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    Vladimir / Strategy

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    Pau Monfort
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    Tips at the beginning of the game.

    Well, the strategy to play with Valdimir is very easy. You go and take their lives and ahhh!

    Strategy, play passive in the first minutes of the game, remember that Vladimir gets 1 AP point from every 40 point of life, which gives you the opportunity to be the tank of the game, and doing a lot of damage at the same time .

    1. Maxing the Q and using the E to farm faster, take into account that the E costs you life, I recommend playing with runes, marks of magic penetration, fifths of ability power, glyphs of reduction of cooldown, which will allow you to harass To the rival line constantly with your Q and the armor seals, of these you cannot do without, since in most of the games there are more AD champions than AP in the rival teams.
    2.  It is practically impossible to beat fiddelstick, it is the perfect vladimir counter, you need a lot of help from your jugla to beat him on the line
    3.  Don't be afraid to jump under the tower and apply the REQW combo (the pool of blood automatically removes the enemy tower's shot) be careful and do not try if the jg is not in another line. Try to be close to the edge to evade the Turret shots with the W and thus make the combo more effective
    4.  Buying a wards or updating the totem will help you avoid the jg and his ganks since you will be only in the top lane and Vladimir lacks leaks due to the long cooldown of his W (This is basic for each champion and is not used by many players)


    That you are a tank, but you are also the AP car. your R lowers life per second before exploding and lowering them a considerable amount of life, when lagging your R I recommend igniting the weakest champion you see to kill him or make him weaker.

    Sequence of Skills.

    Our first objective is to weaken our enemy with "Q" and "E" until the exact moment comes to apply our ultimate ability, which, not only to apply damage after 5 seconds, but also increases our damage towards infected enemies in 12%, achieving an immense amount of damage in area. The moment we use our Ultimate, we continue with a "Pool of Blood" (W) to finish Spamming "Tranfusion" (Q) and "Red Tide" (E) everywhere.

    Pros and cons.


    Great Sustain

    Large Area Damage

    He can dodge Skills with his "W"

    Line Phase Failure vs. Melee characters

    Has a great late game

    He stands out for pressing lines with his "E"


    It is very slow

    Has low base resistance early game

    Vulnerable to stuns and slows, leaving you defenseless.

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