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    Nocturne / Strategy

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    Champion History Strategy Aspects and Curiosities

    "Submit to my designs."
    • Please use the information in this article with consideration. It could be out of date.

    Use of skills

    • Penumbra Razors allows you to Nocturne cleaning camps quickly, doing area damage and being able to stay in the jungle due to the amount of life he receives. The runes of attack speed and the passive of Mantle of Darkness have good synergy with Blades of Gloom, as its cooldown is reduced with each auto attack it hits.
    • Use Duskbringer is an effective way to chase or escape enemies.
    • Try to hit with Bringing Dusk to your enemy while ganking, this will keep you close to him, so you can easily attack him with auto-attacks, as well as give you additional attack damage.
    • The invisible champions impacted by Duskbringer leaves a path, allowing you to temporarily observe their movements while still invisible.
    • Duskbringer can come in handy when you find yourself attacking a turret. When Duskbringer is well placed, not only will it damage nearby minions, but it can also grant you its benefits such as additional attack damage. This tactic should be used with caution as you can hit an enemy champion with the ability which would cause the turret to start attacking you. Use Duskbringer away from the turret when you find yourself doing split push will give you the bonus attack damage and a good escape route.
    • Unspeakable Horror has great synergy with Duskbringer as you can terrorize the enemy and thus ensure that Duskbringer reaches the target or vice versa.
    • When ganking first use Unspeakable Horror, followed by Bringer of Dusk. Try to hit the enemy from afar with Duskbringer and then entering will not be an effective gank.
    • Enemy champions who are very close to you will have a hard time noticing Unspeakable Horror. Take advantage of this.
    • Unspeakable Horror can turn a losing battle in your favor due to its great crowd control.
    • Save your Mantle of Darkness if you don't need it. It can be essential to survive ganks or when you gank a line.

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