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    Karthus / LoL / Aesthetics

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    Valery Aloyants
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    Karthus View in 3D 790 / 11-jun-2009 Estatua de Karthus View in 3D 520 / 03-jul-2010 La Parca Karthus View in 3D 975 / 26-sep-2010 Karthus Pentakill View in 3D 750 / 28-ago-2011 Karthus Curse of Light View in 3D 975 / 17-nov-2016 Karthus Infernal View in 3D 1350 / 16-jul-2020 Karthus Pentakill III: Lost Chapter View in 3D 1350 / 08-sep-2021 La Parca Karthus - Chromas Blight Burn Energy Drink Frostbite Karthus Infernal - Chrome Amethyst citrine Emerald Rose Quartz Ruby Sapphire Karthus Pentakill III: Lost Chapter - Chromas Catseye Emerald Obsidian Pearl Rose Quartz Ruby Sapphire Tanzanite

    Legacy Chest

    Karthus Fantasmal View in 3D 460/13-ene-2010 Karthus Fnatic View in 3D 750 / 24-sep-2014


    Classic Karthus (Visual Update)Karthus Fnatic


    • series 1
    Posthumous Murders
    Champions killed during Death Challenge (P) Waste
    Isolated champions hit with Sow Desolation (Q) Requiem for a Team
    Champions killed with Requiem (R)


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