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    Targeted targeting

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    Braum and the targeted targeting of Rigor of Winter.

    La targeted targeting is a targeting paradigm in League of Legends that specifies that skills that use it require input of an address to be used. The term is often used skill shot to refer to projectile-based skills with a directed targeting, such as Mystic Shot of Ezreal.

    This type of targeting differs from ground targeting in that these abilities interact with the entire length of the ability's range, rather than with a specified destination within range. Most targeted targeting abilities have transfer effects along a line of effect (in the case of projectiles and lunges), and can interact with each unit hit (referred to as "penetrating" effects) or only with the first unit hit (collision effects). However, some of these abilities affect the entire area in one go (predominantly cones). A directed targeting ability does not need to originate from the castor, as in the case of Order: Attack of Orianna. Whether such an ability causes an area of 鈥嬧媏ffect or not (such as Ice Shard of Lissandra) does not affect the targeting type classification.

    They are divided into subsets based on the extent of the area of 鈥嬧媏ffect they occupy. Almost all targeted targeting abilities in League of Legends are linear (rectangular, commonly called skill shots) or conical, the only exceptions being Crescent Strike Crescent Strike of Diana, which is curved, and Sword of Torment Aatrox, which is a reverse cone. A few abilities can be combinations of both where two or more linear ability shots combine to form a like, such as Download of Ashe.


    • Sword of Torment Aatrox
    • Orb of Deception Ahri y Charm
    • Launch of Bandages Amumu
    • Icy flash of Anivia
    • Download of Ashe y Enchanted Crystal Arrow
    • Rocket Grip Blitzcrank
    • Scorch from Brand
    • Winter's Rigor of Brew y Glacial Fissure
    • Piltover Peacemaker of Caitlyn y Red Caliber 90
    • Valkyrie of Corki and Missile Discharge
    • Infected Blade of Dr. World
    • Get away from trot y Rolling Death
    • Cocoon of Elise
    • Mystic Shot of Ezreal, Essence Flow and Accurate Shots Download
    • Shark Bait Fizz
    • Righteous Burst Righteous Burst of Gallium
    • stone of Gnar, Boomerang, Crush and GNAR!
    • Tummy Throw Gragas
    • Quick Shot of Graves and Collateral damage
    • Avalanche of Shadows of hecarim
    • Transcendent Blades Transcendent Blades of Irelia
    • Howling Gale of Janna
    • Dragon Strike Jarvan IV
    • Electric discharge of Jayce
    • Sparks! from Jinx and Super Mega Death Rocket! Super Mega Mortal Rocket!
    • Internal Flame of Karma and spiritual glow
    • Shuriken Trueno de Kennan
    • Void Spikes of Kha'Zix
    • Caustic drool of Kog'Maw y Flushing Void
    • Ethereal Chains of The White
    • Sonic wave Read without
    • Sword of the Zenith of Leona
    • Ice Shard of Lissandra y Glacial Trail
    • Burning Glow of Lucian, Relentless Pursuit and The sacrifice
    • Shining Spell of Lux, Prismatic Barrier and Final Spark
    • Arcane Crush Arcane Crush of Maokai
    • Dark Spell of Morgana
    • Tidal wave Nami
    • Dredging Line Nautilus
    • Javelin Nidalee
    • Duskbringer of nocturne
    • Marine Current of Olaf
    • Order: Attack of Orianna
    • Blinding Attack of Quinn
    • Boleadoras Rengar and Boleadoras Boleadoras Boleadoras Boleadoras
    • Value of Riven
    • Electric Harpoon of Rumble and The Balancer
    • Arctic Assault of Sejuani y Glacial Prison
    • Shadow Attack of Shen
    • Fire Breath of Shyvana (human form) and Descendant of the Dragon
    • Boomerang blade sivir
    • Fracture of Skarner
    • growing from Sona
    • Death Sentence of Thresh y Peel
    • Rotary Slash of Tryndamere
    • Acid Hunter Acid Hunter Urgot
    • Piercing Arrow of Varus y Chain of Corruption
    • Plasma Fission of Vel'Koz, Void Rift and Disintegrating Ray of Living Things
    • Vaultbreaker of Vi
    • Death Ray of Viktor
    • Arcane Pulse of Xerath y Orbital Impact
    • Tempest of Steel Yasuo and Wall of wind
    • Stretch Strike Stretch Strike Zac
    • Navaja Shuriken de Zed
    • Trapping Roots of Zyra


    • Incinerate from Annie
    • Petrifying Gaze of Cassiopeia
    • Wild Scream of Cho'Gath
    • Cannon repeating Daughters
    • Apprehend from Darius
    • Plomazo Plomazo de Graves
    • Pulse force Kassadin
    • Shooting of Miss Fortune
    • Siphon of Destruction Siphon of Destruction Mordekaiser
    • Claw of Nidalee
    • Buscacorazones Blow Buscacorazones Blow by Pantheon
    • Wind Cut Riven
    • Fire Breath of Shyvana (Dragon form)
    • Disperse the Weak of Syndra
    • Raking of Heel
    • Phoenix's position Udyr (Lingering effect)


    • Download of Ashe
    • Hextech micro rocket Heimerdinger y Hextech Rocket Swarm
    • Evolved Spikes from Kha'Zix
    • Glitter Spear of Lulu
    • Disperse the Weak of Syndra (combined with Dark Spheres)
    • Wildcards Twisted fate
    • Navaja Shuriken de Zed (combined with a Shadow)

    Champion abilities
    Types of targeting

    Self-directed 路 Terrestrial 路 Own 路 directed 路 Unitary

    Effect types
    Aura Flash Buff Crowd Control Damage Displacement Weakening Healing On-Hit Effects Pet Shield Vision

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