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    Teemo / Strategy


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    Champion presentation

    Recommended items

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    Playing like Teemo
    Playing against Teemo


    Use of skills
    • Use camouflage near the Turret or on the edge of the Grass near your tower, and wait for the enemy champion to start Farming. When he gets close to you, charge use Ignite and kill him, with the help of the middle lane champion if necessary. Exhaustion can be helpful in this strategy.
    • Blinding Dart can be used to harass effectively and can help Teemo to defeat champions in close combat.
      • Blinding Dart with Exhaustion can destroy a champion that relies primarily on physical attacks like Tryndamere o Caitlyn. To apply Blinding Dart first then apply Exhaustion after the blindness has disappeared. This will allow your Blinding Dart cool down while the enemy is exhausted, minimizing their DPS. If you use both at the same time, the blindness will be superimposed on the Attack Damage / Ability Power reduction. Similarly, you can use these two abilities on two champions, putting both out of battle.
    • Blinding Dart can be used in the middle of the auto attack, allowing 2 rapid fire attacks. It is extremely important to learn to use this strategy throughout the game. Basic Attack> Blinding dart> auto attack; will apply a large burst of damage, even during laning. Try to master this combo to use it on the go and it will increase your damage capacity enormously.
    • Si Blinding Dart is used in Fiora before her Sword Waltz activates Sword Waltz will stop the damage from the attacks, but the per hit effects will still apply, this will dramatically decrease the damage taken. This also applies to Infinite Oppression of Warwick.
    • Use Quick Move to get back into the lane quickly.
    • Rapid Movement can also be used to get from lane to lane very quickly, helping to aid in fights across the map.
    • To combine Igniting with its poison can guarantee kills on fleeing enemies.
    • One strategy is to place Noxious Trap several times in your lane, activate Camouflage Camouflage and wait for the enemy. When he meets his Harmful Trap, use Blinding Dart and auto attack to finish him off.
    • Placing a Noxious Trap or two behind the first turret and before the second near the jungle paths, but not in the minion path can make almost any kill an easy job.
    • Harmful Trap Teemo can be used to farm waves of minions very effectively; it is best to place the mushrooms separate and not too close to each other. If the lane has enemy minions grouping together (especially ranged minions), plant a Noxious Trap in their midst and they will all die in just a few seconds. Use this option only if you have to stop a wave immediately or prevent the next wave, as it is necessary to maximize the potential damage, increase the number of active mushrooms on the map. Remember: more mushrooms = more chances to hit = more net damage.
    • Put a Noxious Trap in key places on the map, such as the location of the Dragon Dragon or Baron Nashor Baron Nashor to reveal when their enemies are trying to kill them and thus prepare a counter Gank. Although the range of vision of a Noxious Trap is less than that of a Invisible Sentinel (Tip2: plant one near the access to the monster and the other behind it. The first will explode when an enemy activates it, thwarting your assault on the monster, while the second will allow you to monitor the monster's health and if it continues being attacked)
      • Depending on the enemy team's melee / rank distribution, you can put a Noxious Trap for Baron Nashor's side Baron Nashor to reveal 1 or 2 enemy melee champions, or you can place a bit behind the baron's siege if there are 3 or more. This will usually reveal enemy melee champions trying to kill Baron Nashor Baron Nashor.
    • Put a Harmful Trap within grasslands and lane entrances from the base of your equipment to ensure maximum safety.
    • When fighting a Twisted Fate, be careful, because if he uses Destination any Noxious Trap near any ally will be revealed.
    • When a Noxious Trap in the jungle, note movement path is traced for a champion tackling through this terrain. Plant Noxious Trap against walls at turn points, will increase the chances of enemies running into them on their way to / from the lanes.
    • Also, when putting mushrooms in a lane, remember that minions travel in the middle, and if the minion in front finds it only he and a minion behind him will be affected. Placing mushrooms on the sides increases the chances of hitting a champion.
    • Placing two or three Noxious Trap by accessing enemy red or blue buff is generally a good idea considering you might get lucky and steal them, while slowing down their Farming progress.
    • Sometimes it is a good idea to leave some Harmful Traps in the back, before getting into a fight, that way if you start to lose, your team can fall back and lead the enemy straight into a minefield.
    • Don't forget that Noxious Trap can be placed in team fights and only takes a short time to arm (1 second). Doing this could ensure a kill or slow an enemy when he / she tries to escape.
    • If a possible towerdive from an opposing champion is suspected, place Noxious Trap behind and in front of the turrets in order to reduce their progress.
    • If an enemy that is assaulting you in close combat, a Noxious Trap can be used to ambush it, place it under your feet and back off.
      • When being ganked being badly positioned, Teemo can sneak into the bush by activating his passive, if you have Teleportation can be used to flee the area without deactivating the passive.


    Use of runes Use of objects
    • Recharging Noxious Trap is greatly improved by reduced cooldown.
      • Nashor's tooth is excellent for this purpose.
    • It is Construction of Teemo can be developed based on physical damage or ability power:
      • The path of physical damage takes advantage of the high attack speed of Teemo, along with his innate ability to increase the attack speed of his passive. This involves getting Items that increase attack damage and attack speed, such as: Sword of the Ruined King, The Dark Blade, Edge of Madness Edge of Madness, Infinity Edge and The Sanguinaria.
        • Please note that items like The Dark Cleaver increases physical damage, while  Nashor's Tooth increases magic damage.
        • Adding hit effects to physical damage items will reduce damage output if you choose to purchase those items.
          • For example; Nashor tooth, it won't increase the damage it delivers Infinity Edge, while  The Dark Blade will not increase the damage that Edge of Madness deals Edge of Madness.
        • Additionally, on-hit effects do not generate criticals or seek lifesteal. Keep this in mind when purchasing items such as Spectral dancer.
      • The Skill Power path focuses on the ability to Teemo to hurt through Blinding Dart, Toxic Shot and Harmful Trap. This involves obtaining items that boost AP, grant magic penetration, and cooldown reduction, such as: Fiery Death Claw, Rabadon's Death Hat, Void Staff, Sorcerer Boots Sorcerer Boots and Rod of Ages.
      • Magic Penetration will be applied to Existing Harmful Traps. Buying items like Staff of the Void or Haunted Mask will greatly increase damage, even if purchased while you're dead.
    • Teemo can build on ability power and attack speed with items that provide on-hit effects, such as Edge of Madness Edge of Madness or Nashor tooth. These combos work well with his impact poison.
    • For building Skill Power Teemo, inclusion The Lich's curse on him can result in huge bursts of damage.
    • Nashor's Tooth benefits impact damage from Teemo, due to his new passive.
      • However, the cooldown reduction gives more opportunity to use Blinding Dart and Harmful Trap, which is very useful. If it is built to Teemo as a wizard, Nashor tooth is a must.
    • Sword of the Ruined King gives Teemo an additional on-hit effect while providing the lifesteal on a single item.
    • The aim of the Runaan Hurricane, Toxic Shot can proc on up to 2 additional enemies.
    • Liandry's Torment combined with Harmful Trap results in massive amounts of health consumed, 4% per second per fungus. The health drain will refresh every poison tick, occurring every second. This means that the total health consumption will be equal to 20%.
    • Toxic Shot non-active passive Liandry's Torment, as it is an on-hit effect.
    • Although Teemo has a slow base movement speed, Quick Movement significantly increases this out of combat. Combined with Mobility Boots and Curse of the Liche, Teemo can move between lanes and return to his lane very quickly.
      • However, if an enemy encounters one of his Harmful traps, you will be in combat. This means that the bonus movement speed of Mobility Boots will be removed.
    • Guinsoo's Rageblade is an item that works well in builds based on on-hit effects. Offers to Teemo bonus attack speed and ability power, both of which work well with his Toxic Shot.
      • A construction that uses Nashor's Tooth, Edge of Madness Edge of Madness and Guinsoo's Rageblade can do significant damage.
    • BUY Doran's Shield can counter Teemo played early, reducing the damage from his auto attacks, the initial damage, and the extended damage from Toxic Shot. This is especially useful for melee champions who will suffer occasional harassment from Teemo in his lane.
    • Buy, The Lightbringer The Lightbringer or Hextech Scout Hextech Scout will help you see your Traps Harmful or own Teemo hiding with his Camouflage Camouflage.
    • Alternatively, you can place a Vision Sentinel Vision Sentinel in a strategic location where you think Teemo will place his Harmful Trap.
    • When you face Teemo, as a dependent self-attack DPS champion that he is, is advised to purchase a Mercury sash to remove the CC from your Blinding Dart.
    • Use a Potion of Life when low on health and affected by Toxic Shot, that way you can negate the damage of your poison.
    • Since most of the damage output of Teemo comes from auto attacks with his Toxic Shot, consider equipping Randuin's Omen and Ice heart. Especially the first, since both its passive and its active can negate the Rapid movement of Teemo.
    • Note that Toxic Shot deals a lot of magic damage instead of physical damage and you still need a bit of magic resistance, along with reduced attack speed.
    • When chasing a Enemy Teemo and enter Camouflage Camouflage, area of ​​effect and targeted projectile abilities can force Teemo to break stealth and attempt evasion. Knockback and knockback effects will also break Teemo.
    • When faced with a Teemo built on AP during early game, expect hit and run strategies, letting their venom do the damage and wear down their health bit by bit, until they are capable of blasts of damage. Be prepared to walk away if he gets close, and use Potions of Life to keep your health high.
    • Don't chase Teemo if he attacks once and then runs, especially an AP Teemo, it is more than likely that he is luring his champion to a field of Harmful Traps.
    • Because much of the early game fort of Teemo is damage over time, the Relentless Mastery Relentless is more effective at decreasing his damage per hit.
    • If you are using a champion whose damage output is highly or totally based on his auto attacks (ex: Tristana, Vayne, Kog'Maw, or even his own Teemo) will need to purchase items to mitigate the Blinding Dart Teemo
      • Mercury Sash and items that provide tenacity are quite useful (ex. Mercury Boots and Cephyr)
        • Spirit of the Ancestral Golem works best for this purpose for champions who need more survivability.
    • Teemo is often played in the top lane and very rarely in the center lane because his Blinding Dart, its damage over time with its Toxic Shot and his combo with his Fast Movement and Harmful Traps and can give most scrum heavyweights (i.e. We are, Riven, Nasus, Renekton, Jax, Gangplank, Wukong, Tryndamere, aatrox, Rengar, Olaf, Trundle, y Darius) and assassins (i.e. Fizz, Akali, Master Yi, and Diana) a bad time. However, keep in mind that Blinding Dart only blocks auto attacks and does not block damage and crowd control effects from abilities. Because of this, mages with high AP and spells that can out-shoot him (i.e. Lux y Ziggs) or AD champions with massive succession of ranged abilities (i.e. Pantheon and Zed) can push the lane decently well against Teemo.
    • What's more , Noxious Trap offers Teemo a great control of the map granting him less vision in addition to strong slow and prolonged damage that he does to Teemo relatively difficult to fight after level 6. Coordinate with the jungle before level 6 to reduce his farming and carry Oracle Lens if necessary.
      • Yorick is considered to be strong against Teemo for many reasons. First of all, its passive, Unholy Alliance greatly mitigates the harassment of Teemo, including the effects of Toxic Shot. In second place, Yorick is able to counter the offensive of Teemo with his Harbinger of Famine. Third, his game relies more on AD skills than his Auto Attack, thus making the Blinding Dart Useless Teemo. Finally, Yorick can use his demons to safely detonate the Harmful Traps of Teemo at a safe distance, denying Teemo his lane and map control.

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