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    Vayne / Strategy

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    • 1 Use of Skills
    • 2 Use of Objects
    • 3 Recommended builds
    • 4 Countering

    Use of Skills

    • For better damage try to combine the third hit of Silver Projectiles and bonus damage from Somersault in the same attack.
    • because Night Hunter by Vayne, it's easy enough to chase champions for the third hit.
      • Try a basic attack> Somersault> Condemn combo for a better and relatively safe procedure of Silver Projectiles. This combo spends a lot of mana so be selective when using this combo.
      • Be aware that bullying does not require the entire combo. Zoning with a mark of Silver Shells could be more effective than getting all three marks.
      • This could be a useful tactic to use in lane due to the low health and defenses that vayne has.
    • Somersault can be used to dodge skill shooting skills. Somersault is also effective for dodging delayed damage abilities like Break the Pillar of Fire.
    • If you are fighting close to a Turret, try Back flip of the opponent and then Condemn Condemn they will come within range of your turret. The same can be done to push an enemy towards your team.
    • Don't forget that Night Hunter only works against the enemy and that combined with your ultimate makes it very difficult for the enemy to escape from you.
      • Activating End Hour triples the bonus Movement Speed 鈥嬧媜f Night Huntress is an effective way to catch escaping enemies.
    • Do not overestimate the mobility of Vayne's. The movement speed bonus of Night Huntress's does not grant bonus while running away from enemies, and Roll will not go on cooldown until you attack an enemy which essentially adds a 6 second cooldown that you cannot reduce with cooldown reduction when you are using it to flee.
    • Somersault cannot cross most terrain (however it can cross Cataclysm, Crystallize,   Event Horizon or Pillar of Ice).
    • Somersault can cross impassable terrain like the small ledge near the dragon pit if positioned correctly
    • Notice that the extra damage of Somersault's can only be activated to attack enemy units, not structures.
    • You can escape in most battles using End Time and Somersault to stealth and confuse the enemy. It is recommended to change the direction in which you were traveling or to select an alternative route.
    • Since she is so fragile, it is highly recommended to opt for defensive summoner spells, such as Ghost, Purification, or Barrier. Flash is very desirable. Final Hour in conjunction with Flip, only stealth 1 second, which doesn't make it a very good way to escape. These summoner spells can also assist in chases.
    • Using Convicting an enemy retreat could help him escape. Be sure to position Gone where the knockback effect will allow your team or yourself to attack an enemy.
      • Somersault or Flash can help you position yourself to achieve a Successful conviction.
      • Condemn can also be used when vayne is behind the enemy and throwing it where the allies are.
    • Using  Conviction in jungle fights can be much more effective than online fights due to the short spaces making it easy to land the second hit and paralyzing the opponent.

    Use of Objects

    • BUY  Shine like  Trinity Force adds a bit more damage to  Somersault. Begin with  Bacteriophage gives you a bit more survivability and being able to chase down enemies by hitting enemy minions to activate extra movement speed. 
    • Begin with  Zeal gives you attack speed and a bit of mobility, making it easier to clear out waves of minions especially with  Silver Projectiles.
    • HR  Greaves of the Berserker are especially good because they provide attack speed, which has great synergy with  Vayne for her  Silver Projectiles.
    • Buy the  Mercury Boots will help you against teams that have very strong crowd control.
    • Infinity Edge is a great upgrade to the basic attacks of  Vayne. Remember that the critical hit does not scale with the damage bonus of  Somersault.
    • The Bloodthirsty provides you with quite a bit of life steal and survivability, as well as helping with scaling  Somersault.
    • Alternatively, buy the  Sword of the Ruined King in the beginning of the game provides you with  Vayne has an incredible increase in her attack speed and an active one that is very good at chasing or escaping.
    • The improvement that the  Spectral Dancer's attack speed and critical strike chance has great synergy with  Silver Projectiles and increases the effectiveness of  Final hour. On the other hand, the movement speed provided by this object is stacked with that of  Night Huntress and that of  Final hour.
    • Enchanting your boots with Fury Fury gives  Vayne the possibility to kite or escape without problems. With  Somersault you can go away or approach your enemy, as long as it is in range of your basic attacks.

    Recommended builds

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    • Choosing someone such as Miss Fortune or Caitlyn who have strong early games can easily deny Vayne from farming as Vayne has a relatively weak early game. Avoid pushing the lane as Tumble of Vayne makes her an exceptional farmer under turret, and has strong chasing potential.
    • Vayne's

    entire kit is focused on dueling (or 1v1ing) and chasing so deny her

    the potential to duel with you and her kit will naturally round out late-game when teamfights become dominant, where the fights become more stationary and targets become harder to focus.

      • Once Vayne obtains Final Hour at level 6, her dueling potential increases exponentially and she

    essentially "jumps" to her mid-game potentially immediately before most other Attack Damage Carries. The Attack Damage and movement speed boosts are huge given how early in the game it is and stealth detection is much harder to afford earlier on. Respect her presence at level 6 if you haven't pulled a significant advantage over her and avoid dueling her if possible.

    • Vayne is one of the most powerful duelists in game and is well known and

    feared as one of the most powerful marksman if fully build. It is critical to keep her early and mid-game crippled.

      • Marksmen are usually easy prey to one-burst-wonder assassins, especially Zed and LeBlanc . Vayne is by far not in this category, her ability to carefully move around

    the battlefield, drain-tank while evading attacks with stealth from Final Hour and bursting/peeling with Condemn makes her complicated to kill by surgical, tactical and careful

    assassins as she can often prevent their abilities to properly flow for a combo.

    • Silver Bolts is relatively easy to counteract contrary to popular belief.
      • Here Silver Bolts procs rely on her attack speed. Champions with attack speed slows such as Malphite, Lee Sin, and Nunu can mitigate Vayne's auto attack and Silver Bolts damage significantly along with having kits that counteract Vayne extremely well.
        • Malphite tends to stack armor to synergize with his Brutal Strikes and his Unstoppable Force has a cast and AoE range that outrange Tumble of Vayne and Condemn. Vayne's relatively high movement speed from Night Hunter and Final Hour also become her undoing thanks to Seismic Shard's movement speed steal.
        • Lee Sin's kit provides extreme stealth detection and Cripple shuts down Vayne's mobility.
        • Ice Blast de Nunu and Absolute Zero also shut down Vayne's mobility and make her an easy target to focus.
      • Frozen Heart is extremely detrimental to Vayne because the armor portion of the item counters her lack of magic damage

    and the long-ranged -15% attack speed aura is practically unavoidable in teamfights. Randuin's Omen is also especially useful against Vayne as one proc of slow will significantly cripple her true damage and mobility. Because Vayne relies on her mobility in order to survive in teamfights due to her

    short range, the movement speed slow will make her an easy target to focus. As such, even building an early Warden's Mail will have noticeable effects against her.

      • Silver Bolts de Vayne do not account for shields when calculating the percent of maximum HP so abilities such as Granite Shield and Titan's Wrath are extremely strong against her.
      • The same case goes for lifesteal and high health regeneration;

    if the target's lifebar isn't noticeably large but is constantly renewed from either high lifesteal or abilities such as Sadism, the damage from Silver Bolts becomes significantly less noticeable.

      • Battling her only in teamfights forces her to switch targets, resulting in fewer Silver Bolts procs.
    • Mages with targeted burst damage/crowd controls such as LeBlanc or Ryze can easily dispatch Vayne as her mobility and Tumble are primarily anti-skillshot oriented. Targeted abilities that apply targeted hard crowd control's such as Infinite Duress de Warwick and Nether Grasp de Malzahar prevents Vayne from retaliating with her mobility and lifesteal resulting in an easy kill.
      • Ryze is especially effective because Frozen Heart is a core item in his build and his Rune Prison shuts down Vayne's mobility and Tumble, which also shuts down her stealth when Final Hour is active.
    • It's recommended not to fight Vayne in the jungle as there are more walls for her to stun with her Condemn .
    • Taking a Vision Ward with you or activating an  Oracle's Lens is useful against Final Hour as her stealth will be useless, shutting down her primary method of reaching squishier targets of interest.

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