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    Martí Micolau
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    • Zoe is voiced by Melissa Gedeón in LATAM and by Laura Pastor in EUW.
    • In ancient Greek, Zoe Ζωή (IPA: [zdɔː.ɛ̌ː]> [zo'i]) means "life", instead of "death"; [1] while its cognate βῐ́ο (το) ς bio (to) s means "life" or "the world of the living". [2]
      • They both come from the stem PIE * gʷeyh₃- "to live". [3]
    • When jumping from the second portal of Leaping from Portal, Zoe licks the ice cream cone, which she tries to eat during her prank animation (Ctrl + 1).
    • Zoe It has multiple walk cycles that change randomly over the course of the game, but players can also switch to the next using the Toggle key combination (default [Ctrl] + [5]).
      • During his champion preview video, you can see AstroNautilus and AstroTeemo floating in the background.
        • AstroNautilus appears when Zoe shows off some of her dance moves.
        • AstroTeemo appears when Zoe falls through a portal and Zoe Cyber ​​Pop comes out of him.
        • At the end of her preview, Zoe is listening to Kinetic (The Crystal Method x Dada Life), one of the music tracks from DJ Sona.
    • His dance refers to Tez Cadey-Seve.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.


    • During development, she was called Mirror Magician. [4]
    • Zoe's initial sneak peek would generate Sleepy Bubble on both bases of Summoner's Rift early in the game.
    • Usually, Twilight denotes darkness and connotes old age, as well as the approaching end (cf. Ragnarøkkr "the twilight of the gods"); Yet Zoe embodies "mischief, change, and imagination."
    • When asked about Zoe's cartoon design, Reav3 stated that Zoe's physical features are disproportionately designed as Annie to show her detailed expressions and make her character easier to read as a girl.


    • As mentioned in his lore, Zoe is at least over 1000 years old, as after her ascension, she was in the cosmic realm for millennia before returning to Runeterra.
      • Zoe is physically and mentally a teenager, between 13 and 17 years old.
        • Myisha was the host of the Aspect during the Great Darkin War.
    • The Aspect of Twilight chose Zoe when seeking her next incarnation because naturally she was going to be and act as needed. I knew / felt / saw on some level that I needed to change ... because the world was changing and what it stood for was changing.
    • She likes to eat chocolate cupcakes.
      • He also likes butterflies, unicorns, and seeing the end of finite realities.
    • Her scarf is woven from the wool of an Erbok.
    • Zoe is the second champion released of the order Lunar.
    • The use of the twilight of the  Ionians of Twilight is separate from the meaning given to it by the  Targonians. Ionia views twilight as a time when darkness and light are in balance, while Targonians see it as a time of transition or change.
    • Zoe can move freely with her abnormally long hair due to magic.


    • The inspirations for Zoe are possibly:
      • Various trickster figures in mythology around the world. [5]
      • Her role as a heavenly messenger could refer to divine messengers such as the pre-Greek Hermes [6] and the Semitic angels.
      • Her epithet Eternal Girl refers to the mythological puer aeternus.
    • She is the first heterochromic champion (not counting Bittersweet Lulu). His right eye is black and the other is blue-green.
    • His icons differ from the illustration, not having his hand around his eye.
    • Zoe wears a moonstone, a bell from the Bard, and a key that belonged to Fiddlesticks. [7] [8]
      • She also has a small purple bag next to her other trinkets that is very difficult to notice in her illustration, but is easily visible in her in-game model.
    Zoe Ciber Pop
    • This skin shares the Cyber ​​Pop theme with:
      • Akshan Cyber ​​Pop
    • Due to fan requests during the PBE cycle [9], this aspect also shows Heterochromia. His right eye is blue and his left is green.
    • Bubbles Spell Thief can have a variety of emoticons on them: "(° ☒ °)", "(^ - ^)", "(° ʖ °)", "^ _ ^", "u_u", "= P" , ":)", ";)".
    • The balloons, what Spell Thief floats over some minions, they contain an icon based on the blank sheet of paper with which operating systems such as Microsoft Windows display files that do not have a designated icon.
    • The portals of Portal jump may be inspired by Portal.
    • When the trap is placed Sleepy Bubble, it reads ".EXE", which is an executable program extension in Microsoft Windows. When the bubble is thrown on an enemy, an image similar to the Blue Screen of Death appears.
    • Upon death, a screenshot appears over Zoe's body. It shows the center of Summoner's Rift (or center lane) shaded in gray, the death summary, and Zoe Cyber ​​Pop's status bar lacking frames and gear items. This screenshot says that she died from Jumping Star.
    • The background for his illustration was inspired by Splatoon and Blade Runner 2049.
      • Her appearance was inspired by the classic Splatoon girl.
        • She also bears some resemblance to Futaba Sakura from Persona 5.
      • Palettes Poppypaleta popsicles are also seen in the bag she carries.
    Summer Zoe
    Chromas: Amethyst, Emerald, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Summertime theme with:
      • Braum Veraniego
      • Caitlyn Summertime
      • Summer Draven
      • Summer Fiora
      • Gangplank Veraniego
      • Summer Graves
      • Heimerdinger Veraniego
      • Jarvan IV Veraniego
      • Lee Sin Summertime
      • Summer Lioness
      • Summer Lulu
      • Miss Fortune Veraniega
      • Summer Orianna
      • Summer Rek'Sai
      • Renekton Veraniego
      • Summer Sett
      • Syndra Veraniega
      • Taliyah Veraniega
      • Summer Taric
      • Zac Summertime
      • Ziggs Veraniego
      • Summer World
      • Singed Surfista
    • In his illustration, Nami along with a  Slippery, Zumbeemo, Summer Lulu, Summer Miss Fortune, and Summertime ziggs can be seen inside the pool.
    • This skin continues the trend for Zoe-related skins having Heterochromia. His right eye is pink and his left is green .
    Star Guardian Zoe
    Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Emerald, Jasper, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Star Guardians theme with:
      • Ezreal Star Pajamas
      • Lulu Star Pajamas
      • Lux Stellar Pajamas
      • Miss Fortune Star Pajamas
      • Soraka Star Pajamas
      • Neeko Star Guardian Prestigious Edition
      • Star Guardian Soraka Prestigious Edition
      • Star Guardian Ahri
      • Star Guardian Ezreal
      • Star Guardian Janna
      • Star Guardian Jinx
      • Star Guardian Lulu
      • Star Guardian Lux
      • Star Guardian Miss Fortune
      • Star Guardian Neeko
      • Star Guardian Poppy
      • Star Guardian Rakan
      • Star Guardian Soraka
      • Star Guardian Syndra
      • Star Guardian Xayah
    • Star Guardian Rakan and Star Guardian Xayah can be seen in the background of her artwork.
    • Ran, Zoe's familiar spirit, acts as her Sleepy Bubble and her second release of Jumping Star.
      • Ran is inspired by the infusers of Tokyo Mew Mew, jellyfish-like aliens that turn living creatures into monsters. Ran serves a similar purpose, acting as Zoe's corrupting bubble.
    • This skin continues the trend for Zoe-related skins having Heterochromia. His right eye is black and his left is blue.
      • It also carries on the jellyfish motif introduced by Zoe Cyber ​​Pop.
    Zoe Arcanista
    • This skin shares the Arcanists theme with:
      • Kog'Maw Arcanista
      • Shaco Arcanista
      • Ziggs Maestro Taumaturgo
      • Zoe Arcanist Prestigious Edition
      • Spell Thief Lux
    Zoe Arcanist Prestigious Edition
    • This skin shares the Arcanists theme with:
      • Kog'Maw Arcanista
      • Shaco Arcanista
      • Zoe Arcanista
      • Ziggs Maestro Taumaturgo
      • Spell Thief Lux


    • Being the heavenly messenger of the Mount Targon, she knows all her Aspects, her hosts and servants.
      • She respects Aurelion Sol as if he were his pet and defended him from the wrath of Pantheon, the Aspect of War.
    • She "borrowed" a bell from the Bard and the Bard noticed and had no problem, or gave it to him. Zoe announces changes while the Bard prevents disasters, so they will probably meet from time to time.
    • A Zoe really likes Ezreal, and as such considers Lux su rival.
    • The previous Twilight Aspect, Myisha, led the Darkin Ta'anari to Nasus who guided them to the Chalicar, the blade that belonged to the Ascended Queen Setaka and belongs to Sivir in the present day, which Ta'anari later used to perform a ritual that reversed the Ascension of nearby Darkins, vaporizing them. She and other Targonian Aspects then gave mortals the tool to trap the remaining Darkins.
      • As a result, the Darkins, who are now free again, especially Aatrox, they despise all Aspects and their hosts, most notably the Aspect of Twilight / Zoe.


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