take care of your cooldowns when having clashes in the lane.
  • Rapid Fire is applied from the next basic attack used after using the ability. 
  • Thanks to  Rocket Jump lowers its cooldown to 0 if you kill an enemy or assist in an assassination, you can safely use it to jump and secure kills and then return to a safe area.
    • The cost of  Rocket Jump is quite high for what little mana it has  Tristana. Always try to save mana to use it.
  • Tristana can use abilities while in the animation (the jump) of  Rocket jump.
  • Rocket Jump can be used defensively, especially to get out of high damage abilities or that can put you in a bad position, such as  Absolute Zero or  Event Horizon.
    • Be careful,  Rocket Jump is considered a "dash" and not a jump. This means that if you jump in a  Trap for Yordles will activate and you will be trapped.
      • You should also be careful with skills like  Peel off Thresh because they can cancel the animation.
  • The Explosive Shot Explosive Shot passive is very useful for clearing out waves of minions, especially in the late game.
  • At the beginning of the game, Explosive Shot Explosive Shot can be used to harass your enemies and prevent them from taking the last hit on your minions.
    • Explosive Shot Explosive Shot resets your basic attack animation, allowing you to use two basic attacks in a row, giving you a slight advantage in trades in the lane phase.
    • Do not forget that Explosive Shot Explosive Shot applies serious wounds, making it very useful to prevent you from supporting as  Sona o  Soraka heal her shooters.
  • Destroy Shot can be used to stop channeling abilities like  Requiem of Karthus,  Loto Mortal de Katarina o  Absolute Zero of Nunu.


The skills of  Tristana become more important for their utility and damage as the game progresses.  Tristana becomes heavily reliant on her basic attacks, making attack damage, critical strike chance, life steal, and attack speed more necessary than for other shooters.

  • Tristana has a fairly low movement speed, making it difficult to pursue or escape her enemies. This is especially noticeable at low levels. Buy some  Boots of Speed 鈥嬧媔n the first minutes of the game help a lot. 
  • Be careful if you face a champion like  Teemo o  Quinn that can blind you and render you completely useless. In that case, or in which you are going against a team with a lot of crowd control, the best option is to buy a  Mercury Sash and then upgrade it to the  Mercurial scimitar if necessary.
  • Consider buying the  Sword of the Ruined King if you go against tank champions that accumulate a lot of life, such as  Dr. Mundo the  Shen.
  • The bonuses that  Tristana gains attack speed (especially with  Rapid Fire) and his great range make the  Infinity Edge be a great item for her.
  • Edge of Madness Edge of Madness is an item that can be used by  Tristana, but it is not highly recommended since it lacks providing attack damage, but it can be very useful due to the amount of basic attacks that  Tristana uses. However, it should not be purchased until the late game because  Tristana is quite weak early in the game unlike many other shooters.

AP Tristana

Due to his great skill power scaling of his abilities,  Tristana can also be built as a wizard if the team requires it.

  • Fiery Death Claw provides  Tristana does a lot of damage to a single target, making it possible to kill an enemy with just two abilities.
  • Curse of the Liche also helps you  Tristana because she can spam  Rapid Fire, which costs no mana, to activate that item's passive.
  • El  Morellonomicon is a great early-game item, as it provides you with cooldown reduction, ability power, mana regeneration, and the ability to apply serious wounds to enemies that are affected by your abilities and not just Explosive Shot Explosive Shot .
  • Buy quickly  Rabadon's Death Hat or  Wooglet's hat (depending on the map) allows you to  Tristana does a lot of damage early in the game, due to her high scaling.
  • As with the  Curse of the Liche, the  Nashor tooth gives  Tristana attack speed and cooldown reduction, allowing her to regain her marksman side a bit.

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Consumables [[File: {{{Elixir of Fury}}} item.png | 32px | link = Elixir of Fury]]


Howling Abyss
Initials 2 2
Essentials [[File: {{{Sorcerer's Boots}}} item.png | 32px | link = Sorcerer's Boots]]
Crystal Scar
Initials 2


Twisted forest

Stopping at Tristana

  • Tristana is known for being able to safely change her position using  Rocket jump. As the cooldown resets with kills and assists, having allies dying makes it difficult to grab. It has a long cooldown if it does not restart, it is best to immobilize it so that it cannot use  Rocket jump.
  • Tristana has a lot of rank at level 18 thanks to  In the Mira. Prevent me from kiting you.
    • At the beginning of the game,  Tristana has little rank. Try to deny him as many minions as you can.
  • Tristana is vulnerable to crowd control when using  Rocket Jump, due to its long animation. Any crowd control can stop her and make her return to her point of origin.
  • Getting away from your subjects is a good way to avoid Explosive Shot Explosive Shot damage early in the game.
  • The main source of damage from  Tristana are her basic attacks, doing objects like  Omen of Randuin,  Ice Heart or  Coat of Thorns very useful against  Tristana.

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