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  • Yuumi is voiced by Estefanía Piedra in LATAM and by Belén Rodríguez in EUW.
  • Stay still while you are attached will not trigger AFK measures.
  • The icon of You and I! It is reused for the Teamfight Tactics 20px item Yuumi, named after him.


  • The visual goals for Yuumi included creating a nice stand due to not having done it in quite a while. [1]
  • A discarded name for Magic Swat was Protecc / Attacc. [2]
  • Yuumi's name in development was Gatolibro. [3]
  • You and I! was a skill originally tested on Xayah and Rakan, when one of them died, his spirit would join the other and allow him to continue playing. [4]
  • Yuumi's prototype model was a Zoe Cyber ​​Pop recolored. [5]
  • The prototype particle of Stalking Projectile was a cat from one of the aspects of Lulu. [6]
  • Several discarded abilities tested on Yuumi include: [7] [8]
    • A miniature version of Distortion of the Environment.
    • A version of his ultimate ability that allowed him to team up with enemies and knock them down until they hit the ground.
    • A version of Stalking projectile that would charge for a second and then fire at an incredibly fast speed.
    • A spell that would cast a boomerang-type orb that would allow Yuumi to launch her abilities from the projectile.


  • Yuumi is a magical cat familiar to a Yordle sorceress named Norra.
  •  The Book of Thresholds was originally written by a Yordle anthropologist to study how Yordle magic works and how Yordles traverse the spirit realm. It has been supplemented over the years by generations of Yordle wizards who explored the various gateways to and from Bandle City. [9]
  • The Book of Thresholds received sensitivity from one of its previous owners to protect itself from those who would use its powers for evil. [10] [11]
  • Yuumi and Book have been looking for Norra for about 4 years. [12]


  • Yuumi bears a striking resemblance, both in appearance and function, to the Clave rune Invocation: Aery.
  • His illustration shows Yuumi inside her Master Norra's house in Bandle City.
  • Yuumi's tail functions as a rudder for Book. [13]
Yuumi Combat Director
Chromas: Citrine, Formal, Granite, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
  • This skin shares the Combat Academy theme with:
    • Caitlyn Combat Academy
    • Ezreal Combat Academy
    • Garen Combat Academy
    • Jayce Academia from Combate
    • Katarina Combat Academy
    • Leona Combat Academy
    • Lux Combat Academy
    • Wukong Combat Academy
    • Yone Combat Academy
    • Graves Combat Teacher
    • Leona Combat Academy Prestigious Edition
    • Lux Combat Academy Prestigious Edition
  • This skin is likely a reference to Minerva McGonagall from the Harry Potter series.
Yuumi Heartseeker
Chromas: Aquamarine, Catseye, Citrine, Granite, Pearl, Ruby, Tanzanite
  • This skin shares the Heartbreaker theme with:
    • I saw Heartbreaker
    • Heartbreaker Fiora
    • Ashe Heartseeker
    • Jinx Buscacorazones
    • Lucian Heartseeker
    • Orianna Buscacorazones
    • Quinn Heartseeker
    • Heartseeker Varus
    • Vayne Buscacorazones
    • Sweetheart Annie
    • Rakan Cariñosito
    • Sweetheart Sona
    • Sweetheart Xayah
  • She shares her illustration with Jinx Buscacorazones.
    • Sweetheart Annie and Orianna Heartseeker can be seen in the background of her illustration.
  • Each of its chromas gives it different coat colors and patterns that are based on real cat breeds.
  • When Yuumi recovers, the drawings of Garen and Katarina can be seen on the pages of  Book.
  • When Yuumi uses Last Pages, You can see various images on the ground. These are all references to Heartbreaker, such as:
    • Sweetheart Annie
    • Ashe Heartseeker
    • Heartbreaker Fiora
    • Orianna Buscacorazones
    • Quinn Heartseeker
    • Rakan Cariñosito and Sweetheart Xayah
    • I saw Heartbreaker
Chromas: Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
  • This skin shares the Bees! with:
    • Kog'Miel
    • Singed Apicultor
    • Zumbeemo
    • Mielzahar


  • Yuumi and the  Book of Thresholds have become fast friends, united by their love for Norra.
  • On his Universe page it is stated that Yuumi (o  Book) has relationships with Lulu, Tristana and Teemo, possibly during the time in Bandle City as Norra's familiar (or as a guide).
    •  Book (and possibly Yuumi) has observed a Draven and Tamara during their return journey from Basilich to Noxus Prime. Lulu and Tristana were also seen fighting the Noxians in a retreat. Libro has no fondness for Noxians and their violent tendencies.
  • During their travels, Yuumi and Book have encountered Braum. Yuumi rested on his shoulders for a time, protecting him from the angry snow spirits that churned up gusts in a hailstorm, as he brought her squirming fish.
  • Yuumi and Book were attacked by Rek'Sai while investigating the ruins at Shurima.


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