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    Basic attack

    "AA" redirects here. For the item, see Staff of the Archangel.

    Un basic attack (also called autoattack o AA) is the default means by which a unit deals damage. Champions use basic attacks when right-clicking on an enemy unit; basic attacks are also executed when a champion who is inactive is approached by an enemy unit, or when the "move attack" function is used (default Shift + right click). Champions will not automatically attack units within range if the "stop" command is used (by default, "S"). Monsters and minions perform basic attacks as their only method of dealing damage. The nature of these auto attacks is similar to that of champions, dealing damage based on the unit's Attack Damage (AD) and using an attack timer that is affected by Attack Speed ​​(AS).


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      • 2.3 Minions
      • 2.4 Turrets
      • 2.5 Vision
    • 3 Damage
    • 4 Attack Speed
    • 5 Powered Basic Attacks
      • 5.1 Permanently
      • 5.2 Periodically
      • 5.3 Damage Over Time (DoT)
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    auto attacking

    Using basic attacks can be disabled from the in-game menu so that a champion does not start attacking if not commanded.



    Basic attacks cannot be dodged under normal circumstances. That is, once a basic attack has been launched from the attacker, it will not miss the target and will follow it despite its subsequent position changes. Certain abilities cause basic attacks to fail, either because they are dodged, blocked, negated, missed (Blind), or deflected.


    When using a move attack, the champion will stay put to attack any hostile that comes between him and his target. If the champion has a target within range, he will continuously attack it with basic attacks. If that target moves away from the champion's range, the champion will pursue it until a new target is specified, or a cancel order is executed (by pressing the letter S or specifying another movement order), or lose sight of the target.

    Many champions also have abilities that affect their basic attacks in some way. Such abilities are treated as basic attacks and are said to apply on-hit effects.


    Minions automatically attack their closest enemy, but can switch targets similar to turrets. See the behavior section of the minions page for more details.


    The behavior of the turrets is described in the corresponding page as well as the damage that their basic attacks do (which increases with each hit).


    Using basic attacks from a brush or fog of war will reveal the attacking unit, and in the bush specifically it will also reveal allies, for a few seconds.


    Basic attacks always deal physical damage unless one of the following abilities is used, in which case all damage from it will be magic damage.

    • Devastating Strike of poppy
    • Mace of Spades Mace of Spades Mordekaiser
    • Choose a Letter from Twisted fate

    However, certain items, abilities, or passives can cause them to deal bonus magic damage on that physical damage basis. Basic attack damage benefits from the attacker's attack damage and is reduced by the target's armor.

    When using a basic attack on a turret, the damage is based on the base attack damage plus the extra attack damage or 40% of the champion's ability power, depending on which is greater. Even if the ability power is scaled on the basic attack, it is still full physical damage.

    Attack speed

    The frequency at which a champion auto-attacks is called attack speed and is limited to 2.5; this means that a champion can attack a maximum of 5 times in a 2 second period.

    Some abilities reset the attack timer and allow the champion to attack immediately if used after a basic attack.

    A list of skills that reset the attack time:

    • Power Fist of Blitzcrank
    • Disabling blow of Darius
    • masochism of Dr. World
    • Swift Frenzy of Elise
    • Burst Speed ​​Burst Speed Fiora
    • To regret Gangplank
    • Decisive Hit of Thread
    • Infernal Blade of Kassadin
    • Hard Lesson of Illaoi
    • Empowerment of Jax
    • Hyperload of Jayce
    • Shield of the Dawn of Leona
    • Relentless Pursuit of Lucian
    • Meditation Master Yi
    • Mace of Spades Mace of Spades Mordekaiser
    • Absorbing Strike Nasus
    • Titan's Wrath Nautilus
    • Knock down Nidalee
    • Wrath of the Queen of Rek'Sai
    • Relentless Predator of Renekton
    • Fierceness of Rengar
    • Empowered Fierceness Empowered Fierceness of Rengar
    • Broken wings of Riven
    • Mangual of the North Winds Sejuani
    • Twin bite of Shyvana
    • Bounce off sivir
    • Boomerang blade sivir
    • Power Chord of Sona
    • Noxian Diplomacy of Heel
    • Blinding Dart Teemo
    • Chew on Trundle
    • Somersault Vayne[1]
    • Excessive force of Vi
    • Throwing Thunder Throwing Thunder volibear
    • Crushing Blow of Wukong
    • Triple Claw Strike Xin Zhao
    • Omen of War Yorick

    Empowered Basic Attacks


    The basic attacks of certain champions are permanently boosted by some of their abilities or by their innate, such as:

    • Twin Disciplines Twin Disciplines of Akali (Innata)
    • Cursed Touch of Amumu (Innata)
    • Frost Shot of Ashe (Skill) Activate
    • Vorpaline Nails of Cho'Gath (Skill) Activate
    • Hextech Shrapnel Shells Hextech Shrapnel Shells Corki (Innata)
    • Hiten Style Hiten Style of Irelia (Skill) Passive
    • Relentless Assault of Jax (Innata)
    • Electrified Field of Jayce (Skill) Passive
    • Change of Arms! from Jinx (Skill)
      • Off — Pum-Pum, The Machine Gun:
      • Activated — Fishbones, The Rocket Launcher:
    • Infernal Blade of Kassadin (Skill) Passive
    • Sacred Fervor Sacred Fervor of Kayle (Innata)
    • Pix, Hadastic Companion of Lulu (Innata)
    • Brutal Attacks Brutal Attacks of Malphite (Skill) Passive
    • Impure Shots Impure Shots of Miss Fortune (Skill) Passive
    • Rope Mechanism Orianna (Passive)
    • Stab in the Back of Shaco (Innata)
    • Double Edged Poison Shaco (Skill) Passive
    • Pity pity House (Innata)
    • Toxic Shot of Teemo (Skill)
    • Peel off Thresh (Skill) Passive
    • Tiger's position Udyr (Skill) Persistent Effect
    • The Cursed Quiver of Varus (Skill)
    • Frenzy Frenzy of Volibear (Skill) Passive
    • Insatiable thirst for Warwick (Innata)
    • Challenge of Xin Zhao (Innata)
    • Seastone Trident of Fizz (Skill)


    The basic attacks of certain champions are periodically boosted by their innate abilities, such as:

    • Thirst for Blood of Aatrox (Skill)
    • Headshot of Caitlyn (Innata)
    • Silver Moon Razor Diana (Innate)
    • Seastone Trident of Fizz (Skill) Active
    • Hiten Style Hiten Style of Irelia (Skill) Active
    • Martial Cadence of Jarvan IV (Innata)
    • Grandmaster's Force Jax (Skill) Passive
    • Hyperload of Jayce (Skill) Active
    • Righteous Fury Righteous Fury of Kayle (Skill)
    • Electrical voltage Kennen (Skill)
    • Invisible Threat of Kha'Zix (Innata)
    • Bio-arcana Download Bio-arcana Download Kog'Maw (Skill)
    • Glowing Bullets Lucian (Innata)
    • Double Hit of Master Yi (Innata)
    • Impure Shots Impure Shots of Miss Fortune (Skill) Active
    • Blessing of the Tide of Nami (Skill)
    • Master Strike of Nautilus (Innate)
    • Razors of the Twilight Nocturne (Innate)
    • Harasser Quinn (Innata)
    • Power Chord of Sona (Innate)
    • Runic Sword of Riven (Innata)
    • Junkyard Titan Rumble (Innata)
    • Ki Strike Ki Strike Shen (Innate)
    • Bounce off Sivir (Skill)
    • Jewelry Taric (Innate)
    • Explosive Shot Explosive Shot of Tristana (Skill) Active
    • Call deck of Twisted Fate (Skill)
    • Phoenix's position Udyr (Skill) Persistent Effect
    • Silver Shells of Vayne (Skill)
    • Denting Blows Vi (Skill)
    • Thunder Claws Thunder Claws of Volibear (Skill) Active
    • Mana Overload of Xerath (Innata)
    • War cry war cry of Xin Zhao (Skill) Passive
    • Contempt for the Weak of Zed (Innata)
    • Short wick of Ziggs (Innata)

    Damage Over Time (DoT)

    The basic attacks of certain champions apply damage over time, such as:

    • Hemorrhage from Darius (Innata)
    • Seastone Trident of Fizz (Skill) Passive
    • Grog-Soaked Edge Grog-Soaked Edge of Gangplank (Innata)
    • Titan's Wrath Nautilus (Skill)
    • Toxic Shot of Teemo (Skill)
    • Deadly Poison of Twitch (Innata)


    1. ↑ This ability has a casting animation that delays the next basic attack, making the attack rate increase less effective; in fact it can decrease the attack rate if the champion's attack speed is high enough.

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