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    Eternal is a premium champion mastery system in League of Legends, [1] designed to display personal achievements with pride.


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    The main universe of Runeterra has a whole pantheon of deities, whose influence shaped many of the religions, ideologies and myths in all modern Runeterran cultures. While the truths of these deities have been lost over the centuries, they are all still preserved in the celestial realm, shining into the world through constellations and archetypes.


    Monitoring of statistics in the Air client.

    This system is the successor to the free statistics tracker that was present in the Adobe Air client. Much of this information is still freely available in the game's API, which can be easily accessed through various online services (eg LeagueOfGraphs and Mobalytics). It is unknown at this time if Riot plans to modify the API to restrict competition with Eternals.

    Players can acquire a set of three Eternals for a champion of their own, who tracks a particular number of feats for life at the point of purchase, ranging from things like  Accumulated knockdowns on enemies hit by a given ability. Eternals are tracked during gameplay and can be viewed on the champion page, however any of the three can be equipped for in-game display via the Loading Screen card, in-game stats menu, and your enemy's death screen.

    There are milestones of a given Eternal that notifies the game when it is reached, an Eternal with all five completed milestones can be "rekindled" in a new prestige milestone that registers the Best Personal Mark within a game (which is greater than a certain amount ). Completing any 3 Eternals enhances the Champion Mastery emote once every five times. It is unknown what happens before Mastery Level 4, or what happens when you rekindle Eternal Progress. It is also unknown if the rewards are distributed per game or per champion.

    Eternal Sets can be purchased per champion. Beginning with the announcement on August 23 [2], Common Sets will be available in the Shop for X 3500 during the Essence Emporium, which tracks widely applicable feats such as kills, targets destroyed, and gold earned. Unique sets are available by 600 and track progress toward three champion-specific feats.


    Each individual Eternal has a corresponding 'type' that roughly correlates to champion classes, which function to cosmetically segregate achievements. For example, the Eternals related to the score of  crowd control are classified as Eternal 'Guardians', with a corresponding 'Guardian' statue and blue visual flares.

    Empress Guide Protector
    Superior display of skill in the heat of battle.
    "We are not even playing the same game."
    Follow the path to victory or open one for allies
    "Create the way. Light the way."
    Keep yourself and your allies in the fight
    "Fight until your last breath, then fight some more."
    Joker Guardian Warrior
    Deceptive mind games or willful chaos
    "What is conflict without a bit of chaos?"
    Control enemies and the flow of battle.
    "They can't hit hard if they can't defend themselves."
    Crush enemies mercilessly on the battlefield
    "It's just 'brutality' if they live to tell the tale."

    Eternals list

    • Initial series
    • series 1
    Champion Name Type Description
    CommonDemolitionsGUIKills or assists on enemy champions
    CommonDestroyed StructuresEMPEnemy structures destroyed
    CommonEpic Monsters SlainEMPEpic monsters slain
    Champion Name Type Description
    AatroxRipped ChainsGUAChampions Drawn with Hell Chains (W)
    AatroxDestroyed worldsGUEChampions killed during Destroyer of Worlds (R)
    AatroxQQsEMPHits to champions in the maximum damage zone with Darkin's Sword (Q)
    AhriLong distanceGUIDistance traveled with Spiritual Impulse (R)
    AhriLethal FlirtationsEMPCharms (E) that resulted in champion kills for 5 seconds
    AhriAfter the BounceEMPOrbs of Deception (Q) that hit the same champion with magic damage and true damage
    AkaliEasy WhitesEMPNumber of empowered auto-attacks on champions with Mark of the Assassin (P)
    AkaliLike a ninjaGUIDistance traveled with the second Shuriken Maneuver cast (E2)
    AkaliPerfect ExecutionsBROChampions killed with Perfect Execution (R)
    AkshanBack to the FightGUIAllies resurrected with Against the Rules (W)
    AkshanDoing pirouettesBRODirty Fight (P) damage activations on champions during Heroic Roll (E)
    AkshanBad day to be badGUEChampions killed with Your Deserve (R)
    AlistarMatadorGUAChampions stunned with Trample (E)
    AlistarBy the HornsGUATakedowns within 5 seconds of using Head (W) on a champion
    AlistarIndomitable BullPRTDamage Mitigated with Unyielding Will (R)
    AmumuGroup HugsGUAHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Curse of the Sad Mummy (R)
    AmumuFriends foundEMPLong-range Bandage Throws (Q) (75% or more of maximum) on champions
    AmumuHuffGUIReduced total cooldown of Tantrum (E) from basic attacks from any source
    AniviaThe wallGUAChampions thrown to the side with Crystallize (W)
    AniviaVery Freezing BurnsEMPDouble damage dealt to champions with Freezing Burn (E)
    AniviaSecond ChancesGUISuccessful Resurrections with Renaissance (P)
    AnnieBear HugsGUEChampions killed within 3 seconds of dealing damage with Summon: Tibbers (R)
    AnnieBurning stunsGUAChampions stunned with Pyromania (S)
    AnnieArsonGUIAmount of mana recovered from last hitting a champion, minion, or monster with Disintegrate (Q)
    ApheliosReach of FaithBROChampions killed from outside your basic attack range
    ApheliosGravity BoostGUAMultiple champions (2 or more) pinned with Eclipse Immobilizer (Q)
    ApheliosGunmanEMPChampions killed within 6 seconds of using multiple weapons (2 or more)
    AsheSuccessful StunsEMPChampions hit by a long-range Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) (2400 units or more)
    AsheBuena VistaGUIChampions discovered with Hawkshot (E)
    AsheIcy trendGUATotal slow time on champions with Frost Shot (P)
    Aurelion SolCelestial bodyGUETotal damage dealt to champions with Center of the Universe (P)
    Aurelion SolFallen StarsBROChampions killed within 10 seconds of using Legendary Comet (E)
    Aurelion SolAsstated GalaxiesGUAChampions stunned with Astral Blast (Q)
    AzirAchievementsGUEChampions killed with Conqueror of the Sands (Q)
    AzirShiftingPRTDamage mitigated with Quicksand (E)
    AzirDivided TraitorsGUAHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Imperial Division (R)
    BardCampanillasGUITotal chimes collected with Traveler's Call (P)
    BardCosmic DestinationsGUAMultiple stuns (2 champions or more) with Cosmic Tie (Q)
    BardDistance TraveledGUITotal distance traveled with Mystical Journey (E)
    BlitzcrankShort circuitGUAMultiple champions hit (3 or more) with Static Field (R)
    BlitzcrankRoboagarresGUAChampions hit with Rocket Grab (Q)
    BlitzcrankAccelerated TimeGUIChampion takedowns within 5 seconds of using Overdrive (W)
    BrandFlaming StunsGUAChampions stunned with Scorch (Q)
    BrandUnstable detonationsEMPUnstable Flares (S) detonated on champions
    BrandHellsEMPChampions hit by Pillar of Fire (W) while under the effects of Ignition (P)
    BrewRejected DamagePRTDamage blocked with Unbreakable (E)
    BrewFigitivo fjordGUAHits multiple champions (2 or more) with Glacial Rift (R)
    BrewCold StrikesGUAChampions stunned with Concussive Blows (S)
    CaitlynConfirmed murdersGUEChampions killed with Ace in Sight (R)
    CaitlynHeadshotsGUEHeadshots (P) on champions
    CaitlynThe Long Arm of JusticeEMPPiltover Peacekeepers (Q) long range (75% or more of maximum) on champions
    CamilleFlexible DefensePRTDamage mitigated with Flexible Defenses (P)
    CamilleAir SuperiorityEMPChampions reached with Hook (E)
    CamilleYou can't escape eitherGUAChampions thrown to the side with The Hextech Ultimatum (R)
    CassiopeiaKiller LooksGUAMultiple champion stuns (2 or more) by Petrifying Gaze (R)
    CassiopeiaLoving BitesGUEChampions killed with Twin Fangs (E)
    CassiopeiaHarmful SlowdownsGUATotal slow time against champions with Miasma (W)
    Cho'GathSwallowed SnacksGUIFeast (R) stacks from champion, minion, or neutral monster kills
    Cho'GathReleasesGUAChampions launched through the air with Rupture (Q)
    Cho'GathSilencesGUAMultiple champions hit (2 or more) by Wild Scream (W)
    DaughtersShredder BalesEMPTotal champions reached with 8 Replay Cannon stacks (E)
    DaughtersDelivery ExceptionsEMPHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Special Delivery (W)
    DaughtersICBMGUEChampions killed with Missile Barrage (R)
    DariusNailedGUEChampions killed with Noxian Guillotine (R)
    DariusExsanguinacionesGUETotal damage dealt to champions with Bleed (P)
    DariusDiplomatic AxGUIHealing done with Decimate (Q)
    DianaMoon landingsEMPLunar Boosts (E) on Champions affected by Moonlight (Q)
    DianaPale blocksPRTDamage mitigated with Pale Cascade (W)
    DianaMoon StrikesEMPChampions killed with Moonfall (R)
    Dr. WorldWhere to give winsPRTRoot effects blocked with Go Where To Give Wins (P)
    Dr. World World TimeBRONumber of Sadism (R) casts that saved you from lethal damage
    Dr. WorldSteroid RageGUEBonus damage against champions with attacks during Max Dose (R)
    Dr. World Hold thisGUEChampions killed with Infected Blade (Q)
    Dr. World Consumed LifeGUETotal damage dealt to champions with Burning Agony (W)
    Dr. WorldClear!EMPChampions Hit with Defibrillator Detonations (W)
    DravenSo goodEMPSpinning Axes (Q) caught
    DravenSlashed BodiesGUEChampions killed by Rolling Death (R)
    DravenThe Public FavoriteGUIWorship stacks obtained from League of Draven (P)
    EchoCalculationsEMPMultiple stuns (2 or more champions) with Parallel Convergence (W)
    EchoTime FracturesGUEPulsar-Z Resonance Triggers (P)
    EchoDestroying KickbacksBROChampions killed 5 seconds before or after using Crobreak (R)
    EliseLethal KissesGUEChampions killed with Poison Bite (Q in spider form)
    EliseDPS ArachnidGUETotal damage dealt to champions with Volatile Spider (W in human form)
    EliseSilkGUAChampion Stuns with Cocoon (E in Human Form)
    EvelynInspired SinsEMPEnemy champions enchanted with Seduction (W)
    EvelynWhirlwind RomanceBROChampions killed 2 seconds after stealth with Demon Shadow (P)
    EvelynLast CaressesGUEChampions killed with Last Caress (R)
    EzrealMaximum Spell StrengthGUITotal time with maximum stacks of Rising Spell Strength (P)
    EzrealMystic SkillsEMPLong-range Mystic (Q) Shots (75% or more of maximum) on enemy champions
    EzrealAccurate ShotsGUEChampions killed with Shotgun Barrage (R)
    fiddlesticksSown SilencesBROTotal time champions have been silenced by Harvest (E)
    fiddlesticksScaresBROTimes multiple champions (2 or more) were terrified with Raven Storm (R)
    fiddlesticksIt does not die!PRTTotal damage prevented by Abundant Extraction heal (W)
    FioraChallenges MetEMPNumber of Grand Duels (R) fully activated (four vital points hit)
    FioraOn guardPRTDamage mitigated with Lunge (W)
    FioraVital PointsEMPVital Points (P or R) hit on champions
    FizzSeastone AttacksGUEBonus damage dealt by attacks empowered with Seastone Trident (W) on champions
    FizzMi¬Ņoral GamesBROSkill shots dodged with Playful / Prankster (E)
    FizzFish touchesEMPChampions reached with the Shark Bait lure (R)
    GalliumSuperhero TicketsPRTAir-launched Champions with Heroic Entry (R)
    GalliumBird StrikeGUEChampions reached by Justice Strike (E)
    GalliumPrincipal TanqueGUAMultiple champions (2 or more) provoked with Shield of Durand (W)
    GangplankBarrel ExplosionsBROChampions reached by Gunpowder Barrels (E) detonated by a chain reaction
    GangplankPillageGUIGold obtained from Parrrlamentar (Q)
    GangplankEverything is finePRTMass Control Effects Removed by Remove Scurvy (W)
    ThreadJustice has been doneGUEChampions slain with Demacian Justice (R)
    ThreadActivate Defenses!PRTDamage mitigated with the Shield of Courage (W)
    ThreadSpin and Win!GUETotal damage dealt to champions with Judgment (E)
    GnarEarringsGUIDistance traveled with Earring (E of Mini) or Bestial Salt (E of Mega)
    GnarBoomerang TrappedGUIBoomerang caught with Boomerang throw (Q)
    GnarWonderful ThrowsGUAMultiple champion hits (2 or more) with GNAR! (R)
    GragasCatastrophic BarrelsEMPChampions thrown at you or an ally with Explosive Barrel (R)
    GragasRompebarrilesEMPChampions hit by Rolling Barrel's maximum damage (Q)
    GragasTo the Bottom!GUIBarrels drunk with Happy Hour (P)
    GravesFast chargeGUIProjectiles Reloaded with Swift Shot (E)
    GravesSmoke ExplosionGUEDamaged Champions with Smoke Screen (W)
    GravesCollateral DeathsGUEChampions killed with Collateral Damage (R)
    GwenFlushing StitchEMPHits multiple champions with a single Needle Burst (R) cast
    GwenIt is seen, but it is not touchedBROTargeted Missiles and Skill Shots Evaded with Holy Mist (W)
    GwenTearing ScissorsGUETrue damage to champions with Cut! (Q)
    hecarimCrushing CavalryGUAChampions terrified with Avalanche of Shadows (R)
    hecarimCharge at Full GallopEMPChampions Hit at Top Speed ‚Äč‚Äčwith Crushing Charge (E)
    hecarimTerrifying HealingPRTTotal healing received from Spirit of Terror (W)
    HeimerdingerTactical AttacksGUEChampions killed by Hextech Micro Rocket or Hextech Rocket Swarm (W)
    HeimerdingerElectrical StunsGUAChampions stunned with CH-2 Electron Grenade or CH-3X Lightning Grenade (E)
    HeimerdingerTurret DamageGUETotal damage dealt to champions with Evolutia Turret H-28G or Elite Turret H-28Q (Q)
    IllaoiNailed to the DeepEMPChampion Signatures during Leap of Fe(R)
    IllaoiArrestsEMPChampions who became vessels due to Trial of Spirit (E)
    IllaoiTentacles SummonedGUINumber of tentacles summoned with the prophetess of an Ancestral God (P) or Leap of Faith (R)
    IreliaInsurgent blockadesPRTDamage mitigated with Dance of Insurrection (W)
    IreliaFree StrikesGUITotal Blade Slam Restorations (Q)
    IreliaCroppedEMPVanguard Edge (R) Multiple Champion Hits (2 or more)
    IvernLove is shareGUIUpgrades shared with allies with Friend of the Forest (P)
    IvernImmobilization BootsGUATakedowns within 3 seconds of immobilizing a champion with Root Summoner (Q)
    IvernFlower PowerGUAChampions thrown through the air with Daisy! (R)
    JannaPeace in the Eye of the HurricanePRTHealing multiple champions (2 or more) at the same time with Monsoon (R)
    JannaSavior from the StormPRTLethal damage prevented with Eye of the Storm (E) on yourself or allies
    JannaGalesGUAChampions thrown through the air with Howling Gale (Q)
    Jarvan IVWhippingGUEChampions reached with Martial Cadence (P)
    Jarvan IVI'm helpingGUEChampions killed within Cataclysm (R)
    Jarvan IVThrow the FlagGUAAirdropped Champions with Demacian Banner (E) + Dragon Strike (Q)
    JaxStuns with the StaffGUAMultiple champion stuns (2 or more) with Counter (E)
    JaxGrandmaster's DefensePRTDamage mitigated with Grandmaster's Strength (R)
    JaxRelentless TimeGUITotal time with maximum stacks of Relentless Assault (P)
    JayceLike a nailGUETotal damage dealt to champions with Lightning Strike (E with Mercury Hammer)
    JaycePopularity ContestEMPAmount of times to Heaven! o Electric Shock (any of the Q's) hit multiple champions (2 or more)
    JayceElectric ExecutionerEMPChampions hit with long-range Electric Shock (Q from Mercury Cannon) (more than regular range) empowered with Acceleration Gate (E from Mercury Cannon)
    JhinGrand FinalsGUEChampion Kills with Scene Call (R)
    JhinRhythmGUEChampions reached with the fourth Death attack in Four Acts (P1)
    JhinSurprise in Four ActsEMPChampions Hit by Dancing Grenade's Fourth Bounce Max Damage (Q)
    JinxAt full blastGUITotal time with maximum Acceleration stacks (PQ)
    JinxThey did not know where it came fromEMPFull damage from Super Mega Death Rechete Rocket !! (R) inflicted on champions
    JinxWhat a thrill!GUIAmount of times Get Excited! (P) activated when it was already active
    Kai'SaKilled by InstinctEMPChampions killed within 5 seconds of using Killer Instinct (R)
    Kai'SaExplosionGUEDamage dealt to champions by Plasma Ruptures (P1) with Caustic Wounds (P2)
    Kai'SaI'm on my wayEMPChampions hit with Long Range Void Seeker (W) (75% or more of maximum)
    KalistaDeadly CutsGUEChampions killed with Rend (E)
    KalistaToday will not bePRTLow health (below 25%) champions saved by Destiny's Call (R)
    KalistaYour turnEMPNumber of stacks of Rend (E) transferred to champions with Pierce (Q)
    KarmaStubborn BlocksPRTTotal damage mitigated by Inspiration (E) or Challenge (E enhanced)
    KarmaDivine flowGUIMantra (R) total cooldown reduction when activating Gathering Fire (P)
    KarmaMenacing MantrasGUEChampions hit with Spirit Glare (Q empowered)
    KarthusPosthumous MurdersBROChampions killed during Death Challenge (P)
    KarthusWasteEMPIsolated champions hit with Sow Desolation (Q)
    KarthusRequiem for a TeamGUEChampions killed with Requiem (R)
    Kassadin404GUAChampion Channels Interrupted with Null Sphere (Q)
    KassadinDemon upgradeGUITotal Mana recovered with Hellblade (W)
    KassadinRuptures in the RiftBROChampions killed within 1.5 seconds of using Break in the Road (R)
    KatarinaSinister cutsBROChampions damaged with Voracity (S) when picking up a dagger
    KatarinaLotus flowersEMPChampions killed with Deadly Lotus (R)
    KatarinaShunposEMPShumpo (E) activations 5 seconds before or after aesianr a champion
    KayleBlessingsPRTHealing done with Celestial Blessing (W)
    KayleGaze at the starsGUEChampions slain with Skyfire Sword (E)
    KayleDivine InterventionsPRTChampion kills after dealing damage with Divine Judgment (R)
    KaynInside outBROChampions killed within 5 seconds of infesting them with Threshold Violation (R)
    KaynShadowy DistanceGUITotal distance traveled through the walls with Shadow Pass (E)
    KaynQuick MissionsEMPNumber of times Darkin's Scythe (P) was activated in less than 13 minutes
    KennanTempest MenaceGUAMultiple champion stuns (3 or more) during Slicing Tempest (R)
    KennanElectric currentGUIChampions impaled during Lightning Rush (E)
    KennanPower OverloadGUEKiller Champions with Electric Voltage (W)
    Kha'ZixRise de VidaPRTHealing received with Void Spikes (W)
    Kha'ZixInputs and OutputsBROChampions killed within 3 seconds of using Leap (E)
    Kha'ZixI did not see it comingEMPChampions killed within 3 seconds of activating Invisible Threat (P)
    KindredMaster of the MarksGUIAmount of Marks of the Kindred (P) collected from jungle monsters, epic monsters, and champion takedowns
    KindredCurse of the WolfGUEChampions slain with Rising Terror (E)
    KindredDazzling RescuesPRTAllied champion kills avoided with Lamb's Relief (R)
    KledRural gadgetEMPNumber of times Bear Trap (Q) dragged champions
    KledEmboldenedGUINumber of times Skaarl was reinvocated with Courage (P3) away from your base
    KledLet's go to the load !!!EMPHits to champions with the maximum charge of ¬°¬°A la Cargaaaaaaa !!! (R)
    Kog'MawUnder the ArtilleryGUEChampions killed with Living Artillery (R)
    Kog'MawExpectoracióonBROAttacks against champions out of maximum range due to Bioarchite Bolt (W)
    Kog'MawMultiple suppurationsEMPDamage dealt to multiple champions (2 or more) with Oozing Void (E)
    The WhiteLethal DistortionsBROChampions killed within 3 seconds of using Distortion (W)
    The WhiteDelusionsBRONumber of times Mirror Image (P) has been self-attacked, or hit with a champion ability
    The WhiteEvilGUISigil of Evil (Q) Marks consumed on champions
    Read withoutResonant MurdersEMPChampions killed within 3 seconds of hitting them with Resonant Strike (Q)
    Read withoutIron DefenderPRTDamage mitigated on allies or yourself with Safeguard (W1)
    Read withoutDeath KickEMPChampions thrown at your team with Dragon's Fury (R)
    LeonaSolar CrushingGUAChampions reached with the Solar Flare core area (R)
    LeonaFrom the heartPRTDamage mitigated with Eclipse (W)
    LeonaSword BreakGUADawn Shield (Q) stuns champions after attacking Zenith Sword (E) on the same target
    lilliaGood NightBROChampions reached with the central area of ‚Äč‚ÄčBeware! Hip! (W) while they were asleep
    lilliaThey did not know where it came fromEMPChampions hit by Long Range Whirlpool Seeds (E) (over 2000 range)
    lillia¬°Run, Lillia, Run!GUITotal time spent with maximum stacks of Blossoming Strikes (P)
    LissandraCold GripsGUAMultiple Champion Freezes (2 or more) with Ring of Frost (W)
    LissandraCautivadorGUEDamage dealt to champions with Frozen Slaves converted with Cold Subjugation (P)
    LissandraChilly AftershocksGUEChampions killed within 5 seconds of taking damage from Frozen Tomb (R)
    LucianAsh and DustGUEChampions killed with The Sacrifice (R)
    LucianSpectacular ShotEMPChampions hit with Striking Light (Q) that weren't its primary target
    LucianOutlawGUILight Bullet (P) activations against champions
    LuluAccelerated GrowthGUAAirdrop multiple champions (2 or more) with Enormation (R)
    LuluPix to the rescuePRTTotal damage mitigated with Help Pix! (AND)
    LuluFragile!GUIChampion takedowns within 5 seconds of being polymorph with Caprice (W)
    LuxuryLight LasersGUEChampions killed with Final Spark (R)
    LuxuryPrism ProtectionPRTTotal damage mitigated with Prismatic Barrier (W)
    LuxuryOpticsGUIEnlightenment (P) activations against champions
    Master YiEvasionsBROSkill shots dodged with Alpha Strike (Q)
    Master YiYou're nextEMPMultiple champion kills (2 or more) during Unstoppable (R)
    Master YiZen lifePRTTotal damage mitigated with Meditation (W)
    malphiteMountain LandslidesEMPHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Unstoppable Strength (R)
    malphiteFragment RotationGUEChampions killed with Seismic Shard (Q)
    malphiteMade of GranitePRTTotal damage mitigated with Granite Shield (P)
    MalzaharDeath GripsGUEChampion kills while under the effects of Hell Grip (R)
    MalzaharVoid EntitiesGUITotal Void Entities summoned with Void Swarm (W)
    MalzaharExtended EverywhereGUETotal damage dealt to champions with Malefic Visions (E)
    MaokaiAdvanced Thorny CrushGUAChampions thrown backward with Spiny Smash (Q) after being pinned with Twisted Advance (W)
    MaokaiFar from the TreeBROChampions reached with empowered suckers from Young Toss (E)
    MaokaiImmobilizing NatureGUAChampions immobilized with Nature's Grip (R)
    Miss FortuneLethal shootingsEMPChampions Killed with Gunshot (R)
    Miss Fortune2x1 SpecialEMPNumber of times Double Bullet (Q) second shot was a guaranteed critical hit on champions
    Miss FortuneGangwayGUITotal distance traveled with maximum stacks of Flaunt (PW)
    MordekaiserTogether foreverGUEChampions killed within the Realm of Death during Realm of Death (R)
    MordekaiserMetallic stormGUITotal time with Increasing Darkness (P) active
    MordekaiserYou, in particularEMPIsolated champions hit with Annihilation (Q)
    MorganaSoulmatesGUAStuns of multiple champions (2 or more) with Shackles of the Soul (R)
    MorganaSure BindingsEMPLong-range Dark (Q) spells (75% or more of maximum) on champions
    MorganaNot under my guardPRTNumber of times Black Shield (E) prevented a crowd control effect
    NamiBubblyGUAChampions stunned with Water Prison (Q)
    NamiTidal DamageGUITotal damage dealt by you or allied champions to champions, minions, or monsters with the boosted attacks of Blessing of the Tide (E)
    NamiLethal WavesGUAMultiple Champion Airdrops (3 or more) with Tidal Wave (R)
    NasusAccumulated AccumulationsGUINumber of stacks of Absorbing Strike (Q) gained on minions, monsters, and champions
    NasusCrazy dogGUEChampions killed during Clash of the Sands (R)
    NasusCurse TimeGUATotal slow time against champions with Wither (W)
    NautilusAnchorsGUAHits against champions with Dredge Line (Q)
    NautilusImmersion CombosGUATimes a champion was hit by Dredge Line (Q), Master Strike (P), and Troubled Water (E) (in any order) within 4 seconds
    NautilusIraGUETotal damage dealt to champions with attacks empowered by Titan's Wrath (W)
    NeekoWalkthroughsBROMultiple champion hits (2 or more) with Wild Detonation (R)
    NeekoFloral RepeatEMPNumber of times all three Bursts of Flower Burst (Q) hit the same champion
    NeekoSneaky TomatoBRONumber of times the Essence Division (W) clone has been self-attacked, or hit by an ability
    NidaleeCat runGUEChampions killed with Takedown (Cougar Q)
    NidaleeAccurate SpearsEMPJavelin hits (human Q) that travel more than 750 units on champions
    NidaleeThrashingBROTraps (Human W) activated by enemy champions
    nocturneShrouded in DarknessGUEChampions killed while Paranoia (R) is active
    nocturneDenial of DarknessBROAmount of abilities blocked with Mantle of Darkness (W)
    nocturnePenumbraPRTTotal healing received from Penumbra Blades (S)
    Nunu y WillumpChilling AssistsGUIChampion takedowns within 3 seconds of being under the effects of Absolute Zero (R)
    Nunu y WillumpConsumptionPRTTotal healing received from Voracity (Q)
    Nunu y WillumpSuper SnowballsBROChampions hit with a Giant Snowball! (W) fully charged
    OlafWild AbandonGUEAmount of true damage dealt to champions with Reckless Lance (E)
    OlafI can not stop!PRTCrowd control effects rejected or removed with Ragnarok (R)
    OlafWhy are you running?GUEKilled enemy champions who were hit by 2 or more Sea Current casts (Q) within 10 seconds
    OriannaClockwork ShieldPRTDamage mitigated with command: Protect (E)
    OriannaVery Shocking WavesEMPHits from multiple champions (3 or more) with Order: Shockwave (R)
    OriannaCross Country TripGUITotal distance traveled by the Ball with Command: Attack (Q) or Command: Protect (E)
    OrnnCertified OwnerGUIToral of objects armed with Living Forge (S)
    OrnnLandslidesGUINumber of times Living Forge (P) backcast has been triggered on champions affected by Frailty
    OrnnBearded LungesGUAAirdrop of multiple champions (2 or more) with call from the God of the Forge (R)
    PantheonPerfect DefensePRTDamage mitigated by Assault Aegis (E)
    PantheonTakes allGUEChampions killed with Comet Lance (Q)
    PantheonExecutioner from HeavenBROChampions reached with Great Starburst (R)
    poppyDamage BannedPRTDamage blocked with Iron Ambassador (P)
    poppyDenialsGUAChampion shifts denied by Undying Presence (W)
    poppyGet out of hereGUATotal distance traveled by champions hit by Guardian's Verdict (R) charged hits
    PykePhantasmal dazeGUAHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with a single Phantom Stream (E)
    PykeFrom the DepthsEMPChampions killed with re-releases of From the Deep (R)
    PykeDrowning DistanceGUITotal distance traveled during Spectral Waters (W)
    QiyanaWith a RingGUEChampions killed with Edge of Ixtal (Q)
    QiyanaPrivilegedGUIRoyal Privilege (P) activations against champions
    QiyanaExceed expectationsEMPHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Supreme Talent (R)
    QuinnAcrobaticsGUITotal distance traveled with Assault (E)
    QuinnRuthlessGUETotal bonus damage dealt to champions under the effects of Vulnerable with Skirmisher (P)
    QuinnAir SupportBROChampions killed within 5 seconds of exiting Behind Enemy Lines (R)
    RakanDance Floor DefensePRTTotal damage mitigated with Combat Dance (E)
    RakanThe center of attentionGUAMultiple champion enchantments (2 or more) with Haste (R)
    RakanCaptivating EntriesGUAMultiple champion airdrops (2 or more) with Grand Tackle (W)
    RammusVery wellBROChampions killed by reflected damage from Defensive Position (W)
    RammusOKGUITakedowns of champions under the effects of Frenzy Taunt (E)
    RammusYesGUITotal distance traveled during Rolling Ball (Q)
    Rek'SaiShark AttacksGUEChampions killed with Void Rush (R)
    Rek'SaiIn Search of the PreyEMPLong Range Trackers (Q) (75% or more of maximum) on champions
    Rek'SaiI'll take the subwayGUITunnels (E) taken that were previously created
    RellNever an OptionBROChampions stunned by Ferromancy (W) and Attract and Repel (E) with a 1 second interval between them
    RellbreakshieldsGUITotal value of shields destroyed with Devastating Strike (Q)
    RellGet over you 1GUAChampions under the effect of Magnetic Storm (R) for its total duration
    RenektonAngry CrocodileGUIChampions reached by abilities empowered with Realm of Wrath (P)
    RenektonCroco CombosEMPChampions reached by 3 skills in 3 seconds
    RenektonChoppedEMPChampions achieved by both Slicing and Slicing (E)
    RengarMurders under AdrenalineBROChampions killed within 3 seconds of leaving Hunter's Adrenaline Camouflage (R)
    RengarCollector KittenEMPNumber of times Bonetooth Necklace (P3) has been completed
    RengarRompecombosEMPNumber of times crowd control effects were removed with Battle Roar (W) boosted
    RivenRunic AttacksGUIRunic Sword (P) stacks consumed with auto-attacks on champions
    RivenCombosEMPNumber of times all three Broken Wings (Q) hits hit the same champion
    RivenRaging WindsGUEChampions killed with Wind Slash (R2)
    RumbleWarm HandsGUEBonus damage dealt to champions after overheating with Junkyard Titan (P)
    RumbleScrap SaviorPRTTotal damage mitigated with Scrap Shield (W)
    RumbleLand on FireGUIChampion takedowns within 5 seconds of being under the effects of The Balancer (R)
    RyzeRunic jailerGUAChampions Rooted with Runic Prison (W) on targets under the effects of Flux
    RyzeDistorted AmbushesBROChampions killed within 10 seconds of using Environment Distortion (R)
    RyzeSpell throwerEMPChampions hit by Electric Shock (Q) after Spell Flow bounces (E)
    SamiraThere you goGUAChampions thrown through the air with Reckless Rush (S)
    SamiraDeniedPRTUltimate Skill Projectiles locked with Whirlwind Slash (W)
    SamiraimpecableGUEKills of multiple champions (2 or more) with Hell Trigger (R)
    SejuaniPermagelid murdersGUIChampion takedowns within 5 seconds of being under the effects of Glacial Prison (R)
    SejuaniFrozen dinnerGUEDamage dealt to champions with Icebreaker (P)
    SejuaniMultiple FrozenEMPChampions reached by both halves of Winter's Wrath (W)
    SennaFinal twilightGUIChampion takedowns within 3 seconds of being under the effects of Shadow Cannon (R)
    SennaRedemptionGUIFog stacks (P) collected
    SennaFantasy ShotsEMPChampions hit with Lacerating Darkness (Q) that weren't its primary target
    SeraphineFrom Fans to StansBROHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Another! (R)
    SeraphineSurroundGUACrowd control improvements with Feel the Rhythm! (AND)
    SeraphineStardomGUETotal damage dealt with Scenic Presence (P)
    Sept.Crushed SkullsGUAChampions stunned with Now Kiss Each Other (E)
    Sept.Annihilated WeaknessesGUEChampions killed with Showtime (R)
    Sept.Broken JawsEMPTrue damage dealt to champions with my Turn (W)
    ShacoJokes before you dieGUEChampions killed with Double Edged Poison (E)
    ShacoTricksBRONumber of times the Hallucination (R) clone has been self-attacked or hit by an ability
    ShacoAnnoying ToysBROInvisible Surprise Boxes (W) activated by champions
    ShenSafe havenPRTAttacks blocked with Refuge of the Spirit (W)
    ShenTwilight TimeGUATotal slow time against champions with Twilight Attack (Q)
    Shenunexpected guestPRTEnemies provoked with Shadow Attack (E) within 2 seconds of arriving with United (R)
    ShyvanaHighway to HellGUITotal distance traveled during Burn (W)
    ShyvanaDracocidioGUIDragon's Daughter's Fury stacks (P) generated by slaying dragons
    ShyvanaHalitosisGUEChampions slain with Fire Breath (E) in dragon form
    singedZaun Racing TeamGUIDistance traveled while under the effects of Mad Potion (R)
    singedMaster of ThrowsGUAChampions thrown with Throw (E) that land on Mega Sticker (W)
    singedDon't chase meGUETotal damage dealt to champions with Trace of Poison (Q)
    SionWell fedGUIBonus health gained from Soul Furnace (W)
    SionThe Train of PainEMPChampions hit with Unstoppable Onslaught (R) after reaching maximum speed
    SionImpacts chargedGUAAirdropped Champions with Annihilating Strike (Q)
    sivirsecret shieldBROSkills Blocked with Anihechizos Shield (E)
    sivirWhat Easy Comes ...EMPChampions hit twice with a single Boomerang Blade cast (Q)
    sivirAlways on the huntGUISpeed ‚Äč‚Äčboost to multiple champions (2 or more) with Huntress (R)
    SkarnerDragged to DeathGUIChampion takedowns within 5 seconds of being impaled (R)
    SkarnerGem StunsGUAChampions stunned with Fracture Crystalline Poison (E) activations
    SkarnerLocal AdvantageGUEChampions killed with the bonus effect of Crystal Needles (P)
    SonaDance partiesGUAHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Crescendo (R)
    SonaLet the bass rumbleGUEChampions reached with Power Chord Auto Attack (P)
    SonaRejuvenating RhythmPRTHealing performed with Aria of Perseverance (W)
    SorakaStellar StunsGUAChampions Pinned with Equinox (E)
    SorakaStar ReleasesGUEChampions reached by Star Summon (Q)
    SorakaLast PrayersPRTChampions with low health (less than 40%) healed with Prayer (R)
    SwainThrown AwayGUAChampions washed away with Flock (P1)
    SwainBird catcherEMPPinned Champions with Long Range Never Again (E) (75% or more of maximum)
    SwainDemon DemolisherGUEChampion kills during Demon Rise (R)
    SylasExecutor HealPRTFull Heal with Kingslayer (W)
    SylasTurn of RebellionGUEChampions reached with Petricite Burst (S)
    SylasDo not hit yourselfBROChampions killed within 6 seconds of dealing damage to enemies with their own ultimate
    SyndraOrb BombardmentEMPChampions killed with casts of 5 or more orbs of Unleashed Power (R)
    SyndraWeak ScatteredGUAChampions stunned with Scatter the Weak (E)
    SyndraA questionEMPChampions hit with Dark Spheres, minions, monsters, or pets with Willpower (W)
    Soot KenchLike coffeeGUINumber of times champions received maximum stacks of An Acquired Taste (P)
    Soot KenchOn the River PiltGUIChampion takedowns within 10 seconds of landing with Abyssal Voyage (R)
    Soot KenchUndercity of the BeastPRTAllied champions with low health (less than 25%) devoured with Devour (W)
    TaliyahAnother StoneEMPChampions hit with all 5 missiles in a Stone Barrage (Q)
    TaliyahSurferGUIAmount of time on Rock Surfer (P)
    TaliyahSeismic EarthEMPChampions hit with Unleashed Earth (E) after being thrown with Seismic Shove (W)
    HeelShadow AssassinationsEMPChampions hit within 3 seconds of hitting them with Shadow Assault (R)
    HeelWithout a traceBROJumps over walls with Assassin's Path (E) 10 seconds before or after killing a champion.
    HeelOpen veinsGUEBleed damage to champions from wounds inflicted with Blade's Edge activations (P)
    TaricDazzling UnderminesGUAStuns of multiple champions (2 or more) with Glare (E)
    TaricThe touchPRTFull heal done with Starlight Touch (Q)
    TaricRadiant PresenceGUIChampion takedowns within 5 seconds of allies being under the effects of Cosmic Radiance (R)
    TeemoBlinded by hateBROChampion attacks that missed due to Blinding Dart (Q)
    TeemoFadingGUEChampions killed by a Toxic Shot (XP) activation
    TeemoActivated MushroomsBROChampions reached with Noxious Trap (R)
    ThreshOut of the TraditionalGUABox Walls (R) Knocked Down By Champions
    ThreshCruel GuardianGUAHits against champions with Death Sentence (Q)
    ThreshClickGUIAllies transported with Dark Passage (W)
    TristanaProjectile KnockdownGUADisplaced Champions with Deflecting Shot (R)
    TristanaGreat ArtilleryGUEExplosive Charges (E) detonated to the maximum on champions
    TristanaMultiple jumpsGUIRocket Jump Resets (W)
    TrundleTaxPRTFull Heal with Subjugate (R)
    TrundleDangerous PillarsGUIChampion takedowns within 5 seconds of hitting an enemy with the Ice Pillar Center Pillar (E)
    TrundleKing's PrivilegeBROEnemies killed with their attack damage 'borrowed' with Chew (Q)
    TryndamereImmortal Furious AssassinationsGUEChampions slaying while Immortal Fury (R) is active
    TryndamereSavage AttacksGUEConsecutive critical hit attacks against the same champion
    TryndamereBarbaric lifePRTFull Heal with Bloodlust (Q)
    Twisted fateGood handEMPLong Range Wilds (Q) (75% or more of max) on champions
    Twisted fateTimely ArrivalsBROChampions killed within 5 seconds of teleporting with Destiny (R)
    Twisted fateIs this your letter?GUAChampions stunned with Pick a Card (W) Gold Card
    TwitchOf the SewersBROChampions killed within 5 seconds of exiting stealth with Ambush (Q)
    TwitchMulti-Range PoisonEMPMultiple champion kills (2 or more) within 8 seconds of hitting them with Missile Rain (R)
    TwitchVirulenceEMPChampions hit with Contaminate (E) with maximum stacks of Deadly Poison (P)
    UdyrFlow like waterGUITotal time with maximum stacks of Monkey Agility (P)
    UdyrBear StrikesGUAChampions stunned by Bear's Position auto-attack (E)
    UdyrFierce StanceGUEBonus damage to champions, large or epic monsters with Tiger Stance auto-attacks (Q)
    UrgotWhatever it takesEMPConsecutive shots of Reverberant Flames (P) on the same champion within 4 seconds
    UrgotShredded FactsGUEChampions Devoured with Fear of the Afterlife (R)
    UrgotImposing LaunchesGUAChampions Thrown with Disdain (E)
    VarusCorruptionGUAHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with a single Corruption Chain (R)
    VarusShooting at TargetEMPChampions hit with Piercing Arrow's max charge (Q)
    VarusInfectionEMPMaximum Infection Stacks (PW) detonated on champions
    VayneAction AcrobaticsBROAmount of Skill Shots Dodge with Somersault (Q)
    VayneClimaxGUEChampions killed during Final Hour (R)
    VayneDamned foolsBROChampions thrown with Condemnation (E) onto map terrain or champion generated terrain
    WeighsPenGUAMultiple champions (2 or more) caught in Event Horizaon (E)
    WeighsCtrl + Alt + DelGUEChampions killed with Primordial Blast (R)
    WeighsAccumulated EvilGUIPhenomenal Evil Power stacks (P) obtained from champions, minions, or monsters
    Vel'Koz4D chessEMPChampions reached with the Plasma Fission Missile Division (Q)
    Vel'KozDisruptivoGUAAirdrops of multiple champions (2 or more) with Tectonic Disruption (E)
    Vel'KozRays of DeathGUEChampions killed with Disintegration Beam (R)
    ViDemolitionsEMPChampions hit with Vaultbreaker (Q) at maximum range
    ViV for VicePRTTotal damage mitigated with Explosive Shield (P)
    Vi¬°Now, Now, Now!EMPChampions hit with 4 hits (attacks or abilities) within 2 seconds
    ViegoSpectral StunGUAChampions stunned by Spectral Maw's maximum duration (W)
    ViegoBroken heartsGUEChampions killed with Heartbreaker (R)
    ViegoIn his shoesGUEDamage dealt to campones when possessing a soul (P)
    ViktorGravitasGUAChampions stunned with Gravity Field (W)
    ViktorElectrocuted FeetEMPChampions hit twice with Empowered Death Ray (E)
    ViktorChaos KingdomGUEChampions killed with Chaos Storm (R)
    VladimirBlood BathsEMPHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Hemoplague (R)
    VladimirHedonismGUECrimson Rush (CP) empowered Transfusions (Q) on champions
    VladimirBloody StumblingBROSkill Shots Dodge with Pool of Blood (W)
    volibearFlatten themGUEChampions killed with Summoner of Storms (R)
    volibear Bear BrakesGUAChampions struck through the air with Majestic Roar (E)
    volibear BitesGUEChampions killed with Frenzy (W)
    volibear Prepare the AuctionEMPChampions thrown at allies with Throwing Thunder (Q)
    volibearAll you can eatPRTFull healing received from Frenzy Claw (W)
    volibearThunder and lightningEMPChampions damaged by Skybreaker (E) while stunned by Thunder Shock (Q)
    WarwickBloody TourGUIDistance traveled while following the Blood Hunt blood trail (W)
    WarwickPrimal TerrorsGUATimes multiple champions (2 or more) were terrified with Primal Howl (E)
    WarwickFlying WarwickBROLong-range Infinite Oppressions (R) (using bonus movement speed range) on champions
    WukongCirrostratusEMPMultiple champion hits (2 or more) with a single Nimbus Strike (E)
    WukongRampant TwistsGUAMultiple champion pitches (2 or more) with Cyclone (R)
    WukongMonadasBRONumber of times the Prankster Warrior (W) clone has been self-attacked or hit with an ability
    XayahThrough youEMPChampion hits with attacks that pierce through enemies with Clean Cuts (S)
    XayahLight as a FeatherGUEChampions killed within 3 seconds of reaching them with Featherstorm (R)
    XayahSpatial perceptionGUAChampions Rooted with Summoner Blades (E)
    XerathEye of the StormEMPChampions reached with the Eye of Destruction center (W)
    XerathArcane AccuracyGUEChampions killed with Rite of the Arcane (R)
    XerathPrecision PulseEMPLong-range Arcane (Q) Pulses (75% or more of maximum) on champions
    Xin ZhaoDuels 1V1GUEChampions killed while Crescent Guard (R) is active
    Xin ZhaoSpearheadEMPLong-range (75% or more of maximum) casts of Wind Turns Storm (W) on champions
    Xin ZhaoBeaten!GUAChampions thrown through the air with Triple Claw Strike (Q)
    YasuoEngaging ProjectilesPRTProjectiles blocked with Wind Wall (W)
    YasuoThe Wind RisesEMPHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Last Breath (R)
    YasuoWith the wind againstEMPLong range (3% or more of max) Steel Tempest Whirls (Q75) on champions
    I neFinal lessonGUAHits from multiple champions (2 or more) with Fate Sealed (R)
    I neLate deathPRTTotal damage mitigated by Spirit Slicing (W)
    I neIs already deadGUEEnemy Champions killed with Soul Unleashed (E)
    YorickTrapped SoulsGUAChampions trapped within or displaced with Dark Procession (W)
    YorickAwakeGUIMist beings summoned with Awakening (Q2)
    YorickAll insideEMPNumber of times 4 Mists have attacked a champion marked with Mourning Mist (E)
    YuumiCat GrassPRTTotal healing on allies with Accelerate! (E)
    YuumiLethal LiteratureGUAMultiple Champion Roots (2 or more) with Last Pages (R)
    YuumiProwlEMPChampions hit with empowered Stalking Missiles (Q)
    ZacThe threatEMPChampions hit with long-range Bungee Sling (E) (75% or more of maximum)
    ZacGreen puddingGUIAmount of Particles (P1) collected
    ZacBounces and More BouncesGUAMultiple champions reached (3 or more) with Let's Rebound! (R)
    ZedMy shadow is thereGUIReduced seconds of Living Shadow's cooldown (W) when hitting enemies with Shadow Slash (E)
    ZedIt is not personalBROChampions slaying with Deathmark Mark damage (R)
    ZedRazor StormEMPChampions hit twice or more with a single throw of Shuriken Razor (Q)
    ZiggsDemolitionsGUINumber of turrets destroyed with Concentrated Charge (W)
    ZiggsThe correctEMPChampions reached with the Mega Hell Bomb Core Area (R)
    ZiggsPass over!EMPChampions hit with long-range Bouncy Bombs (Q) (50% or more of base range)
    Zilean3 PointsGUAAmount of stuns on champions with Time Bomb (Q)
    ZileanPrivate TutorGUITotal experience awarded to allies with Bottled Time (P)
    ZileanNot yet!PRTNumber of times you or your allies revived with Time Travel (R)
    ZoePing Pong ChampionEMPChampions hit by Jumping Stars (Q) dealing more than 175% of their base damage due to distance traveled
    ZoeWhoever finds it, keeps itGUINumber of Spell Fragments collected from Spell Thief (W)
    ZoeWake up, Sleeper!BROChampions killed within 3 seconds of falling asleep by Sleepy Bubble (E)
    ZyraDPS PetsGUEDamage dealt to champions with Thorn Spitter and Vine Lasher
    ZyraImmobilizing rootsGUALong-range (75% or more of max) Trapping Roots (E) on champions
    ZyraCrooked and ThornyGUAMultiple Champion Airdrops (2 or more) with Stranglethorn (R)


    • The 'The Guide' and 'The Protector' assets used in the ad blog have the reverse names (ie 'The Guide' is using an image with 'protector' in the file name).
    • Although classified as a Common Eternal, 'Earned Gold' was only available in Gangplank when it was initially released on the PBE.
    • It is unclear if some of the Eternal deities are also celestial Aspects as some of them share titles and characteristics. They have been described as ancient gods of Runeterra. [3]


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