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    • Katarina is voiced by Cony Madera in LATAM, who also voices the tutorial voice and by Ana Esther Alborg in EUW, who also voices Gnar and Know.
    • A framed portrait of Katarina can be seen in the trailer for the Mac version of the game.
    • Katarina - Cassiopeia is one of five pairs of sibling champions (the others are Kayle - Morgana, We are - Lux, Nasus - Renekton, y Darius - trot).
    • Katarina's dance references Napoleon Dynamite, through one of its portions.
      • She used to share this dance with him Master Yi, whose ancient dance references the other parts until it was redesigned.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    • Katarina is one of the few champions to have two Champion Introductions due to significant changes to the game (the others are Ezreal, Karma, Lee Sin, and Sivir).
    • Katarina's name comes from the Greek Αἰκατερίνα / η, possibly derived from the Greek goddess Hecate.
      • Du Couteau (his last name) is French for "of the knife".
      • She shares her namesake with Caitlyn y Kai'Sa.
      • She appears to be influenced by Katherina from The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare.
        • Shunpo (pronounced: [ɕʉ͍̃mpo] shoom-poh) comes from the Chinese-Japanese 瞬 歩 "blink step".
    • At launch, his mercenary look was his classic look.
    • In its 2012 redesign, it used to have an additional animation running when the Boots of Speed ​​shown here.
    • Katarina is one of the first champions to have a skin for each of the three major annual events of the year: Lunar Revel, Harrowing, and Snow War Showdown. She and Nidalee received their Warring Kingdoms skins as their last skin in 2015.
      • The other is Jinx with her Ambitious Elf Jinx in 2017.
      • Annie finishes her last look ( Panda) in 2013. But its appearance Frostfire Annie was not cast during the Snow War Showdown event.
    • A functional real-life replica of your Daggers was created in an episode of the YouTube series Man At Arms: Reforged.
      • This video can be viewed here.
        • There are also videos where the following are made:
          • Crescent Moonblade of Diana (functional)
          • Sword of the Zenith of Leona (functional)
          • Ring Sword 'Unstoppable' by Master Yi (functional)
          • Orlon's Hammer Poppy (functional)
          • Sword 'Last Breath' of Yasuo (functional)
          • Explosive bomb of Ziggs (atrezo)


    • He was at least in his 20s and present during the Ionian War.
    • As suggested by Swain, Katarina knows the truth about the disappearance of her father, who is presumed to have been murdered.
      • A letter in Legends of Runeterra; However, he hints that his father may still be alive.


    • His old mockery made reference to Danse Macabre.
    • "Why? Because I can" reference to Shawn Michaels.
    • Loading the client, going to their champion page, selecting 'Skills' and pressing Ctrl + 1 will play a video where it says "Killing is my duty ... having fun is yelling 'surprise'!" shown here.
      • Also, the quote was on PBE in Katarina's 2012 review as her joke before she was removed, which can be heard here.


    • The scene represents her in the middle of Shunpo.
    Bilgewater Katarina
    • This skin shares the Bilgewater theme with:
      • Bilgewater Rumble
      • Swain de Aguasturbias
      • Tristana Bucanera
      • Captain Gangplank
      • Captain Fortune
      • Weather in Quinn Corsaria
      • Twisted Fate Robacarteras
      • Life-Stealing Graves
      • Diana Dark Waters
      • Vladimir Dark Waters
      • For the Beards of Fiddlesticks
      • Malphite Iron Breastplate
      • Chief Twitch
      • Pirate Ryze
      • Garen Admiral Bandolero
      • Aatrox Sea Hunter
    • She was inspired by 'Katarina Bravucona' from 'ChiZ'.
    Katarina Minina
    • This skin shares the Trick or Treat theme with:
      • Haunted Elise
      • Haunted Janna
      • Haunted Miss Fortune
      • Haunted Morgana
      • Bewitched Nidalee
      • Haunted Tristana
      • Count Kassadin
      • Count Kledula
      • Annie FrankenTibbers
      • Haunted Maokai
      • Embryo Office
      • Haunted Nocturne
      • The Headless Hecarim
      • Little Demon Fizz
      • Little Teemon
      • World world
      • Vladimir Nosferatu
      • Haunted Miss Fortune Prestigious Edition
      • Pumpkin Prince Amumu
      • Pumpkin Head Fiddle
      • LeBlanc Daughter of the Ravens
      • Ekko Trick or Treat
      • Twisted Fate of the Underworld
      • Blitzcrank Witch's Cauldron
    • She was released in celebration of Harrowing 2010 along with:
      • World world
      • Pumpkin Head Fiddle
      • Lollipoppy
      • Zombie Ryze
      • Vladimir Nosferatu
    Katarina Red Card
    • This skin shares the Soccer Cup theme with:
      • Akali Supercampeona
      • Blitzcrank Páralotodo
      • Maokai Guardian
      • Lee Sin Forward
      • Twisted Fate Red Card
      • Ezreal Goalscorer
      • Lucian Scorer
      • Gragas Swells
      • Alistar Leñero
      • Rammus Cannon Shot
    • She was released in celebration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup along with:
      • Akali Supercampeona
      • Blitzcrank Páralotodo
      • Ezreal Goalscorer
    • She is a soccer referee who issues a red card.
    Katarina Sandstorm
    • This skin shares the 'Sandstorm' theme with:
      • Ekko Tormenta de Arena
    • She has her own teasing animation.
    Katarina Deadly Beauty
    • This skin shares the Snow War theme with:
      • Ambitious Elf Jinx
      • Veigar Santa Malo
      • Candy Miss Fortune
      • Good Elf Tristana
      • Festive Maokai
      • Irelia Ice Blades
      • Frostfire Annie
      • Ice Prince World
      • Happy Elf Teemo
      • Ice King Twitch
      • LeBlanc Mistletoe
      • The Shascanueces
      • Viejito Zilean Pascuero
      • Sejuani Rider of Poros
      • Amumu Recycled Gift
      • Kog'Maw Reno
      • Braum Santa
      • Draven Santa
      • Gragas Santa Claus
      • Sona Silent Night
      • Nidalee Winter Bunny
      • Snow Day Bard
      • Gnar Snowy Day
      • Graves Snowy Day
      • Malzahar Snow Day
      • Singed Snow Day
      • Syndra Snow Day
      • Snowy Day Ziggs
      • Poppy Reindeer Baby
      • Yi Snowman
      • Nieverdinger
      • Sivir Snowstorm
      • Winter Wonder Karma
      • Lulu Winter Wonder
      • Neeko Winter Wonder
      • Orianna Winter Wonder
      • Soraka Winter Wonder
      • Nunu and Willump from Santa's Workshop
    • She was released in celebration of the 2012 Snow War Duel along with:
      • Fiddlesticks Dulciniestro
      • Veigar Santa Malo
      • Snowy Day Ziggs
    • Your initial animation of Recovery when he was still on PBE he had his pole dancing with a giant candy cane. You can see it here.
      • It was replaced by its current one where it cuts the giant candy cane instead, as according to Travis 'Volibar' George, the change was due to the animation not fitting the theme of the look. [1] You can see it here.
        • Although Nidalee has it as her dance and stays in the game, Ryan 'Morello' Scott has explained that while the dance suits Nidalee for its innate seduction, the same dance does not fit thematically with 'Katarina with reindeer ears'. [2]
    • The one she is going to murder after leaving a big foreground gift could be Garen.
    • His dagger gathering animations in Deadly Lotus and Voracity are different compared to its other aspects.
    Katarina Kingdoms at War
    Chrome: Golden
    • This skin shares the Kingdoms at War theme with:
      • Riven Espadragón
      • Dragonblade Talon
      • Azir Kingdoms at War
      • Garen Kingdoms at War
      • Jarvan IV Kingdoms at War
      • Nidalee Kingdoms at War
      • Tryndamere Kingdoms at War
      • I saw kingdoms at war
      • Xin Zhao Kingdoms at War
    • She was released in celebration of the 2015 Lunar Revel (Year of the Goat) along with:
      • Explosive Jinx
      • Nidalee Kingdoms at War
    • It refers to a famous Chinese historical woman, Diaochan from the late East Han Era.
      • In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Diaochan was fictionalized as the adopted daughter of Minister Wang Yun, sent to pit General Lü Bu against his superior Dong Zhuo, resulting in Dong's death at the hands of Lü.
      • Historically, the woman was an anonymous palace official, Diaochan 貂蟬 was just her title, derived from the "saber cicada" decorations on her hat; Although forced into Dong's home, she had an affair with Lü, inadvertently causing Dong's jealous fury and Lü's eventual betrayal.
    PROJECT: Katarina
    • This aspect shares the PROJECT theme with:
      • iBlitzcrank
      • PROJECT: Irelia Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Sylas Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Zed Prestigious Edition
      • Camille Program
      • Programa LeBlanc
      • Programa Lissandra
      • Programa Nami
      • Programa Soraka
      • PROJECT: Akali
      • PROJECT: Ashe
      • PROJECT: Ekko
      • PROJECT: Fiora
      • PROJECT: Irelia
      • PROYECTO: Jhin
      • PROJECT: Jinx
      • PROJECT: Leona
      • PROJECT: Lucian
      • PROJECT: Mordekaiser
      • PROJECT: Pyke
      • PROJECT: Renekton
      • PROJECT: Sejuani
      • PROJECT: Senna
      • PROJECT: Sylas
      • PROJECT: Varus
      • PROJECT: Vayne
      • PROJECT: Vi
      • PROJECT: Warwick
      • PROJECT: Yasuo
      • PROJECT: Zed
      • PROJECT: Yi
    • A figure that looks like Vel'Koz Armor of War can be seen in the background. This does not mean that War Shield is in the same universe as PROJECT. [3]
        • PROJECT: Zed can also be seen in the background.
    • Initially it was thought that the appearance was that of a Cyber ​​Katarina, but later it became Project.
    • She is from an alternate future where she was cybernetically augmented as part of the PROJECT Initiative.
    • If someone tells PROJECT: Ashe fighting for 'ambition', she will say the following:
      • "We all bear the scars of our actions."
      • "Sinister by choice."
      • "Stay tuned for she".
      • RWE7QDF Plasma blades
    Katarina Banshee Oath
    • This skin shares the Banshee Oath theme with:
      • Viktor Banshee Oath
      • Zed Banshee Oath
      • Hecarim Soul Reaper
      • Soul Reaper Soraka
      • Underworld Wukong
        • Is about to face Zed Banshee in a duel.
    • She was released in celebration of Harrowing 2017 along with:
      • Viktor Banshee Oath
      • Zed Banshee Oath
    • It resembles the mutant known as Psylocke.
    Katarina Combat Academy
    Chromas: Citrine, Formal, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the Combat Academy theme with:
      • Caitlyn Combat Academy
      • Ezreal Combat Academy
      • Garen Combat Academy
      • Jayce Academia from Combate
      • Leona Combat Academy
      • Lux Combat Academy
      • Wukong Combat Academy
      • Yone Combat Academy
      • Yuumi Combat Director
      • Graves Combat Teacher
      • Leona Combat Academy Prestigious Edition
      • Lux Combat Academy Prestigious Edition
    • Ezreal Combat Academy and Jayce Combat Academy can be seen in the background of his illustration.
      • A man resembling Garen can hardly be seen in a photo.
    Katarina Luna de Sangre
    Chromas: Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Blood Moon theme with:
      • Blood Moon Aatrox
      • Akali Blood Moon
      • Blood Moon Diana
      • Elise Blood Moon
      • Evelynn Blood Moon
      • Jhin Blood Moon
      • Kalista Blood Moon
      • Blood Moon Kennen
      • Master Yi Blood Moon
      • Blood Moon Pyke
      • Blood Moon Shen
      • Blood Moon Sivir
      • Blood Moon Talon
      • Thresh Blood Moon
      • Tryndamere Blood Moon
      • Twisted Fate Blood Moon
      • Yasuo Blood Moon
      • Zilean Blood Moon
      • Aatrox Blood Moon Prestigious Edition
    • The mask she wears refers to those used in Japanese Noh theater.
    • This skin could have been inspired by Katarina Blood Moon's Room 8 Studios' test concepts for Riot Games.
    Katarina Warrior Queen
    Chromas: Coronation, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Warrior Queens theme with:
      • Diana Warrior Queen
      • Janna Warrior Queen
      • Qiyana Warrior Queen
      • Rell Reina Guerrera
      • Diana Warrior Queen Prestigious Edition


    • Katarina is the older sister of Cassiopeia, while Talon is her adopted 'little brother'.
      • The sisters and the Razor Shadow are members of the Noxian noble house Du Couteau, whose head (General Marcus, Noxus's greatest assassin) is missing and presumed dead.
      • While Katarina and her father support Swain and are dedicated to serving  Noxus, her mother, and her sister are secretly members of the Black Rose who want to preserve the power of the organization and overthrow Swain, a fact that Katarina may not be aware of.
    • Talon was "an unnamed cub taken from one of the lesser assassin guilds" who was tasked with killing her after her first failure by her father.
      • Talon was the person who left the scar on her left eye and could have killed her, but she chose not to.
      • He has been following her, waiting to be assigned the task again.
        • In the old lore, she regards him as a little brother.
    • It is implied, suspected and speculated that Katarina and Garen had / have feelings for each other. [4]
      • Then there are those that implicate it to the point of confirmation:
        • " you live by a code that will never allow you to get what you want. Let me take you to she ".
        • "Don't let your heart starve, miss! Let me hand it over to he."
        • "No love is impossible, my god demands that you continue your wishes".
        • "Honor? Duty? Ha! What your heart demands is all that matters. "
        • " Your end will be a duet. "
        • "The always charming story of that hapless lovers. "
        • "Stop etching words on my bark! Everyone knows that G <3 K!"
      • Their special interactions in Legends of Runeterra suggest that the two are in a romantic relationship in the near future.


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