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    • Please use the information in this article with consideration. It could be out of date.

    Use of Skills

    • The strength of Lulu comes from the sheer amount of utility and high base damage from her abilities. Pix, Hadastic Companion encourages players to harass more with his auto attacks as he scales relatively well, and his Spear Glitter, Whim, Help, Pix !, and Enormamiento, has offensive and defensive properties simultaneously. This is why the decisions you make to use your skills are vital to creating openings for your team.
    • Glitter Lance has a moderate mana cost at low levels. Use it carefully when stalking, as it can drain mana quickly.
    • It can be used Help, Pix! on allies, enemies, or minions to extend your range considerably and harass unsuspecting enemies.
      • On the other hand for better mana management, auto attack an enemy before launching Help, Pix! about a he is a good idea. While trying to escape or counterattack, throw Throw Glitter against them to take the fight to your advantage.
    • As a support Lulu works best with Attack Damage Carriers with good lane harassment ability or others with a more passive playstyle like Caitlyn, Tristana, Kog'Maw, Varus, Ezreal, Twitch, y Ashe.
      • Even though some aggressive Carriers like Graves, Draven, y Corki, they can force Lulu to change their play style, they too can get a lot of help from their skills.
      • Despite that Vayne doesn't have any stalking skills, the Skill Kit from Lulu has very good synergy with her. Night jacket combined with Caprice dramatically increases his movement speed and allows him to pursue escaping enemies with relative ease. Enormation can catch enemies by surprise when Vayne breaks out of her stealth and gives her a better chance of survival. Help, Pix! not only will it keep Vayne with a shield, but increases the damage through Pix, Hadastic Companion by whom Lulu can slow down enemies with Cast Glitter.
    • Always be careful when using Whim. The movement speed it provides is very useful, but using it means not having it available when you need to slow down or suppress an enemy with explosive damage like Talon, o Riven, or interrupt the pipelines like Hell's Grip Malzahar or Drain Drain from Fiddlesticks.
    • Lulu is exceptional in assisting in an initiation: By adhering to Pix to a tank, then throw Whim on them to increase their speed and then quickly launch Cast Glitter to slow down the enemy team.
      • It is a good idea to use Enormating after the previous combo and disabling the enemy team for a few seconds.
    • A single rank in Caprice makes Lulu is very mobile, allowing you to ambush or place sentries easily and without risk.
    • Use Help, Pix! in enemies that have some stealth mole like Akali, Vayne o Twitch to keep them revealed and sabotage one of their most important forces.
    • Use Help, Pix! on enemies with high attack speed like Master Yi, Fiora, or Evelynn since they will cause your passive damage to activate more quickly and being vulnerable to damage, they benefit from the shield.
    • El Enormamiento has many uses; It can add to a tank the ability to break in and slow down an enemy team, make it nearly impossible to get away from a fighter, or protect your Carrier. On the lane, it can make ambushes of champions with jumps or fast movements more powerful or also escape from enemy ambushes. In general, it should be used periodically as its cooldown is very short.
    • If calculated correctly Enormament can interrupt escape mechanisms or initiations of the opposing team long enough for your allies to do the rest of the work.
    • Enormament Does not get aggro from towers or minions when lifting enemies into the air as it does not deal damage. For this reason it is safe to use it near enemy towers.
    • Swelling is not affected by heal-reducing effects as it increases health, not heal.
    • Enormament It is especially useful when used with Diplomatic Immunity Diplomatic Immunity of Poppy when solving the inability to Poppy to stay close to her target.
    • Enormamiento has good synergy with definitive AOE with duration such as Storm of Ravens, Shackles of the Soul and Cannon discharge.
      • En particular, Enormamiento has exceptional synergy with Yasuo as he can lift several enemies into the air (aerial knockdown) in a large area so that he can use his Last breath.
    • Use  Caprice to help your allies escape dangerous situations. Throw it on an ally to give them speed or on an enemy to give your ally time to escape.


    • With 40% Cooldown Reduction, it can be constantly maintained Help, Pix! in an ally.
      • Cooldown Reduction is an exceptional choice in Lulu as it allows her to maintain constant Crowd Control over her enemies in team fights.
    • Lulu can easily support other champions from a distance, making purchasing aura items a viable option.
      • La Aegis of the Legion increases the effectiveness of Help, Pix! and Enormament in you and your allies, since shields and health improvements can absorb more damage with high defenses.
      • Herald of Zeke Herald of Zeke gives a little health, a good amount of cooldown reduction and also gives your allies a bonus AD and Life Steal.
    • As a PH holder Lulu can buy Spell Stealer's Edge as an early game item as its abilities push the use of auto attacks in the lane phase. The asset of the final upgrade of the item, Proclamation of the Ice Queen, allows to catch unsuspecting enemies from longer distances.
      • El Liandry's Torment does Lulu is more resistant, improves all her skills and has great synergy with her large amount of CC, making a good choice as a first offensive object.
      • Athena's Unholy Grail Athena's Unholy Grail gives you a dramatic cooldown reduction and solves your mana issues. Other options include Morellonomicon and Archangel Staff if you are looking for a cheaper alternative or more HP, respectively.
      • El Hextech Pistol Saber may be a viable option to get Spell Vampirism and Lifesteal to keep Lulu alive.
      • If you have more than one champion on your team that deals Magic Damage for AP, it's not a bad idea to buy one. Fiery Death Claw as it not only amplifies your damage, but that of the entire team.
      • A Rabadon's Death Hat will greatly improve the power of Rabadon's damage. Lulu, in addition to its usefulness. Particularly the speed improvement of Whim.
      • Given his low skill cooldowns, Enchanted Sword items like e Curse of the Liche, Trinity Force and Gauntlet of the Iceborn greatly increases your total damage.
    • How Pix, Hadastic Companion increases the damage of his basic attacks, Lulu can buy items that would belong to an Attack Speed 鈥嬧婥arry like Teemo, Kog'Maw, Kayle or Jax.
      • Typical items of this type are Sword of the Ruined King, Edge of Madness Edge of Madness, Nashor tooth, Guinsoo's fury sword, Daga de Statikk y Runaan's Hurricane since the improvement to the attack speed allows the effect of Pix, Hadastic Companion more quickly and items with impact effect such as Ice Mallet, Spirit of the Elder Lizard and items with Enchanted Sword such as Gauntlet of the Iceborn and Trinity Force. This build is sometimes called "Machine Gun Lulu" which used to be seen on the top and bottom lines before her passive was changed from base damage without scaling, to scaling with AP.
      • Although this build is interesting for some, it is not optimal since Lulu was created as a support and not as a bizarre carry. One potential use for this build is when your team has a marked advantage or if a carry is missing, as could happen in ARAM.
        • On the other hand, mixing AP with attack speed and on-hit effects adds a large amount of damage per second and utility to his abilities along with Pix, Hadastic Companion. Be sure to mix attack speed and AP when appropriate, prioritizing AP first.
    • El Hurricane Runaan does not allow Pix, Hadastic Companion hit several enemies.

    Recommended Items

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    Vs Lulu

    • HR Boots of Mercury reduce the duration of disables from Lulu and also his damage, which makes him an ideal object.
    • Lulu Lulu does not have high natural damage, so she is very vulnerable to being attacked unaware or by multiple enemies at once.
      • Furthermore, Lulu has considerable damage compared to other supports and combines it with a terrifying amount of CC. Don't ignore her in team fights.
      • Despite that Lulu has a great deal of Crowd Control, stalking, and ways to protect her allies, she doesn't have any healing spells except for her ultimate. Because of this, support champions like end, Soraka and Nami They can stay in the lane longer.
    • The true power of Lulu comes from the amount of Crowd Control she can cast and is therefore extremely dependent on her teammates.
    • Upon reaching the late game, the Caprice can give you a huge boost to your movement speed depending on your items and you can use it regularly combined with a good cooldown reduction. Be careful if you use it on a champion with strong initiation, as it can save you from a disadvantageous start to the team fight.
    • Online, Lulu is going to stalk heavily with her Cast Glitter and its passive. Unlike other skill shots, staying behind your minions won't mitigate the damage, so it's best to constantly move to avoid them.
    • Lulu doesn't have consistent heal, so stalking her in the lane or her partner is going to drain her life or mana when trying to use Help, Pix! to cover damage.
    • Lulu has mediocre auto attack damage (44.4) and her passive scales better as she levels up. Don't be afraid to trade auto attacks with Lulu since most champions have more Magic Resistance than Armor, so the damage from her passive would be greatly mitigated at level 1.
      • Be careful with Pix as he becomes a threat if Lulu buys a lot of attack speed items. The damage stacks up fast and by hitting with all three beams of light, you can beat some Carrys in damage during the lane phase. Upon reaching level 17, Pix generates more than 105 points of damage (not counting AP) and becomes lethal when used on a Carry with attack speed.
    • Wait for Lulu use su Caprice before using channeling abilities or rushing into a fight. By using this ability, it takes away its ability to transform or improve speed and allows your team to have no disruptions against it. It has a relatively high cooldown, especially at low levels, so you have a great deal of time before it Lulu can use it back.
    • Lulu is lethal to ambushes as a combination of Spear Glitter, Whim and Enormamiento is going to leave you in a very complicated situation.
    • When she and her line mate reach level 6, it can be very difficult to beat them in a 2v2 situation as Enormament produces a large amount of CC and heals its target for a significant amount.
      • Like most definitive brackets, the Enormament has a high mana cost and can be nullified by successfully draining the mana from {{c1 | Lulu}.
    • Lulu is a great bait because of her Enormamiento; be very careful when jumping under the tower to assassinate it if it has that ability available.
    • Careful with Help, Pix! since the second ray of Glitter Lance's will fire from Pix, which means that Lulu can deal considerable damage at a safe distance if she casts it on a champion or minion.
    • Despite that Lulu is very weak in a matter of life, it is very difficult to catch due to her escape with Caprice, slowing down with Cast Glitter, preventing damage through Help, Pix! and if you are very close it will throw you into the air with Enormamiento and at the same time it will slow you down so that you cannot reach it.
    • Try that Lulu spends her ultimate without her team starting a fight. Yes Lulu usa Enormamiento in conjunction with a champion with good initiation as Malphite or Maokai, your team will be disabled for a few seconds
      • Although the lift, health, and slow are disruptive, they don't hurt your team too much after the initial lift, so stay in the fight and destroy the enemy champion before they hit. Lulu being able to shield them or grant them movement speed is a good idea.
        • If you have to escape, watch out for slowdowns from Enormamiento and Cast Glitter. If they both reach you and transform you with Whim with his team close, most likely you will die. Also note that Help, Pix! brutally extends the range of Throw Glitter's.
        • Finally, remember that Help, Pix! Reveal the enemy champion until Pix disappears, making it impossible to escape using the bushes or corners.
    • Lulu is one of the few champions who has great flexibility in the possible items to buy as Know y Teemo. Pay attention to her equipment and buy items to counter her. For example, if you choose the items for "Lulu Machine Gun" in which you buy attack speed items and hit effects with the help of Pix, Hadastic Companion, consider buying Randuin's Omen and Heart of Ice to mitigate its effect.
      • On the other hand, pay attention to the line to which Lulu can go. Although it is normally used as a support, it can also be used as an ADC (Attack Damage Dealer) thanks to Pix, Hadastic Companion and his disruptive abilities. It can also go to the middle and upper lanes thanks to its ability to harass in the lane and its Crowd Control, in addition to the Enormamiento and Capricho's, which makes it very difficult for her to be hit and killed by fighting champions or assassins. Consider playing champions based on staying in lane with good sustenance like Nidalee, Yorick and Vladimir instead of countering his crowd control and harassment.

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